U.S. airports hit with holiday travel rush 미국 공항 휴일 여행 시작

And staying the in the U.S.
Those falling oil prices and boost in the economy has also led to a rising number of
Americans traveling… in order to celebrate the holiday season… with family and friends.
That′s right, Chery. Rain or shine, millions of U.S. travelers are determined to make it
home for the holidays this year,… putting a considerable burden on major airports across
the country. According to the American Automobile Association
or triple-A,… air travel in the States is expected to jump 1 percent from last year.
That means nearly 6 million passengers will be taking to the skies this Christmas week.
Despite the long lines, travelers say there′s no place like home. “I don′t like crowds that much but we′ll
be okay. Where we′re going is worth the effort.
“It might be because the economy is getting a little bit better and also because the airlines
provide a lot of good deals and people are taking advantage of them I think.”
Weather officials are warning of severe delays due to a large storm system packing high winds
and heavy rain… forecast to sweep the eastern half of the U.S.
Nearly 99 million Americans, whether it be on the road, train, or sky, will travel more
than 80 kilometers,… up four percent on-year.

Stephen Childs

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