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  1. How about some effective detection network and a quicker response team?
    Like some satellites and some VTOLs.
    We all know it's an issue but the wall is super expensive. And… Ladders.
    Identify the targets, and intercept them.

  2. Remember in breaking bad when Jesse had to fly illegally to Mexico and back to cool meth? I wonder if the wall is gonna be 1000 ft tall

  3. Hahaha I think it is hilarious that no Trump haters are in the comments section. (This is because they don't even listen to what he is actually saying). Their hate for Trump is preventing them from having rational thought and discussion. I'm not really the politic type but I like to keep an open mind about things. I wish others in America would do the same.

  4. fake president we know what you want frome russia . the exact same thing russia did on 911. with bush its coming jjust watch

  5. Just give him a few billion F’ing dollars! This is a joke! Obama spent $11 trillion including sending cash money on a plan to Iran. WTF is happening in America !?!??

  6. He doesn't put America first he only puts his own interest before America. He's a dictator, he has put thousands of American's out of work with no remorse what so ever. If he doesn't get what he wants then Americans suffer. Thanks for nothing!!!!

  7. Amen!! Thank you Mr. President for helping us all. I love you and may God Bless you! Great man he is!!


  9. This is "MY PRESIDENT!!!" He is the best president America has had and will be the only caring …..honest person to be any PRESIDENT of any country…..I fight with you Mr. PRESIDENT Trump. …. 🇺🇸 God Blessed my country with you and your family. Thank you.

  10. President trump i only see that the government shut down is only affecting the U.S. CITIZENS and the only thing the wall is going to do is that human smuggling is gonna be more expensive it will cost more thats it

  11. Let's just say this works in Trumps favor and he gets his wall. Almost more than half of illegals will still come to the US by plane and overstay VISAs and banks(HSBC and equivalent) who knowingly money launder(fund) the same cartels chasing these families to the US still have little accountability for their actions. People love focusing on the symptoms but never the causality.

    Kevin McCarthy, speech, Aug. 15, 2018

    Matt Sparks, spokesman for Rep. Kevin McCarthy, email exchange Aug. 23, 2018

    Sarah Pierce, policy analyst, Migration Policy Institute, email exchange Aug. 20

    Alex Nowrasteh, immigration policy analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute

    Pew Research Center, "Modes of entry for the unauthorized immigrants," May 22, 2006.

    Center for Migration Studies, "The 2,000 Mile Wall in Search of a Purpose," 2017

    GLOBAL ECONOMY Published February 11, 2016 Last Update January 10, 2017
    "HSBC knowingly helped Mexican cartels launder billions"
    By | Fox News

  12. I'm about to educate you why shutdowns happen. It based on Congress not creating our money supply. They gave up that power in 1913 in the "Federal" Reserve Act. Since then commercial banks create our money supply when they make a loan. This is an indebted money supply. The gov't taxes this supply of money to fund the gov't and spends many times more that what it collects, thus we have a national debt. Solution: Repeal the "Federal" Reserve Act. The US Treasury now creates our money supply debt free. The amount the Treasury creates is based on what Congress approves to spend. This money is backed by the private sector production, just like bank money is today. This new money supply is more than enough for all gov't and the private sector needs. IF we keep the current system, the national debt will keep growing, the the Federal gov't will have to cut back on spending and they will attack Social Security, Medicare and other social programs. They will not cut defense, and any services big money who buy off Congress. Politicians only what to stay in power, and today they rely on large corporate and very rich donors for their reelection. Today's system is busted, big time, but there is a fix. The founding fathers wrote in the Constitution, Congress is to create our money supply. Today's system proves it doesn't have to be backed by silver and or gold. Inflation can be controlled by creating price controls on essential services because an free market price system would cause everyone trying to game the money supply.

  13. His parents were immigrants, his wife is an immigrant, the people with families fleeing their country are seeking asylum, how are they bringing drugs into the country when they are just simply trying to survive. We need to have more empathy. I know we are all raised differently, some unfortunately were raised with so much hate and misinformed by “leaders” like this man that we can’t think freely out of fear of being a free thinker. I’m not going to disrespect this man who deserves no respect, he is clearly reading from a TelePrompTer. He can’t put a sentence together with out being rude and disrespectful towards another human being. This world is insane, evil villains as presidents.

  14. Biggest issue are people overstaying their visas who come here legally, not people coming through border illegally .

  15. Trump just pulls ideas out of his ass and says "Believe me." He talks about "The powerful wall" like it has a brain and once we build this wall the country will be saved. Two Mexicans and a shovel and pick axe will make the wall obsolete in one night!

  16. To me it sounds like you're trying to find a way to suck up to the American people. Because he knows his ass is in hot water now.

    Keep trying🤣

    I'm still trying to figure out what the f🤬ck is see-through steel!!!!

  17. I am happy of you Pres. Trump. since your presidency began, there are less war zones in the world and us in DRC we are in peace because of your presidency in America.

  18. lol He had the honor lol something he's never had in his life is honor. unfortunately our government has made no progress on them selves, which is the real problem,president included ! That we as middle class or should I say the poor class with slave salary's end up suffering cause of the government's own stupidity. They don't suffer with the shut down We The People Do !

  19. We need to deport every last one of these illegals even if there parents are the cause for them being here!! Wtf trump!! TPS are you kidding me!! 🤬🤬🤬

  20. I hope one day there will be better candidates for the presidency. for a very long time we Americans have had the choice of having Dumb or Dumber to run this country. it's sad to have no choices or even anyone worthy of being president

  21. It's beyond me how he's taking the country for ransom, and everyone in the comments still support him and blames the Democrats. The only thing he's good at is driving businesses into bankrupcy, I'll pray for this country.

  22. Mexico isn’t the problem, when most US COMPANIES ILLEGALLY HIRE THEM FOR CHEAP LABOR!!!!

  23. House Democrats ONLY see immigrants as potential "Votes" nothing else, wake up immigrants!

  24. Let in a million migrants as a trial . But build the social housing right on the doorsteps of those who oppose the wall being built

  25. Ending to stop drugs doesn't reduce the crime rate. It will even makes it worse. If you dont agree please reply.

  26. I'm as middle eastern as they come and my parents came here legally back in the 70's. My mom worked at burger king for like 4$ an hour. And my dad at McDonald's for 5$ an hour. They worked their as$ess off the right way so that me and my brothers may prosper. My parents waited 9 years i think to get their visa back then. Long wait and its not fair to the millions of people that want to come to U.S.

  27. Thank you Mr. Trump I see what you really want for your people and I agree thank you 🙏

  28. Don't worry middle class employees not getting paid, all these rich swamp monsters say you can live without money.

  29. Personally both parties is at fault about this shutdown. Thing Trump needs to find a way to find to neiogate with senates whether than holding Federal workers who didn't do nothing wrong . Like this will affect over 40 million Americans. Personally this shutdown is stupid and unreasonable. You will hurt people who didn't do nothing to you because you don't get what you want. Sad thing is you want create a wall to stop crime but what your doing with this shutdown with increase crime in America. We already suffer enough just end the shut down and try makes decision together rather than apart. This shutdown hurt innocent people who suffer not getting their medicines, food or rent payed . At this point you should care about well being of humanity not a wall . ( I'm independent) I honestly don't care about either sides but you both are playing with American lifes. Obviously Fox news would support him because they have before. Trump only say news channels is fake news if talk bad or criticisze him. Trump wants enablers and Fox News is one of them enablers.

  30. Where's the Wall Don? Why do you have 911 PNAC Bolton and Guliani on your team?
    911 Don.
    Where is our WALL!?


  32. He is the worst speaker. Lies aside. He truly is just a horrible speaker…

  33. Instead of wasting money on a wall build more centers/opportunities for immigrants to come in legally. Don't slow them down with months of paper work and hoops. Give them a social security number and bring them in, let them pay taxes and be a part of the USA.

  34. this man is crazy and he doesn't care about America or the people of the America who helps us f*** him and his wall period

  35. His Speech Writer needs a raise. Possibly his best speech to date! I Feared the worst when he became President (I didn't support Hillary either) Seems like all of this is going to turn out for the better though! Just hope he can gain some momentum to get stuff done instead of all the politicians having a pissing contest for his whole term.

  36. Thanks Mr. President for actually going to bat for AMERICA and might i add, also working for free!!

  37. I just can't believe that this twit is going to meet with Swedens biggest twit.

  38. EXACTLY this should be a subject of pride, not shame. It only makes sense to want to keep ILLEGALS out, like he said and what everyone knows you can get citizenship. When you come over legally, no one cares it’s when you here illegally taking jobs away, contributing to rapid inflation, committing crimes taking resources away from America’s, is when it’s a huge problem that needs fixing, or and that’s all he’s trying to do, regardless of his behavior, this needs to be done and I support it full

  39. trump if you think we are all equal than let my husband back inn. Stop lieing

  40. I'm all in favor of regulated immigration but drugs is a problem brought by AMERICAN DRUG CONSUMERS. Why are drugs brought to the USA? Because it's the place where it sells the best. Stop blaming drug abuse on other countries.

  41. Even in this speech the bast*rd lies into America's face.
    Drugs come through shipments not people seeking asylum.

  42. Throughout this charade, Idiot Trump was outmaneuvered, out thought, outwitted by a far greater intellectual power of Pelosi and Schumer. Now he's got some serious explaining to do once the real President, Anne Coulter starts denigrating this weakling in the news media.

  43. The densest element in the known universe has been discovered. Pelosium: A major research institution has just discovered the densest element in the known universe. This new element has been named Pelosium. Pelosium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 223 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it the atomic mass of 331. These particles are held together by dense forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

    The symbol of Pelosium is PU.

    Pelosium’s mass actually increases over time, as morons randomly interact with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy neutrons in the Pelosium molecule, leading to the formation of isodopes.

    This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to believe that Pelosium is formed whenever morons reach a certain density of voting concentration.

  44. He's doing so much more then the last president did. Dont know why everyone praises Obama. Meanwhile the oppressed are still oppressed and Trump is the one who signed an EO and put 100B Into the black community. The 45th is on a role ! 👌

  45. Why american congress still not agree in this? … this is for american people not for one person only.

    So sad in this issue.

  46. Believe it or not, weather people like Trump or not, he has has somehow stand up and resolved some problems with Kim Jong-un and Putin, something that Obama Never did, Trump has done many things that some Previous presidents never did or never cared, other Presidents cared only about filling up their pockets with money while on the other hand Trump does care for our Country and our security, and I do agree with Trump all the way!

  47. If we would to have a better security system in our borders, more technology, then we would not need so many border patrol officers, but if we lack of security and technology then immigrants crossing our borders will never end, also I am sure that many border patrol officers are connected with the coyotes in Mexico which are the ones who bring in all these illegal immigrants!

  48. Fellow America we will never have a real president again democrats and republicans are controlled by the same people ask yourself y does this country get worse and worse after each presidency bc each president is bought and paid for listen to JFK trump took the secret oath

  49. Don't y'all remember trump said he was gonna arrest Hillary Clinton what happened when he got elected he started saying how much of a wonderful person she is y'all so stupid you all been had it dosent matter who u vote for democrats And republicans are controlled by the same people so expect the same results our economy is gonna crash watch

  50. I love pur President! I wonder how many news channels and debates are gonna clip parts of this speech.

  51. Hey look over here, let’s talk about this wall, don’t pay attention to what’s going on over there…

    Meanwhile… states are voting on full term abortion. Coincidence? I think not.

  52. not everyone that crosses the border are bad people, their just seen as that because they either get pushed or have no other method of gaining money to live when they get there, so drugs, prostitution etc etc seems logical for the short term

  53. Dems don't love America, they hate Trump and anything he wishes to do with the government. Whatever Mr. President does they're armed to oppose to the extreme.

  54. Is a difference like Trump said indocumented vs immigrants they don't understand the differences, he insists this wall for is indocumented ,and any type of trafficking, drug or human, just 100,000 indocumented in a 10 year period, how much will this take, do the math in benefit without documents because they have rights to this benefits even without documents like wic,vaccines, school and in crimes in a court cases legal aid they can make also lawsuits because they are not all angels, without count walfare stamps ssi because no documents but with time also they can get that too,those tax payers better do the math he better get that wall.

  55. We all know Mitch McConnell and his wife worked for Bush Jr also. Bush Sr despises trump also. No doubt McConnell is a mole for Mueller. Haha trump is screwed

  56. Communist China is whole set of tyranny, any  a mayor can corrupt or graft billions USD.  Rap5 kindergarten young girl, make hundreds or thousands mistress, concubines. Imprison and kil1 dissident.

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