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  1. We have the worst president in the history of united states.
    And what a surprise!!! He's a muslim.

  2. Is that not grounds for war? what would have happened had our US guards been murdered?

  3. it was an accident.. just like how the u.s drone strikes kill inocent people around the world.. get over it u dumb asses.. if it was an attack.. they wouldent call u fagets.. telling u it was an accident and they was on a drug cartel hunt !

  4. why has the U.S. not bought Mexico by now, seriously, or at-least invaded Mexico and occupied it like so many other countries, am i the only one confused by this?

  5. Need a New Rule: For every illegal alien from mexico crossing the southern border, America gets 10 Acres of Mexican land. Send them back to that land, build a city, new jobs, a safe non-corrupt place for people to start new. Lets call it Merxica.     … Edit, and if Mexico doesn't want to lose land, start taking care of your country and people, otherwise die with the times.

  6. What….? What's the big deal? You think Mexico is going to invade the US? Ha, ha, ha, or is it that the brown people used a helicopter…woooo..that's scary now.

  7. It was a mistake! The border patrol agents were in an unmarked car undercover. It happens!

  8. CNN lies: the Mexican chopper was providing cover fire for los zetas. US CIA approved, but due to compartmentalization the border agents weren't informed of the operation.

  9. ok so the plane supposedly flew over our border a little and fired "near" agents. so what? you didnt even say what they were doing that they fired shoots! fuck cnn.

  10. I'm thinking possibly Cartel wearing Mexican Police uniform?I dunno I could be wrong.

  11. see the bright side, mexicans tried to show us the real border force job, yes this way.


    So that story goes by like all the rest; so who really controls that border

    Doesn't seem like anyone else knows, other than they have all of their orders

  13. first Mexican army crosses with no problems and now they fly over and again no problems… I guess they need rags on their heads and oil in the dirt before we will do something

  14. It was probably just a drill, since Mexico and the U.S. are the same country now. Too bad the focus was so much on Mexicans and South Americans, as the Chinese and their allies slithered right into the United States. No way that was done on purpose though. The news anchors would have told us. ………..Let's just forget about it and all have juice and cookies.

  15. President Obama couldn't care less about this incident. He has never cared a whit about Americans in harm's way anywhere else in the world. For months he twiddled his thumbs over the surge in Afghanistan, completely unconcerned with the American soldiers in need of reinforcements and dying in the meantime. Benghazi was just another opportunity to obstruct Congress – the death of Americans there mattered not to him (or Hillary). He was happy to have the BATFE run guns to the cartels with Operation Fast & Furious, and he's obstructed every effort by Congress to get to the truth about the murder of Americans that resulted. Obama has expressed no interest with the Marine held captive in a Mexican hell-hole. The obvious truth is Obama is completely disinterested with anything regarding the border except making sure the Border Patrol lets in as many future Democrats as possible. He's happy to obstruct the economic recovery we need so badly, and do all he can to wreck the value of the dollar by profligate spending and borrowing, and worse, having the Fed print Monopoly money to fund his bribery of the low-information voters that elected him. He wasn't kidding in 2008 when he said he was an earthling. Being an American is incompatible with his mindset.

  16. Mexico is too poor to have flying aircraft. it was probably a good joint the Border patrol agent was smoking.

  17. Had the border patrol been killed or injured what would be the worst that could happen to Mexico. It was an accident after all and we commit a lot of "accidents" abroad all the time.

  18. Thats the problem with stupid people; they only pay attention to what is convenient to them. How about the people the BP have killed across the other side of the border? And all these conservatives, butt hurt because a BLACK president f**ked them from behind with his mighty black… Leave PRESIDENT Obama alone, and do your part to make this country a better place. 

  19. My first guess at the response to this incident will be to pull back our border coverage even more. It is obvious that we are being rude and we need to step back a bit and let the mexicallis do their part. Combine that with the fact that ISIS / ISIL is now receiving US aid and has a man on he inside (Obama) …     Hmm?  do those two things go together?  I'm not so great at seeing the 'big picture'   The utter collapse of our southern border and Obama's new buddy ISIS gaining power at an outstanding rate???  Could that be bad?

  20. All the inhuman comment below. Don't look if you are an american. You'll be embarrassed of your people.

  21. Ohh I guess this time the U.S border agents were throwing rocks at the Mexican police so they answered back with warning shots. Instead of killing them how the U.S agents kill those on the Mexican side.


  23. Everyone's missing the point Pamela Brown is soo fucking hot imagine getting brain from those lips my God!!!

  24. What the fuck is this dumb fake propaganda do they really want to make this go viral wow fake news CNN and fox news actually its probably every news all of them each individual needs to do their own research

  25. Hah now the station supports people saying we no longer even need ICE.

  26. United States can't afford a war right in their door step of their house … plus millions of Hispanics live already in USA…so civil war is something we haven't seen since 19th century and even tho American can invaded Mexico they choose not to and is very wise

  27. bullshit…………….. just like 911 bullshit… two shots my ass

  28. *near

    Not *at.

    5 years later and the caption still hasn't been changed.

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