U.S. Evacuates Citizens From China As Coronavirus Death Toll Rises | NBC News NOW

Stephen Childs


  1. Yep time For the Preppers to Pop there heads up from there Nuclear Shelters and dance with Glee and say In Your Face and scuttle Back in with a thud of Iron Locking

  2. It’s spread more than Sars now it said on London radio this morning Also BA has stopped all flights to China

  3. Lets be real this type of stuff is not fear mongerning. This is an weapon designed by men and used on the populace towards an agenda. There are multiple videos of the very wealthly who want the population of the world down to 350 million or 500 million. Georgia Guidestones. People will blame this and that like they are doing blaming humans for climate changes. The truth is they want us gone. Attacking the populace through the use of exotic weapons. Weapons that almost leave no fingerprint. Attacking the respiratory systems, the disgestive system, our water and the food supply.

  4. Be careful Democrats may find it racist and unfair to send a United States based air carrier to pick up US citizens from a foreign governments. We may need to get help from the Russians. Russia Russia Russia. We may need special permission or permits from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

  5. Who cares! #MAGAts are destroying this country faster than any virus can

  6. Just think of how many packages are coming to America from China. Probably millions.
    Every package opened could contain this virus.

  7. For those who might be in fear I don't care if it's not acceptable to the world but My Lord jesus Christ gave us a promise in psalm 46:1 i put my faith in him and his words

  8. Look at this Coronavirus, there is something about it with a human geometry, plus a laboratory-created virus that got out of control. 3 War will be biological!

  9. 😳hdf is people still coming from China to this place when there had been 5 cases already

  10. leon : 2020 I never forget it was year when this grizzly murders came out from wuhan soon later the hole world find out that constructed by international company skin care aka umbrella the virus brock out devastated city of wuhan and small county around respond to the attack the United States orderded contingency plans to stirelaize wuhan after United States shut down all business with skin care aka umbrella soon stock market fallen to crush and china economy was finished

  11. They should take those evacuees to Israel first and keep them there for a month, before bringing them to US.

  12. If it's so serious how come some people n your video don't even wear mask.. n where is your mask?😏😋

  13. There are 4 million Chinese in U.S
    that eat all their lives wildlife animals and insects so mathematically infection is there already to spread even more?🤓

  14. Whyyyyyy. This is so freaking stupid that its intentional. Let's just spread it. Population control! Dumbasses.

  15. The Chinese found out how filthy and disgusting America really is and unleashed a virus to isolate themselves from American contamination.

  16. This is a big mistake at least one of them will have the virus I guarantee it will most likely spread so get ready guys

  17. haw to spread the virus…..let the Chinese fly to other region for vacation and make the safe zone infected.
    haw to stop virus spread…..temporary close flights until we get a vaccine too counter act it.

  18. People making jokes or ignoring how cities are quarantined in China. People under China are used to martial law. Just wait if a major American city or any state gets quarantined. American society would start collapsing in 24 hours, as we like to panic about anything, just wait if we ever face a quarantine.

  19. As of today Jan 29, 2020 the death rate is currently at 55%, not the 3% that has been falsely reported. Take the total dead (132) + total recovered (110)= number of people effected (242). Divide deaths (132) by people effected (242)= 55%. The other 5,815 people haven't completed the cycle yet but will very soon then we'll know for sure. This is a LOT WORSE than the fake news is reporting!

  20. I saw it well. Get Healthy ~
    New Corona virus treatment / prevention music, sound and wave

  21. “Deadly virus with 14day incubation period.”

    W.H.O. : “Dont travel to or from the area.”

    USA: “Let’s fly them all over here and act like that’s a good idea.”

    World: 🤦🏻‍♂️

  22. It's WAY MORE than 6,000 infected. Those are ONLY the ones who chose to wait endlessly at hospitals to get tested. I even read that they are out of testing materials. Estimates are well over 100,000. Germany had 4 people infected by ONE guy who came in contact with a guy from Wuhan.. The rest caught it from the 1st one. Prepare to shelter in place for 3-4 weeks.

  23. Watch videos on this site to see what's really going on.


  24. Disliked. Those people on US bound flights from China are spreading the virus. They should be quarantined outside of US states, somewhere like Guam where it can be contained.

  25. Good job!!!! They wanna bring back those americans to spread the Coronavirus here. goooooooood job USA!!!!!!!!!!

  26. All the counsel you have received has only worn you out! Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month, let them save you from what is coming upon you.

  27. We need to keep those consulate employees in a giant plexiglass box for observation. Maybe in the middle of Mall of America. That way we can all be sure.

  28. Please someone answer this question for me just what States is this already in

  29. I don't understand they say don't travel to China but we'll bring people from China why???

  30. Build that wall. Stop intercontinental flights though on a serious note. Especially from Asia.

  31. Yes that’s a great idea! Let’s bring 200 stranded travelers FROM THE EPICENTER OF THE INFECTION who aren’t showing symptoms yet (but likely are contagious) back to the United States because 200+ people’s flying privileges are more important than 350 million people’s safety!!! Way to go! Way to use your critical skills!!!! We in the US thank you for flying YET MORE INFECTED PEOPLE BACK HERE!

  32. more than a hundred people have died, yet they have zero names of the dead, who they had contact with, where they lived… im totally sure its real…lol

  33. so roughly about 500 thousand people or more living on the streets of california…… there should be huge death tolls in less than a month…. ill bet there arent wink wink…

  34. Why is No one is talking about north korea are they having any effect on this tapic

  35. Do anymore people think that situation like this we should be like north korea any dont let anyone come in at all….

  36. At the end of the day, rest assured, how does one process this historical calamity? Having said that, how may one wrap one's head around this unspeakable um… horror? That being said, is it possible to unpack all of the frighteningly um, existential um…. implications? Rest assured, like um… well, having said that, like look, how does one deal with the epic unknowns, like um… how? Look, is there ever hope of attaining closure, like to such a monumentally like um… like historic tragedy? "Give me your tired, your poor,

    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

    Like look, send the oppressed and marginalized carriers of the corona virus to America!

    Embrace and celebrate the corona virus carriers! No borders! No walls! No flight bans! No humiliating medical screening! Crush xenophobia! Embrace cultural enrichment! Join the cultural revolution and the great leap forward! Where are the sanctuary cities for the oppressed and disenfranchised corona virus carriers? Humans aren't "infected," they're human! Repeat "Kindness, Always!" one hundred times, while cursing Trump.
    Repeat "LOVE IS LOVE!" one hundred times, while cursing Trump. RESIST RACIST AND INHUMANE QUARANTINES! No inhumane medical screenings! No borders! No walls! Crush xenophobia! Down with racism! Down with disproportionate discrimination of, fear of, and isolation of carriers! Don't isolate the infected in hospital cages! We're soooooo much better than this! Strong and independent women: stand up and lead! Crush the patriarchy!
    Dismantle toxic masculinity! Remove all men from positions of responsibility, replace them with strong independent women, right now! TODAY!

  37. They need to stop all travel to China until this is under control…end of story…keep them confined.

  38. It’s a hoax. No virus. Resume your normal activities. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  39. In the navy, it is expected that when a ship is going down, hatches are closed to slow if not stop the effect of sinking, even if people are knowingly locked behind and are doomed. No one questions that. In contrast, by allowing those who are in China to come back, you are knowingly allowing the spread of this virus. That is at the very least an egregious ethical violation. This virus is incredibly contagious and can be easily transmitted by individuals who do not even know they are infected and who do not even show any symptoms. Do not play ignorance here. We need to hold every single person personally accountable for allowing travel, unless you can prove those individuals have been screened thoroughly before being moved. And to trust that the Chinese stats are legit is also an egregious ethical violation. There is absolutely no reason to believe the Chinese have been honest. Just remember that when you believe yourself to be above others and play with their lives, you might get bit. I know the truth is being witheld. They might be able to hide the true death toll in China bit you will not be able to do it outside of China.

  40. This is when I am happy to pay my federal tax 😂😂😂. America cares about its people

  41. All these viruses come from US labs, sick minds in action to reduce China's population. Now Rotsild is going to profit on the poor victims, rubbish sick.

  42. They should be quarantined in an isolate island such as Guam or Big Island for 1 month just in case something else about the virus that we haven't 'known yet

  43. Honestly I have an idea of who the only person infected by the Coronavirus should be: Donald John Trump. Make it happen soon please.

  44. I’m so glad China is monitoring fevers bc there’s no way anyone would take Tylenol to mask a temperature.

  45. What's the point of getting a few hundred out and leaving others? I expect more from the United States of America.

  46. The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, built in the heart of the current coronavirus outbreak, is located about 20 miles from a Wuhan fish market, believed to be where the deadly virus originated.

  47. I'm an RN and not worried. Of course we should bring OUR people home. More cases will pop up but if we quarantine it should be ok. Many people die of the flu each year. The CDC is involved. The USA can handle this. Nurses and doctors care for infectious people all the time.

  48. No traveling to wuhan, but travelers from Wuhan welcomed. That doesn't make sense to me, even if they're quarantined. Let's go with the safest plan- nobody from hubei china allowed in period until this is cleared up.

  49. Me: Alright, 2019 was really bad, but 2020 couldn't be worse rig-
    2020: Tension between US and Iran. Could potentially start a WW3.
    Me: O-Ok, but it's not very likel-
    2020: Australia fires.
    Me: A-
    2020: Philippine's Volcano eruption.
    Me: Bu-
    2020: Coronavirus.

  50. https://youtu.be/MzNzcuWb4YI

  51. Sure lets bring them back to infect us all. Im glad they are going to quarantine them for 14 days . Thats good news.

  52. Why tf are they coming to California?! Send those ppl somewhere else…. smh fml 😟

  53. my dear folks, i wish you guys read the following words. here are what we know about the virus outbreak in china:

    1) the chinese government is hiding the number of the infected and the dead from the very beginning.

    1.1) the outbreak started in early dec 2019 but the official denied it till late jan 2020.

    1.2) the local authority in wuhan city arrested 8 people in jan 1st 2020 as those people disclosed the outbreak via social media.

    1.3) the official number of the infected remained 41 for half a month till jan 20th, the day that the communist party announced to deal with the outbreak seriously.

    1.4) the mayor of wuhan city disclosed on a live interview on the national tv that the number was hidden as he wasnt authorized before jan 20th. the tv hostess stopped him and finished the live interview immediately.

    1.5) front line doctors disclosed that only approximately 5% of those infected were tested and disclosed, not because of a lack of tester, but because beijing doesn't want the number goes up too much.

    1.6) the current real number of infected can be 10 to 30 times higher than the number disclosed by the chinese government.

    2) the chinese government is not taking effective measure to stop the virus outbreak.

    2.1) the chinese government rejected foreign assistance.

    2.2) the local authority in wuhan city threatened individuals and ngos who were trying to donate supplies to hospitals directly, as by law only a few official departments are allowed to accept donations.

    2.3) the chinese red cross, actually a red cross fully operated by the communist party, took over all civilian donations and charged hospitals 6% to 8% so called administration fee.

    2.4) front line doctors disclosed that the supplies distributed by the official departments are fake or in very low quality.

    3) the cause of the virus outbreak is unknown.

    3.1) the chinese government accused that wuhan people's consumption of wild life is the cause.

    3.2) approximately one third of early infections had nothing to do with wild life consumption.

    3.3) a national lab which is capable of making weaponized coronavirus is located in wuhan city.

    3.4) the national tv disclosed in 2018 that the lab was successful on a research over coronavirus.

    3.5) the chinese government avoided talking about the lab during this outbreak.

    so, any western government, please stop assessing the virus outbreak based on chinese government's official report. it's untrustworthy. and please, for all folks, rethink your relationship with china.

  54. I hate how those Chinese make us Koreans look bad. I’m avoiding all Chinese restaurants

  55. The us should stop all foreign flights and imports of goods until this is under control there are way to many variables on the spread of this virus.
    I think this is the new world orders way population control

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