U.S. puts sanctions on N. Korean hacking groups behind global cyberattacks

the US Treasury Department placed
sanctions on three hacking groups controlled by North Korea for their part
in major global cyberattacks this comes ahead of possible Pyongyang Washington
nuclear talks later this month so how would the move affect the direction of
the negotiations packagin starts us off the US Treasury Department has placed
sanctions on North Korean hackers who had holds responsible for major global
cyber attacks in a statement on Friday local time the Treasury Department
announced the action against a group known as the Lazarus group along with
two of its subgroups the control button ORS primary intelligence bureau which
has already been placed under sanctions by the US and a UN Security Council
these groups are accused of organizing the 2017 wanna cry ransomware attack as
well as other cyber attacks on international organizations according to
the departments Lazarus group targets government’s military financial and
entertainment related institutions using tactics such as cyber espionage data
theft and destructive malware operations it’s already well known for its cyber
attacks against Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014
claiming that these groups activities served to fund the regime’s illicit
weapon and missile programs the department added that it will continue
to enforce US and UN sanctions to enhance the cybersecurity of financial
networks against North Korea’s attempts this is the fifth set of us-led
sanctions against North Korea this year it comes just days after US President
Donald Trump fired his national security adviser John Bolton known for his
hardline stance against Pyongyang there had been speculation that Bolton’s
sacking could signal Washington adopting a softer stance toward North Korea but
the latest announcement shows that the Trump administration will be keeping
pressure on the north even while maintaining dialogue coming at a time
when Pyongyang and Washington are anticipated to resume their
denuclearization talks later this month it remains to be seen how the north will
accept the latest sanctions and how it will affect the nuclear negotiations
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Stephen Childs


  1. Why not on N. Korea??
    This shit has no balls to fight with China or N Korea. Now trying to lick Iran feet after they brought our $300 millions drone down

  2. Nuclair..shit get the news clear…games..man just games…upgreading the system…someone is just letting them..all powers working on 1 program..tec * gs..seal*A.con respect..no bombs..just base..let them write it..

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