Unwanted Holiday House Guests | Season 1 | LETHAL WEAPON

Hi, Martin Riggs, the guy that
almost got your husband killed. I’m sure you’ve
heard a lot about me. Not a word. We’re about to
have dinner, would you like to come in real quick?
– No, he can’t. He can’t– Yeah, and I ate
like a week ago. – Oh.
– So I’m fine. I mean, it smells great, but- It tastes even better. Oh, OK. I’m really impressed
with the weed out here. I mean it’s
incredible, you know? I mean as far as I can tell,
it’s really the only perk to living in California. I have massive, you know,
psychological issues. So of course, I would never,
uh, suggest that for a child. Ha, ow. Don’t you touch those ribs. They’re relaxing. Is he insane? Does he have any idea how
hard I worked on these ribs? Did your thing
on the ribs, ahh! No, no, let Martin have it. He’s our guest. He doesn’t want it. He’s still working on– Oh, no no no no no. I got room for one more. Well ladies, this is
Martin Riggs’ ladies. Hi ladies. A little bright in here, baby? What are you doing here? What? I’m here. Why? Here is there. No no no. There is the office. Here is my house. We meet there, and
then we drive together. Just make yourself
at home, Riggs. Oh thanks. I already did. [sound of dog urinating] Harry, what the hell? No no no, hey I live here. Hey! Let’s do it. Great. Um, I got somebody
I brought with me. Come here. [whistles]. Is that the dog that
peed all over your trailer? Yeah yeah, but
he’s not going to do that here, I mean you’ve get
much nicer things than I do. Martin, what are
you doing out here? Oh, he just dropped this
off and then he was leaving. Well did you invite him in? No because he’s leaving. – No he did not.
– He didn’t invite you in? Which was quite
rude, actually. I’m standing out here. Obviously I’m injured.
– Get in here. You know, your husband’s
the one that shot me, and he’s just going to leave me
standing out here in the cold. You didn’t tell me that. Are you– no get in there. I hope I’m not intruding. Not at all.

Stephen Childs


  1. Love the show keep it up fox can't wait 3 more days for the 5th happy new year

  2. Riggs is never an unwanted guest in my house 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  3. I admit it. I was skeptical. I loved the movie series so much (still do) that it kept me away from this show until last summer when I binge-watched S1. I love it. I love Clayne & Damon. I love their chemistry. Champagne casting.

  4. These two are to cute love their friendship the wife always invite him in that funny

  5. He just dropped this off and he was leavin (points to riggs)
    Did u invite him in?
    No because he was leavin (points to riggs)

  6. I am going to miss these two together but I understand why it can't go on.

  7. This show was sooo good!Β  I appreciate how the internal issues were smothered enough that as a viewer/ fan ofΒ  the show I could watch it without knowing just how short-lived it was going to be.Β  But now that it has changed, morphed, I am interested in viewing it still. C. Crawford was such a perfect Riggs but no one person is greater than all the people of the show. With the changes in place I am looking forward to saying, This show is soooooo good!"

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