U.S., Canada believe Iran most likely downed Ukraine airliner with missiles

so the u.s. and Iran are facing off
again as they search this time for the cause of the Ukrainian airliner crash
that happened just outside of Tehran and killed all 176 people on board US
officials believe it’s most likely that Iran shot down the plane and Canada’s
prime minister says that he has intelligence that supports that theory
hongyi reports after Wednesday’s deadly plane crash in Iran a preliminary Ranen
investigative report was released on Thursday that suggested the crash was
caused by a sudden emergency the US and the Canadian officials suggest otherwise
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday that Canada has
intelligence showing the plane was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air
missile we have intelligence from multiple sources including our allies
and our own intelligence the audence indicates that the plane was stripped
down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile this may well have been
unintentional this new information reinforces the need for thorough
investigation into this matter however he added that it’s too soon to draw
conclusions and there should be a thorough and credible investigation into
the crash that killed at least 63 Canadian citizens earlier Thursday US
President Donald Trump dismissed Iran’s initial claim it was a mechanical issue
and instead pointed an accusing finger at Tehran but he also stressed it could
have been a mistake it was flying in a pretty rough neighborhood and somebody
could have made a mistake some people say it was mechanical I personally don’t
think that’s even a question personally US officials say the US government has
satellite data that shows the Ukraine International Airlines plane have been
tracked by rain and radar prior to the crash just two minutes after the plane
departed to Iran two surface-to-air missiles were detected according to the
officials Iran continues to insist the aircraft was trying to turn back for the
airport when it went without making a radio call for help
Ukraine has called on its international partners to provide any evidence they
might have that could shed light on the crush of the Ukrainian airliner
Ukraine’s president said in a statement on Thursday that Ukraine is interested
in a transparent and objective investigation of the tragedy and finding
the truth who knew Arirang news

Stephen Childs

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