Transat | Vacation Intervention

– Where do you go on vacation? – Well, nowhere ’cause I have
too much work to do. – That’s the perfect reason
to take a vacation! – Everybody just has
to go to work? – Nobody’s thinking
of fun times? – Are you taking
vacation this year? – Vacation? – Why? – W-why? – Why? – You ever take yourself
to the airport? – No. – Oh, you’re not
leaving, are you? Are you going somewhere warm? – You have 20 vacation days and
you haven’t booked anything? – What, for this year?
No. You know. Are you – how organized
are you? – I mean, uh- – You look tired. You alright? – Have you taken your
vacation days at all? – Uh, no. – Are you planning on
taking your vacation days? – No. – No? – Yeah. – That’s not a joke ma’am. – Have you taken all your
vacation days yet? – Oh, I wish I would’ve.
I can’t. – You can’t? – I work. – So how do you enjoy your life? – Well, I sleep early. – Can I give you a hug sir,
you look like- You look like you need a hug. – This is a lot of traffic,
you could all be going nowhere
on a beach right now. You know, we could
all be getting a tan while we’re waiting here.

Stephen Childs

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