US has first confirmed case of deadly coronavirus: Should Americans be worried?

Stephen Childs


  1. How exciting! Now we can vaccinate hundreds of millions of people against something that only hundreds of people have contracted.

  2. It’s a Chinese engineered virus. It’s called what can we make for population control. It’s warfare on its own people.

  3. That's not going to be good. China wants to take us out one way or another. Disease is the perfect weapon.

  4. Yeah we should. Let’s have the common sense to quarantine and deny entry from outbreak zones. Like we did in the past. You are only catching those with obvious symptoms not those in the incubation stage.

  5. Stop all people coming in from any Asian country for 120 days or anyone who was in an Asian country where this virus is located.

  6. Why, exactly, are foreign nationals from a hostile country just allowed to be walking around in our cities? Get these ChiCom, ChiNazi pukes the f out. Repo "their" properties and kick em the f out.

  7. My friends and I all fell victim to the Carona illness last summer. Symptoms included but were not limited to, loss of balance, judgement, memory and bladder control, followed by nausea and a pounding headache. Luckily we all recovered within 24 hours. 🍺

  8. I know if I click on to MSNBC or CNN, they'll tell me the sky is falling, it's the end of the world.

  9. You how china gets a cure for their self made disease? Send it to america so we make it.

  10. Another reason to stop illegal immigration, they dont care what they bring in.

  11. Fox tell the people u introduce to stop smiling when you're speaking about something this serious

  12. Don’t be complacent. This new virus is already adapting and mutating and take almost 2 weeks to develop symptoms. By the time most people realised its almost too late

  13. It appears that the coronavirus has a "patent" on it. Our so-called
    government, a/k/a USA, INC has that patent…..WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT
    TELL YOU AMERICA!!!!!!!!!??????? Eloba, Swine Flu, etc,
    etc………..they have patents also!! Connect the dots!

  14. Oh shut up itll be over in like two days lmao Ebola didnt even last long here so I ain't worries

  15. Well, we have this virus this man has spread through out 2 airports. So no vaccine and it is a couple years away at best, but hey don't worry no big deal.

  16. DUH, The Chinese are lying. DUH, you should be worried. Symptoms that mimic the flu? No one will seek medical attention and it will spread unless the person dies in bed. All flights to/from China should be cancelled.

  17. I have a corona virus and I am spreading the germs here in California. Heh heh heh

  18. Well u know if Traitor Trump is saying this then yall better buckle down and get worried right now..

  19. Should be about as worried as we were about avian bird flu, swine flu, mad cow disease and all those others that we've long forgotten about.

  20. The CDC created this strain and an antidote already exists. It has a US registered patent. Do your research. This is a total con.

  21. China initiating biological warfare on the rest of the world. Why else do all these things initiate out of China?

  22. "We shouldnt be worried because of what the president SAID," …… For real though, does anybody still believe presidents when the speak, or any govt official for that matter

  23. Push the vaccine to poison us now. Anyone who's been in China should have never been allowed in.

  24. We need to stop letting people from China in the u.s until China cci stop it and people need to stop visiting there .

  25. 99% of comments: lIbErAlIsM iS tHe ViRuS
    1% of comments: Actually talking about the virus.
    Just have to love Trumptards and FOX am I right?

  26. My wife has suffered from Coronavirus for years. Except this strain came from Mexico. She can't get enough of that beer. It's her favorite.

  27. 'Yawn'. Another 'deadly' virus? Remember SARS, ebola, swine flu, avian flu, zika…..

  28. 7.6 billion people on the planet 440 confirmed cases worldwide..9 deaths…yes its a deadly deadly disease thats kills ….send your money in now to save the planet.

  29. Oh man, I was super apprehensive about my trip to China next week, but thanks to President Trump, I’m no longer worried.

  30. “Call the doctor!”
    chorus “MAR-I-O! Oooohh!”
    “Call the doctor!”
    chorus “He’s got the CURE!”

  31. Thousands not hundreds have been infected. Hundreds have died. It's spreading fast. The Chinese communist government will never say what's really going on, they lie. Careful it's coming

  32. The thing that is dangerous about these viruses that are brought into our Country, is that people's natural immune system sometimes cannot fight off strains that are foreign to the person's system. Some strains of bacteria are impervious to our antibiotics and antibiotics will have NO effect on VIRUSES! We breathe germs into our nose, throat and lungs, and transfer germs (bacteria, virus and other pathogens) from our hands to our natural entry points in our body (like eyes, nose, mouth, private parts) that our body cannot fight off because they are strangers to us and if our own immune system is compromised because you are not healthy, then those foreign germs can spread in the body and cause illness. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to not touch your face with your hands when you are out in public!! First thing I do when I get home from anywhere is wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water. You can't do much about a person in line who coughs or sneezes and spreads air-borne germs, but try to keep your distance if you see someone who appears ill like that. (There are more dangerous germs on door knobs, faucet handles, than there are on toilets!) You don't have to be paranoid about it, just be aware and be careful!

  33. They should send the one infected man here in the US to DC where it will do us all some good.

  34. " A vaccine is in the works but's it's a couple of years away.." How re-assuring, especially once its' mentioned that virus' mutate…..and change characteristics…..

  35. One thing I noticed right off in the video. They guys come out of isolation. . Covered head to toe. . They're walking around outside of the isolation area in full isolation garb. THAT'S HOW IT SPREADS. Anybody who worked in a hospital and is trained in isolation knows this.

  36. The vaccine was patented BEFORE the outbreak occurred……Coincidence?

  37. Well lets start STOPPING anyone coming in from CHINA to enter the US UNTIL this virus is OVER…simple…If you want to talk terrorism….deadly viruses can be made to do this in retaliation toward any country…just as Battelle…who holds in their possession…DEADLY Plagues…in case you didn't know that…IF anyone would choose to release them into the public thousands would die in the US in that region….Columbus Ohio

  38. -Trump makes trade deal with china that prevents china from screwing over the US

    -chinese virus hits US

    -nothing to see here



  40. The plague is here? It is antibiotic Resistance to drugs. bacteria. If unsure- run to the ER. you mucus will collect in your lungs . and you will spit them up. it could Choke your airway and suffocate

  41. Trump should say yes … it's very dangerous and that he knows that it's going to spread … so that the Democrats don't fight real hard to prove him wrong on it and make him look bad 4 not taking better caution

  42. Is there a patent on the vaccine … I know he said no … But if anyone knows how to check then please do … If the vaccine is already patented then this was a controlled release

  43. Headlines: Unknown deadly coronavirus has killed 17 so far
    AIPAC: Hold my beer

  44. Gee, imagine if Democrats dream of a borderless country was implemented and the effect it would haveonnthe rapid spreading of communicable diseases .

  45. It won’t be an astroid it won’t be a nuclear exchange it won’t be Godzilla coming out of the ocean!,,it will be a pandemic that wipes out humanity as we know it! It’s not if it ever happens it’s when will it happen

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