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  1. Here are all the links for you guys! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and if you dont celebrate either, Happy New Year to all! Thanks for all the support everyone!

    Here is where you can get the NEWEST and most COMFORTABLE ChrisFix swag:


    Hand/Tool Cleaner Wipes:

    Tool Box:

    Breaker Bar:


    Digital Tire Pressure Gauge:

    Red Impact Gun:

    Orange Impact Gun:

    Torque Wrench:

    Foam Cannon:

    Favorite Wax:

    Wash glove:

    Microfiber Towels:

  2. I have a 3D printer, It's awesome but WARNING… it may be hard to figure out how to use it! and once you do… wright it down! just in case your PC dies like mine did… 🙁 Great video Thank you.

  3. I bet your daughter will say "is it a barbie house?" Even tho its shaped like a car and you can see its wheels

  4. I don’t know how to say thank you to you you’ve helped me fix my car multiple times

  5. My daddy owns a car dealership come on down for more parts cris you are the best I am working on my 1993 ford tempo 😊

  6. Hey Chris fix! I own a clothing brand myself and can get you your mech at a wholesale price beating teespring price. Shirts, hoodies, stickers. Pm me for more information. Thanks!

  7. Chrisfix is a seriously awesome youtuber and really works hard on his videos love the videos man

  8. 0:26 … Yeah, you can absolutely tell that gift was wrapped by a mechanic!

    You should look into a vinyl cutter for car work, you can make custom decals and stuff obviously, but you can also cut new custom gaskets, and other useful items with one. They can be surprisingly useful for car work.

    Anyway, great video as always!

  9. Breaker bars to come in handy a lot they come in handy for tires boots that don't want to come loose and it gives you a lot of leverage especially on transmissions to parts under your car like your brakes and the parts get wet

  10. 4:41 "so ur gonna need a breaker bar, with a a breaker bar, get the breaker bar"

  11. This made me more excited for christmas than any of advertising/tv shows that come on prior to christmas.

  12. I feel bad for you cause you buy presents on your own 😭

  13. Break a bar?
    Break her bar?
    Break ah bah?

  14. Hey Chrisfix I am great fan of your video I have a corvet I and my father fixed I learn from your videos please keep the good work my name is somesh nath

  15. Hey chris I recently started working on cars, macks, and large tractors for cattle raising. Ive noticed in the video you have the oil filter pliars, so with all the machines I work on that have been sitting for 20+ years, should I use my breaker bar and an oil filter socket or an oil finter pliars?

  16. Chrisfix why do you have a women on the bottom where is the chrisfix logo?? 1:41

  17. 8:27 well it looks like santa Barrowed three of your sockets and forgot to pit them back

  18. Someone donate me 2.000€ so I can buy myself a broke ass car? No? But it's ChRiStMaS tImE?! Oh AnD mY mUm HaS cAnCeR

  19. Hey! Hi there. If you ever get a Milwaukee Impact Gun coupon/discount code or something similar and don't know what to do with it. Well i will gladly accept it… LOL… Keep it up!!! Becoming a mechanic just by watching ur vids and latter apply the knowledge… This is like FUN LEARNING!!!!

  20. My dream is a car boy in 12 years
    Um will I be an adult because when this comment was made I was 8 years old

  21. I sent this to my mom

    She got me a breaker bar and a socket set and a torque wrench

  22. So cab you strip 2 cars in One batteryes PS not good at English

  23. Im gonna buy some merchandise and all of this because I’m gonna buy a project car

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