Total number of pneumonia cases soars to 198 in Wuhan, China over weekend

More pneumonia cases were confirmed in China
and even outside the country over the weekend. And this is raising concerns for Chinese health
authorities. Yoon Jung-min tells us more. Health authorities in Wuhan have said that
the total number of confirmed cases of the mysterious pneumonia outbreak has soared to
198 over the weekend. So far, three people have died from the virus
and nine are in critical condition. More cases were reported outside the region,…
with two cases confirmed in Beijing, and one in Guangdong. Outside China, two cases have been confirmed
in Thailand and one in Japan. Those people are believed to be either from
Wuhan or have recently visited there. The World Health Organization said on Sunday
that some of the new cases do not seem to be linked to the Huanan seafood market,…
believed to be the center of the outbreak. China’s National Health Commission said Sunday
it will tighten its guard over the Lunar New Year,… while paying close attention to the
development of the epidemic. The Lunar New Year holiday begins later this
week in China, when millions of people will be travelling. This raises concerns about the virus spreading
to other regions or countries. Wuhan officials say they are tightening screening
at airports and passenger terminals in the city. Experts say the virus belongs to the same
family of coronavirus as SARS,… though little is known about how easily it can be transmitted
between humans. Yoon Jung-min, Arirang News.

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  1. Stay outta North Korea with that pneumonia, dammit!

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