Trump officials finally admit tariffs impact consumers

-I think that at the end
of the this whole process, the end of the rainbow,
there’s a pot of gold. -Tariffs, paid for mostly
by China by the way. Not by us, so a lot people try to steer it
in a different direction. China eats it because
they have to pay it, because what they do is
they devalue their currency and they push money out. Our people haven’t paid. We’re doing this for
Christmas season just in case some of tariffs would have impact
on US customers. Just in case they might have
an impact on people, what we’ve done
is we’ve delayed it so that they won’t be relevant for the Christmas
shopping season. -They pay the tariffs,
and sometimes, they pass them on
to American consumers. True?
-False. For Christmas, the president
basically will not be putting tariffs
on some key products so that we have
an inflation-free Christmas. -Because it’s spread
over thousands and thousands of products, nobody’s going to actually
notice it at the end of the day. And nobody wants to take
any chance of disrupting the Christmas season. -Should Americans prepare
for some economic pain? -I don’t want to go there
because, you know, I’m you’re favorite growth guy,
I’m the happy warrior. I don’t want to talk pain.
I want to talk progress. -There’s very little impact, almost unmeasurable impact
on real GDP. -US businesses and US consumers
will pay, correct? -Yes, to some extent. I don’t disagree with that.

Stephen Childs


  1. If Trump says it's gorgeous sunny out on a cloudy day. Trump supporters would believe him they are mindless slaves. Trump is nothing more than a corrupt lying conman.

  2. Trump is not at all interested in the needs of the American people, like all billionaires they are ONLY interested ever in benefiting themselves. And Trump family uses the Russian Government tactic of creating disinformation and chaos to do this.

  3. “No, the ship isn’t sinking, we just bounced right off that iceberg, and it’s only a very tiny leak down there at Steerage.”

  4. They must think the American people are uneducated fools who can't ask Google "what is a tariff"?!!

  5. President Tr–eason. BIGGEST LOSER.
    An ABSOLUTE IMBECILE that governs by impulse.

  6. "Trump officials finally admit tariffs impact consumers"
    Little Donny Fail-Fail's MAGAsucker fans still won't believe it.

  7. Too bad, the long term economic health of the country is more important than cheap Chinese crap.

  8. What a stupid ignorant aresehole!
    Any middle-school student could have told him that.
    He is completely deranged and THEY are all SHYSTERS!
    They are destroying your Country and the World is watching in disbelief.

  9. Trump pretending he didn't LOSE AGAIN… as the the economy heads for recession. Just imagine when NO DEAL BREXIT HAPPENS.. Another white nationalist conservative MESS..

  10. How does anyone think that tariffs don't get passed onto consumer. The same rich dudes that can't tell you what a loaf of bread or a carton of milk costs.

  11. Well now that you screwed that up back to the balcony of the Muppet Movie…..

  12. liars!!!!!!liars!!!!!everywhere in this administration….or better call as group of reckless hypocrites…coward people

  13. Yes, finally admitted that the tariff is another form of tax for the consumers to pay

  14. The US should vote such people out immediately. How much is his approval now? Find out yourself on Polllzy.

  15. The horror prediction is that with imports at a higher cost, consumers will have to buy American made goods. Which would provide too many jobs for American workers. My GOD!

  16. Remember when conservatives were smart and well informed? Me neither.

  17. …and Mexico will pay for the wall…… Can trump talk if there isn't a crowd of mega hatters, or a screaming helicopter behind him? Does he think that makes him believable???people who voted for him and manipulated the voting machine are getting what they voted for. The rest of the world is hoping his heart gives out before everything else does. Give him more whoppers, more big macs, extra bacon please.

  18. History will not remember this "president" kindly – he will be a cautionary tale taught to future generations about how hate, racism and xenophobia can tear a country apart.

  19. Wow, I would never have guessed!!! But you know Trump will stick to his delusional story…

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