US Embassy Sofia 2016 Holiday Greetings 5

[Music] my family has a blend of Christmas traditions we came to the United States from communist czechoslovakia in 1983 as political refugees and so we brought many of our traditions from Czechoslovakia with us one of our favorite traditions when we were celebrating Christmas in Czechoslovakia focused on the traditional meal or the main course for Christmas Eve dinner and that was the Christmas cart the Christmas carp did not come from the grocery store it arrived in large large barrels that had still the fish swimming in it flopping around in the water and my mom and I would go to the market and stand in long line and then finally after what seemed to me like ours we would have our turn and we would ask for a fish that was two kilograms three kilograms and the giant man would take his net and he would fish around and a barrel and out would come the beautiful carp and we would take the car poems still alive and as soon as we arrived home we would put some cold water in our bathtub and the carp would be our pet for the next couple of days my brother and I would watch him swim around in our bathtub it was one tradition that we had hoped to continue in the United States our new home but unfortunately we discovered much to our surprise that Americans don’t really eat carp and so we went from store to store nobody had carp and we were very disappointed but eventually we altered that tradition and now we eat different kinds of fish and but my brother and I still talk about the Christmas carp in our bathtub and it’s a source of great deal of laughter and jokes in our family and we still remember it fondly as the holidays approach I would like to wish all of you and Merry Christmas and vests 1102

Stephen Childs

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