Turn Holiday Cheat Meals Into Gains | Feat. Steven Spence

– What’s up elite Thenx athletes? It’s Chris Heria. Today I’m here with Steven Spence. (Steven howling) We’re gonna show you how to
make those holiday cheat meals into gains. – Oh you know I need that my boy. (Chris laughing)
Let’s do it. (upbeat electronic music) – All right guys. So let’s get started. So it’s very natural to be gaining weight over the holiday season due
to all these cheat meals. You had some cheat meals. – Oh you know I like potatoes, so yes I did have a lot of cheat meals. – Well you know what? You’re in luck, because those cheat meals
store a lot of glycogen, and glycogen is actually
stored energy, bro. – Let’s go.
– So– – So you’re saying all
the mashed potatoes, all the sides I had– – It’s turning you into
a potential Super Saiyan. (animations shrieking) – I like that. – You got strength ready to go. – I’m ready to harness
it, I’m ready to feel it, I’m ready to turn it into–
– Exactly. So before it turns into fat, we need to use it to get stronger. – I like that! Let’s go!
– All right? – What did you say his power level is? – It’s over 9,000, argh. – And a good way to take advantage of all that stored glycogen,
that stored energy, is to do heavy lifts,
particular three to five reps. So you don’t need to go anything over, so you don’t gotta kill yourself. – You know me, I don’t
like killing myself. – (laughing) No, but seriously, you wanna lift as heavy as you can so that you max out
from three to five reps. And then after, it would be a great idea to start doing some type of
high-intensity interval training so that you can burn out the
rest of that water retention and you can burn out the
rest of that glycogen. So that’s exactly what
we’re gonna do today. We’re gonna do some heavy lifts and we’re gonna finish it off with the high intensity interval training, and this should give us our proper gains after the holiday season.
– All right, let’s go baby. – Start off 2018 right, bro. – [Steven] (clapping) Let’s get it. – So our first move is weighted pull ups. So we’re gonna try to hit a rep range of three to five, maxing
out in between then. You ready to do some
weighted pull ups Steven? – Let’s do it, baby.
– Let’s do it. Do you normally do weighted pull ups, or are you only doing it with like, someone on (mumbles). – I normally do a lot of like, couch-sitting and potato-eating. – Oh (metal clanks). That’s gonna come in handy. – So this is definitely
out of the norm for me, but I’m ready to try. I’m ready to store all my, turn all this into that energy. – You have all that
stored energy right now. – I gotta a lot of stored energy. – Okay, here we go. – If potatoes and fat mean stored energy, your boy’s ready. – Oh my god, you should
be amazing at this then. – We’re gonna do all these? – Bro, the whole stack for one. – We’re gonna do all these? – Take the whole stack. – Oh god (exclaims). (Chris exclaims) – My god, this is like a person. – [Steven] It’s a little extreme. – Yeah, I feel like this
is like as much as I was (mumbles) overweight. – This is (laughing),
this is pretty hilarious. – All right, here we go man, you ready? Three to five reps guys, let’s go for it. (Chris exhales forcefully) (instrumental hip hop music) Woo, there you go. – It felt good.
– Jesus. – [Steven] I don’t know how
it looked, but it felt good. – Felt good to me too. Let’s move it on. Next we have, oh you know what? Leave it on.
– All right. – We’re doing dips, bro.
– Okay. – We’re gonna waddle over there. We’ll see you guys in a second. (men chuckling) All right.
(Steven exhales forcefully) Ready? – No pain, no pain, yo. – [Chris] Doing five
reps, it’s not that bad. – [Steven] Yeah. – [Chris] Here we go. (instrumental hip hop music) – Damn, Spence.
– Might have been six. Might have been six, I don’t know. – I don’t know, that’ motivation baby. – That’s it. – [Chris] Ah, you strong Spence. – The thing is, I’m
impressing myself right now, because I thought these
were just for show. – [Chris] Bro, I’m sorry. – I didn’t think these
muscles actually worked. – [Chris] It’s all the potatoes, bro. – [Steven] That’s it. Holiday gains. – [Chris] Did you have yams? – [Steven] Yeah. – All right, we’re good on this. (Chris exhales forcefully) (weight slamming) All right, do the five. – Three to five?
– Yeah. – [Steven] Yo, Chris, chalk
me before we get this. – I got you bro. – [Steven] Chalk, chalk, chalk it to me. Woo, let’s go baby. Ooh, thank you. (hands clapping) – [Chris] You ready?
– Let’s do it. – [Chris] Let’s go for it. (instrumental hip hop music) (barbells clank) Woo.
– Woo. – That’s pretty damn good. – [Steven] Delicious. – [Chris] That’s pretty damn good. All right, last move for the heavy sets, we got handstand pushups,
weighted handstand pushups. – Woo.
– Do you need more chalk? – I need a lot more of everything. So I’m gonna do mine against the wall ’cause I’m not as advanced as you are with the whole world champion thing. – Yeah, well remember last video, bro. You gotta remember everything you learned from that time. (gentle whooshing) Let’s try it one more
time, you gotta focus. – All right, I’m gonna try. – Put your mind in the game. – Here we go, everything you taught me. Yeah, remember that?
– Focus, focus. – Focus, focus.
– Okay, I’m gonna try and focus,
I’m gonna try and focus. Today, I’m gonna focus
on not crashing into you while you’re doing your thing. – I’ll be over here watching you while I do mine. – Ah, that’s impressive.
– I got you, bro. – You’re multi-tasking, bro, – My boy, my boy. – [Chris] Here we go. You got it Steven. (instrumental hip hop music) (soft grunting) Dang. – Whew.
– You good, right? – It ain’t easy.
– We good, right? – Yeah, but it feels good, though, it feels good.
– There you go, there you go. All right guys, so you
wanna do this routine a total of four times, so
three more times to go, and then you wanna finish off with some high intensity
interval training. Are you ready for that? – Oh, I’m ready. – All right, take off the vest. – My favorite.
– Let’s get started. All right, so now we’re gonna finish off, burn off the rest of the glycogen, burn off the rest of the water retention, burn off that fat, make
that tank go to zero, ’cause you don’t want anything to leave over that will store into fat. So you ready to burn some fat? – You know it. – All right, so we have
30 second jump rope, bicycles, and mountain climbers, all through, without stopping. You ready? – Let’s do it baby.
– Three, two, one, let’s go baby. (ropes whirring) (instrumental hip hop music) Are you sweating? – Yeah boy.
– That’s a federal crime bro. – [Steven] Yeah boy. – [Chris] I read that somewhere. (instrumental hip hop music) Is that 30 seconds? – Beautiful.
– Yeah, it was good. All right, mountain climbers. Who’s counting? Let’s go. Let’s climb the mountains. (instrumental hip hop music) All right.
– Nice. – Bicycles. Last 30. Let’s do it.
– Holy cow. This way, that way?
– Yeah. Three, two, one (exhales forcefully). (instrumental hip hop music) – [Steven] I’m slightly regretting
that doughnut right now. (Chris chuckles) (instrumental hip hop music) – [Chris] Three, two, one. – Whoo!
– All right. (Steven howls) Is that, first round. – Feel good. – Of high intensity intervals. – All right. – We got three more of those. – All right, let’s get it. – And that’s the end of the routine guys. So, bro, thank you for making
some gains with me, man. – Loved it brother. – Shout out to Steven Spence right here. Definitely subscribe to his
YouTube channel for more of him. I’ll leave that in the video
description down below. So in conclusion, cheat
meals, they can be beneficial. They boost your metabolism, and clearly they give
you a boost in strength. The most important thing, (Steven imitates balloon deflating) is that consistency is key,
so keep doing that bro. (Steven sputters) Because you know what? Is you can eat one salad, that’s not gonna get
you in the best shape, just like you can eat one pizza, it’s not gonna ruin your life either? – I like that mentality. – It’s all about consistency. Do it every single day. It’s not a destination,
it’s a journey guys. And with that said,
smash that like button. – Pew. – Give us a thumbs-up, subscribe
if you haven’t already, and share this video. Don’t forget, we post every Sunday, eight p.m. USA eastern time. Comment down below, we’re gonna pick somebody at random within the 30 minutes of this upload, and we’re gonna give ’em a special prize. – Wow, I like that. – That’s right. And if you guys wanna get in
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the best shape of your life. And I’ll see you guys next
week, January 6th to the 7th. You’re gonna be there with me too, right? – [Steven] Yeah, I gotta go though, I’m gonna sign up right now. – L.A. Fit Expo, see you guys there. With that said, mad love guys. Peace out. (instrumental hip hop music)

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