Tour in Crescent City, California, USA

Sunrise in the cold area of Crater Lake, Oregon, ready to go to Crescent City, California Crater Lake is about 300 km from Crescent City, which is located in Northern California in the Pacific Ocean. This river of crystalline waters, emerald color, accompanied us for almost the whole way. The pines gradually became giant Sequoias in Northern California. Here we are walking the beautiful beaches to the South of Crescent City, on a sunny day without wind. A stream bring water into the sea, while the tide brought logs waiting to be collected. The stream flows into the Pacific Ocean on a beautiful sunset, while a couple is having fun with their dog. Beatriz does not lose her elegance while juggling at the junction of the creek on his way to Ocean … We managed to cross the river without getting wet!, quite an achievement, the beach awaits! Beautiful beaches, walking aimlessly, looking for what the tides are bringing to the coast. A beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, with the sun trying to poke through the clouds which prevent it. The sea crawls numerous pebbles, torn from the hills submerged by the subduction of the Coast A sample of the stones which reach the coast, washed by the tides. We are returning now, in the back of the beach is Crescent City, now let’s visit the city … The tree trunk was also dragged by the tide, to show the strength of sea water … We are in the City of Crescent City, overlooking the sea, which has many rocky outcrops … In the Peninsula is the famous Battery Point Light, showing the dangers the sailors in the area We call the attention of evacuation zones in case of Tsunamis. Then we understood the meaning of the signs The earthquake in Japan on March 11, genre extensive damage in the area, mainly in the port area. The underwater geography of the area focuses water from the tsunamis at Crescent City, according to experts. combining the outstanding beauty of the area with the consideration of the adverse effects of tsunamis A gull standing on the memorial of the dead people who lived in the area during the last wars. The mural says about migration of whales from Alaska to Mexico, they are seen well with binoculars. Many coastal homes have pointing telescopes to observe the migration of whales. A wonderful gift of nature, to appreciate in the far northwestern California, USA Coastal houses, who enjoy diary the beautiful landscape that we share with you here. Hope you liked it!

Stephen Childs


  1. Horacio Hello!
    Thank you for the experience, and the interesting information! gábor

  2. @ficko53 Thank you very much for the comment, Gábor, I recently finished putting captions to describe the places visited!. Regards. Horacio

  3. @renedulac La ringrazio molto per il commento, Renato, abbiamo davvero apprezzato la visita della città che detiene il record di tsunami hanno ricevuto, a sue spese, all'interno degli Stati Uniti, come abbiamo scoperto dopo il terremoto in Giappone. Un abbraccio e una buona settimana, Horacio

  4. @irisphloxe Muchas gracias, Angeline, un lugar encantador, para caminar junto al Oceano Pacifico y disfrutar el paisaje y el mar, siempre cambiante. Un abrazo y muy buen Domingo!.

  5. It is a beautiful place, we liked the neighboring areas of Oregon and California, we loved the redwood and pine forests and the winding roads with so many places to admire the wonderful scenery. But I understand your comment, is a city that may be punishable by the tsunamis, it's a shame. Greetings from Buenos Aires.

  6. Thank you very much for your visit and comments. We loved the city and its surroundings, beautiful beaches, the rocks in the sea … A beautiful place to visit!. We brought a tourism magazine, which proposed up to 100 trips, whether in Oregon or California. Almost every weekend visiting a new and beautiful place nearby!. Greetings from Buenos Aires.

  7. wow, that place looks awesome, i'm totally going to go visit now… thanks for the wonderful video.

  8. Thanks for your visit & comment, it is a beatiful place, as it is all the West Coast of the States and Canada that we could visited in this trip. Regards

  9. How's the weather there, year round? (months that it snows, rains, etc.)

  10. I was there only one day, in Winter !!. You may find useful information in Google, looking: Weather in Crescent City.

  11. Ah……… I get the impression there is no city, just surf. I was hoping they had a city with restaurants, shops and culture. Pretty disappointing place.

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