UK Vs. USA: Breakfast Cereal Swap

Stephen Childs


  1. It's mindblowing that the US don't have common Weetabix. It never occurred to me they weren't worldwide like Cornflakes. Im honestly having a mandela effect thing here. wtf?

  2. Why did you put old people cereal against the sweetest brightest things, also I hate sweet cereal, breakfast isn't the time for sweet things

  3. Shredded Wheat, Kelloggs Cornflakes and Weetabix are just bowls of wheat. The producers should've added blueberries, yoghurt and bananas to them, then that would be fair. I think they should get a proper, native Brit to choose the foods next time since these clearly weren't chosen by one.

  4. So, USA and UK swap American kid cereals, vs American adult cereals? 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤔

  5. This is sooo poor bringing all the healthy cereal. We brits have so many more nice ones. The only you took was krave oit of all the others 👎👎👎👎

  6. How you gonna serve Weetabix with fridge cold milk and expect it to taste good? You also chose the worst British cereals – Special K, Krave? Bye.

  7. When Americans see the special K cereal they are really thinking of ketamine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. We've had Shredded White (regular, minis, frosted, etc) for longer than I've been alive. It always made me, as a child, feel like a horse or cow or something chewing on hay–but I liked it a lot. But I also loved the old "hard as gravel" Grapenuts too. We've had Special K here in the USA too for all my life, my dad used to like that. After childhood though, dry cereals became more of a snack, like if we were watching tv and wanted something crunchy, since mom never bought chips or candy and making popcorn was a little more work then we wanted to do. We could also fill a little Baggie full of dry cereal and stuff it in our coat pocket to eat if we were going hiking or shopping or anywhere we may get hungry during (also for movie food). My sisters would keep little tubs of cry cereal (the lesser sugary type) in their cars when their children were toddlers to keep the kid quiet in the car.

  9. A lot of cereals in the UK were originally from the US, so probably can’t be included as a UK one, unless the recipe is different. Special k changed recipe in the UK a few years ago, so it looks and tastes different. Original UK cereals (afaik) are things like Sugar Puffs, Weetos, Ready Brek, and the ones you can no longer get here, Ricicles, Honey Nut Loops and Start.

  10. Swap with German Cereal/Müsli! Seitenbacher is going to beat American Cereal fo sho.

  11. I’m gonna be honest all of the US cereals are way to sugary and that’s why obesity in the US is so high

  12. Isn't Cheerios a UK thing?

    Best American well known cerial vs the worst UK cerial… like come on! Wheres Chocolate wheetos, curiously cinnamon and coco pops?????… this isn't a fair test. No wonder the US didn't like them…

  13. Out of all things they could have chosen for UK they chose shredded wheat and weetabix man buzzfeed is trash

  14. I am heavily disappointed at the lack of Crunchy Nut, Coco Shreddies and sugar on the Shredded Wheat

  15. All theses cereals are made by American companies. I wanted to see what they made 😡

  16. Weetabix my all time favorite growing up in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. I like Weetabix, but when I moved to Islip, NY in the United States, I enjoyed many of the cereals.

  17. Not even bothering to finish this video because these are such bad comparisons! And US has all of these cereals…..so this is ultimately a video of adults eating cereal

  18. I'm deeply offended they didn't give them the offer of putting sugar on your weetabix… like who in their RIGHT MIND has it plain?

  19. You say American cereals are better😂
    Fam have you seen the obesity rise in America ye carry on we are doing fine in the U.K. with the healthy cereals atleast we have a lower chance of having diabetes ✌️

  20. Who has weetabix in a bowl with COLD MILK… u gotta put warm milk and sugar over it

  21. Worst UK choices….
    Frosties, Nesquick, Golden Nuggets?!?!
    Went for the blandest ones over here pffft

  22. Seriously… Shredded wheat?? Ultimate battle? Who the hell likes Shredded cardboard..

  23. Next time PLEASE give them Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal so that they know what heaven tastes like.

  24. Why not compare the US version to the UK version. Like compare the shredded wheat UK vs. US or the special k US version to the UK version?

  25. Weetabix with cold milk is disgusting, you need to do half milk, half boiling hot water then it's pretty decent

  26. The comparisons should have been between similar types of cereals. And maybe you could start using cutlery (metal spoons) sometime soon, Buzzfeed..

  27. OK. Not only were only super-sugary cereals the only ones chosen for the US and super-sensible cereals the only ones chosen for the UK, but several of the "UK" cereals were actually invented in the US and are still quite popular there.

    For example, both Kellogg's (the creator of Special K) and Post (the creator of Fruity Pebbles) were founded in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA, a few miles from where I grew up. Special K might or might not be popular in the UK, but it was invented in Battle Creek, Michigan, and millions of people in the US eat it every year.

    Not even going to get into shredded wheat.

    Please do a little more research next time. 🙁

  28. Special k is definitely also an american food. Its hella bland. But a little sugar or sugar substitute and it is okay

  29. Just so you know we already have Special K Original and Krave in America it's just packaged differently.

  30. All of the uk cereals are one we have here and all the ones people are saying in the comments that the uk has, we have those too

  31. This was a set up from the start, 1. You could have picked 20 better uk cereals than those
    2. The ones you did show were served wrong weetabix and shredded wheat should be covered in hot milk and a sprinkle of sugar over the top

  32. in this video tom says he’s from london but in another video he said he was from newcastle

  33. Weetabix is nice but it just turns into some sludge after a while. Aldi chocolate pillows are the best lol

  34. The way how she poured the cereal at4:33🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  35. I love having a fellow Arkie on the panel! We do love our sugary cereal. #razorbacks

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