Top 10 most depressing cities in the United States. Some are in really bad shape.

What is going on everyone? Welcome back
to the world according to Briggs my name is Briggs I travel I make videos and I
have never played with lawn darts responsibly really that’s how my younger
brother lost his nipple living without a nipple is depressing as you can imagine
speaking of depression did you know that there’s thousands of reasons a person
can be considered depressed one of those reasons is where you live the
environment the people the economy the crime the weather are just some of the
reasons a place can be considered depressing so you’re asking yourself how
do you decide which one of these cities is more depressing than the other well
you analyze everything you can find on the US census data including divorce
average income unemployment and you look at things like I said whether homeless
rates and how often people swipe right on my cousin’s ex-wife’s tinder profile
after that you make an educated guess and you come up with the most depressing
cities and that’s what today’s video is all about so why don’t you sit back
relax take a deep breath and watch my top ten most depressing cities in
America number 10 Tacoma Washington Washington is one of the rainiest states
in the country Tacoma is the third largest city in the state with just
about 200,000 residents Tacoma sucks from an emotional standpoint the average
u.s. city gets about 205 days of sunshine a year Tacoma gets about 140
days of Sun that’s only about four and a half months worth the sunshine every
year I’ve had longer breakups you know you break up with someone about a week
later you miss them and you can’t remember why you broke up so you get
back together and then four days in a row she spends 30 minutes of your
morning explaining a dream she had so you break up again only to revisit the
whole situation a couple more a dozen times gloomy skies and gloomy moods are
always in fashion in Tacoma the only thing this place has to keep it from
going crazy as beer they have really really good beer up near Tacoma and
Seattle anyway the divorce rate in Washington state is about three point
nine per 1000 people that’s 15 percent higher than the national average it
ranked 11th amongst the states that reported data on divorce number nine
Springfield Missouri Springfield is the third largest city in the state of
Missouri with about a hundred sixty-eight thousand residents and it’s
the birthplace of route 66 it is also a place where people don’t
make the best decisions just this week a young man walked into a Walmart wearing
body armor a loaded rifle and a handgun just days after a couple mass shootings
one was at a Walmart this young man was stopped by an off-duty firefighter and
then arrested as a terrorist threat he claims he was testing the rights to bear
arm what he was really testing was the patience of a very nervous society he’s
lucky the op duty firefighter didn’t knock his teeth out Springfield has a
live ability score of 65 crime sucks unemployment is high for these days
housing sucks and schools aren’t great it is also the divorce capital the state
of Missouri good times in Springfield number eight Mobile Alabama Mobile is a
very depressing place to live the average income here is about $23,000 a
year which is far less than the US average this is why 25 percent of the
population lives in poverty that’s right a quarter of the population lives in
poverty here education isn’t a big priority of the residents who actually
graduate high school less than 30 percent went on to obtain a four-year
degree the population that is 15 years or older and Mobile County in which
mobile the city is in is at three hundred and thirty one thousand people
of those people forty two thousand are divorced or have gone through the
divorce process I mean I get it it’s hard to stay married in Alabama with all
those great options you got going on over the border in Mississippi the
liveability score in Mobile is 63 that’s depressing that’s a really low number a
good number for liveability is in the mid 80s and up there are 63 I’ve seen
some that are in the mid 40s but 63 is bad
number 7 Salem Oregon Salem is the state capital of Oregon with about 170,000
residents it’s easy to see how living in the state capital can be depressing
there’s politics occasional protests your neighbors who want to discuss tough
topics and then pick arguments about it this is probably one of the reasons why
most residents would like to move someplace else like Cuba weather is a
big factor here everybody knows the Oregon gets far too
much rain and gloomy skies gray skies most of the year gives people seasonal
affective disorder also known as sad as Sade sees an effect you get it anyway
they didn’t have that fancy term when I was a kid we just called you a crybaby
if you couldn’t handle the weather but then again I grew up in Southern
California so we really didn’t have weather but anyway you get what I’m
saying Salem is a depressing state capital as a
matter of fact the Oregon State Capitol building is depressing look at that
thing it looks like a soviet-era political
prison oddly enough Oregon is the only city on this list a list like this would
have had several Oregon cities about five years ago but in 2014 they
legalized weed and everyone seems to be okay with everything now I don’t know
what it is just they just lay back and relax it’s no big deal anymore but Salem
Oregon is depressing number six Modesto California Modesto is located an hour
south of the state capital Sacramento most people in Modesto take melatonin
and dream about the frozen tundra every single night the heat may be one of the
reasons people hate living here Modesto is hot and it’s dry during the summer
months it’s common for the temperatures to rise into the triple digits and stay
there a while and in winter the temperatures may be
dropped to the mid 60s so it’s always pretty warm there if not
blazing hot the only way to escape the heat here is to leave preferably in a
refrigeration truck sitting on a box of fudgesicles and your underwear 13% of
the residents in Modesto are divorced and the overall crime rate Modesto is 80
percent higher than the national average and the schools blow there’s so many
things about Modesto that could bring a person down but knowing that your kids
and your stuff aren’t safe have to be to the highest ones on that list number
five Las Vegas Nevada Las Vegas is an amazing place to visit however living
there is a little depressing every day you see things that most people consider
part of the decline of society that have become the norm in Vegas addiction is
the main reason people are depressed in Las Vegas not just gambling they have
the full spectrum of addiction here Las Vegas is a great city with good people
it just doesn’t work out for a whole bunch of other people every time I walk
down the strip in Vegas I’ve seen someone crying not just some girl that
broke up with a boyfriend I’m talking grown men sometimes Vegas is also the
divorce capital of the world and about 17% of the marriages there and in
divorce that is why there’s so many lawyers in Las Vegas representing people
in desperate need of a divorce and sunblock apparently number four San
Bernardino San Bernardino California is located east of Los Angeles right
outside the Angeles National Forest the writer Hunter S Thompson called it
San Berdoo all the time I grew up calling it San Berdoo myself this is
very miserable place to live drive through the place and you’ll know
exactly what I’m talking about if you ask Siri to find you a good place to
stay in San Berdoo it’ll suggest driving an hour out of your way to Big Bear Lake
if you tell Siri to find a good place to stay in San Bernardino it’ll suggest
getting in a time machine and going back to the 1950s because that was really
about the last time this place was a really nice place to live the whole town
is just a big bowl of depression about 15% of all married couples here end up
divorcing crime schools unemployment and housing all contribute to the general
suck and depression that is San Bernardino if you’ve ever thought about
living here make sure you go alone just be miserable by yourself
misery really doesn’t need company so don’t bring a wife don’t bring a
girlfriend just go by yourself and enjoy the depression if that’s what you’re
into number 3 Rockford Illinois Rockford is not a nice place you’d want to move
to with your family this city in northern Illinois has a violent crime
rate of about 16 hundred and 60 crimes reported per every hundred thousand
residents every single year it’s continuously ranked one of the top
cities with the most violent crimes crime runs so rampant here that home
values are actually about a hundred thousand dollars less than what they
would be if there wasn’t so much crime Rockford is one of the leaders in the
country when it comes to single-parent households Rockford can also be found on
worst city’s list all over the Internet normally towards the top this is the
type of place you moved to when you miss the sounds of gunfire heard in the
military you know you can’t sleep at night and letting your little gunfire
move to Rockford it is said that half the city suffers from either PTSD or
depression the percentage of people that are actually divorced here is almost 15
percent it is estimated that the population of Rockford has decreased by
20,000 people since the 2010 census people are leaving this place in droves
and for good reason it’s a depressing City number to make in
Georgia making us a place you go to when you
want to be miserable there’s this thing called the misery score in the misery
score for Macon is 87 and that’s out of a hundred the higher the score the
bigger the suck the city is if you enjoy heat and humid
that’s one thing you may love here but most people don’t and makin is a
horrible place for these people during the hottest times of the summer
temperatures during the day will rise up into the mid 90s and fall to the high
70s at night however the temperature change is hardly noticeable
since the humidity is about 95 percent so you sweat a whole lot here crime
housing and unemployment are really depressing stats in Macon according to
the 2010 census median household income in the city was about $28,000 and that’s
compared to the state average of about 50,000 it is estimated that that number
of 28,000 only climbed 2,000 in the last nine years we’ll find out next year in
the census and the state average jumped up around 5,000 is the estimate so make
it’s not keeping up there are a lot of really depressed people here that can’t
afford air-conditioning their livability score is 65 don’t move to Macon Georgia
and number one Detroit Michigan now who didn’t see this one coming according to
best live.com Detroit is the most depressing city in America the city
scores out ninety nine point six on the misery scale it’s no surprise why’d the
poverty rate here is about thirty five percent while the unemployment rate is
right around nine percent right now life is rough in Detroit unless you have a
security job but considering there isn’t a lot of things in the city worth
securing so that’s not really high in demand one way you can literally see the
depression of a city is by looking at the population decline and the amount of
vacant housing in 1990 there were over 1 million people living in the city of
Detroit that’s just the city not the metro area so stop typing census nerds
since 1990 the population has dropped to just over 600,000 from over a million
six hundred thousand a good percentage of the housing parcels in the city are
vacant with abandoned Lots making up more than half of the total residential
lots in the city with at least 70,000 abandoned buildings 31,000 empty houses
and 90,000 vacant lots Detroit has a livability score of 56 it
is sad that Detroit has gotten to this I mean they’ve done some great things in
the downtown area and hopefully that’ll spread I’ve talked about this before
that they’re trying to make some progress but they just have such a long
way to go it’s just sad to live there all right so let’s my top 10 most
depressing cities in the United States I hope you guys enjoyed hope you got some
information out of it don’t forget all the links below don’t forget to give
like leave me a comment if you haven’t subscribed already please do so
everybody have a great day be nice to each other

Stephen Childs


  1. West Virginia, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Dakota's, Oregon, Utah…..all trash👌

  2. Communities and neighborhoods that have the lowest property values have the lowest quality of life. That's a pretty good rule of thumb.

  3. If you've been married to crazy for 27 years, divorce isn't so depressing!

  4. Winsor Canada is across from Detroit did you ever visit there. It would be less Depressing.

  5. america in general..didn't i see it on highest crime AND divorce rate lists..funtimes lol not.. um twin falls id didn't make the list?! ghost town truck stop in middle of nowhere with no jobs and can't even get a waitress job since that and trucking jobs is all there is practically here cuz its high employment rate which means all jobs are taken up and thats how boring it is..people want to work that badly here?? lol cuz nothing else to do here cept eat at restaurants..sighhh and people act likeas fun as ghosts passing you by not seeing you..cuz its some british origin people and they are cursed with being highest on having most ghosts list..so its lonely and sad romatically and socially as well cuz hardto meet people and when you do they are extra crazy.. so, to0 crazy to even be able to be with them..so yeah open to elsewheres..

  6. i live in a small town of 2500 people nice and quiet just the way I like it.

  7. y brother and sister in law moved to salem Oregon he hates the rain there lol sucks to be him

  8. 82 murders in 2019 here and more in 2020 already. And no mention of NM. our crime rate is about 300 times higher than other cities our size

  9. You forgot Fallon , NV it's a total shithole human excrement town…..and the people are seriously dumb as rocks

  10. Every city mentioned is a blue city. The actual stats and figures for these and other blue cities are actually higher but because political correctness reigns supreme in these towns they fudge the numbers the best they can. The local and national media play along because they love blue cities and don't want to offend the minority race governments which are in power since minority race residents make up 70% of most of these locations.

  11. Philadelphia is a very depressing all I see here is junkies homeless people living in the streets asking for money with a card board on there hands saying there hungry and homeless please help and the murder rate is also high there's a section in this horrible city called zombie land I want to get out from this hell but I need God's help this filthy city should be on the top first list of worst place to live if you agreed with hit the thumbs up button cause I am speaking the truth

  12. Well what is the statistic on the crime rate in Detroit as correlated to its demographic.

  13. Stewie: It looks like Bridgeport, Connecticut.

    Brian: Oh boy, here comes the letters.

  14. What's depressing is dude. I live on Puget Sound 20 minutes from Tacoma. Tacoma is a beautiful old city with elegant mansions, leafy parks, lovely neighborhoods with well kept homes, and a beautiful waterfront with spectacular views of Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound, with a restful ambiance, light traffic, affordable homes and friendly people. It is much more livable than Seattle, and not nearly as cold and corporate. The dude is an idiot.

  15. 420 dislikes, definitively proving that people who don't like Briggs are stoned off their asses.

  16. Now my city should be on this list. Through the years close to 100 businesses have moved out of the state of Michigan. One out of every 10 people are addicted to opiates in the state of Michigan. But if that's not bad enough, in Port Huron Michigan you have a lot of drug traffic coming into the city from Detroit. There is mercury underneath the Blue Water Bridge on the ground underneath the water. There are plants all along the water here spewing chemicals into the air. In Port Huron Michigan you have a lot of mental services, and people (that have mental issues) from all over the state is coaxed to move to Port Huron because that's where the great majority of the mental services are. In 2010 50,000 people moved out of the state of Michigan. When you go to the industrial parks most of the businesses are closed. And you can't find anyone anywhere in Port Huron to have an intelligent conversation with. I stay by myself most of the time, because I really don't want to know anyone here.

  17. Surprised San Bernardino is on the list. I've come here for music festivals and there were plenty of decent lodging and food options. Your only a little over a hour away from SGV area which I know is still not LA but theres plenty of see and do there. Weather is typical Socal weather with almost continuous sunny weather and girls in short shorts.

  18. Marriage is a CHOICE so divorce is 100% avoidable. Why any heterosexual man would get married in the US this day in age is beyond me. Is it out of tradition and societal pressure? If that is the case, you are weak to allow your major life decisions to be dictated by the expectations of others. As a man, there is 0 benefits to marriage and endless potential for problems. The fallout from divorce is nasty and I've witnessed many lives destroyed. Why sign a contract that entitles someone else to all your worldly possessions and financial resources?? Well glad I was born with a brain and a independent streak. In conclusion, make decisions that benefit you not other people, life is too short for avoidable nonsense.

  19. "Depressing cities" is extremely subjective. Sure, you input some statistics into it but you can choose from various statistics that have nothing to do with real depression.

  20. Hot Springs, Arkansas.
    Depressing due to rainy/cloudy weather (yes), low income, high prices, high taxes, hard jobs, jobs hard to find, little to do, high crime rate, high meth use, low education, etc….
    Look it up

  21. Frozen Tundra it's a redundancy both words are synonyms it's either Tundra or Frozen

  22. Granted, this would be a small city, but I'm very surprised Cairo, Illinois isn't on this list.

    That is, without a doubt, the most depressing city I've ever seen. It's *awful*.

  23. Detroit the most profitable city in America. Ran by Democrats for 55+ yrs look what’s left. Democrats paid themselves well and promised more than they brought in and this is what happens after that. Look it up if you have a problem with this true fact.

  24. Ha! The reasons stated for being a depressed city, omits or ignores the most obvious reason for being a depressed city, which is the number of Black folk. :.

  25. There are several places inn South Carolina that are miserable.. Anderson SC and Spartanburg is ranked pretty high

  26. I will add Binghamton NY and most of the surrounding area. I used to visit my grandparents there a lot up until my mid 20s. Gloomy skies and people. Very scenic area though.

  27. So what do we do with these cities? What is our Government doing about it? Nothing! Instead of trying to fire an elected president, maybe we should put our energy and tax dollars into fixing our Worst cities in America, taking control and creating jobs in those cities, and it's not just these cities here, it's a much, much, bigger problem then we would like to admit. So know what America? We need sticker gun laws, and strickter penalties for the crimes that wicked people do, and the government could use tax dollars to HELP people and families in need. Also use these older abandon buildings to house families that have had their lives torn apart by their boy friends or husband's evil crimes so that they have committed and to use these builds that are sitting there empty. And give these children a home instead of what we are doing now! Nothing!

  28. Wtf. I’ve lived in three of the cities on this list. Vegas isn’t bad. Modesto is a shit stain.

  29. I lived in Rockford from 1999-2008. I’m not surprised it’s on the list. Went to visit back in 2018, definitely not the same vibe. It felt dark and heavy. When I first moved there it was booming. But as the years went by I felt trapped so I bounced and moved to the east coast. Glad I did!

  30. Portland Oregon is going down hill fast. It's maybe 6 months since you can crap on the city street with no crime committed. Oh yeah, free needles too.

  31. Briggs could've done at Top 100 most depressing cities in the United States and it would not have been exhaustive. Three suck cites that come to mind are Augusta, GA, Pueblo, CO and St. Louis, MO.Detroit really does try. Fun Fact: Detroit's motto is Speramus Meliora; Resurgent Cineribus which is Latin for: "We hope for better things; It shall rise from the ashes".

  32. You should check out the stats for Rochester NY … High School graduation rate:~50%; the poverty rate locally is the highest it's ever been (I think 25%?); unemployment: not sure exactly , but for the last few years it's the highest we've had in decades ; part of the reason for that is that a number of formerly large employers (Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb) are a shadow of their former selves, with previous points also helping to lead to: crime is bad enough that one of the local radio stations has a 'stabbings/shootings de jour' segment as part of the morning news reports! Also keep in mind that NYS has some of the highest taxes in the country, along with onerous fees and regulations, if you want to start a business! Environmentally, Rochester is in the bottom 10% of cities in the U.S. for percentage of possible sunshine in the course of the year, and also is 'up there' for percentage of days with some form of precipitation. If it wasn't for the large number of beautiful parks in the area, the environment would absolutely suck! (But we locals know that if you're making plans to use any of those parks, better figure that it might rain, even if the forecast says otherwise!) All-in-all … it shouldn't be surprising that Rochester's population has been falling noticeably/steadily for the last 10-15 years! (As soon as I can make it happen, I'm figuring on joining the exodus!)

  33. George Lucas is from Modesto. No wonder his best movies (THX, American Graffiti, Star Wars) comment on getting away from where you live.

  34. Tacoma was ranked the hottest Realestate market in the US in summer 2019. I agree on the weather, and probably the divorce rate but Seattle residents are gobbling up the realestate and are driving home prices.

  35. There are a lot of cities in CA that are way worse than Modesto, CA. I grew up in the area. Here is my list of worst CA cities. There not in any particular order.
    Yuba City/Marysville
    There are probably others but just never been to them.

  36. How about. Lower ten count. 20-11.
    50 states so. 5 videos per subject.
    Also. Not a fan of the horse sound. Can you make it a sheep or something we can all do for a little more fun. Since you always bring up a ex wife. New sub. Great work. Kentucky seems to be the place to move to

  37. You nailed it with Detroit for sure. Liberals rule this area so trying to make positive progress is impossible !!

  38. That's weird… I've lived here in Las Vegas since 1989 and I've never seen anyone walking down the street crying… yet you say that every time you come here you see someone crying on the street…. hu…. you're wrong about that… but Las Vegas, like everywhere, sucks if you're poor… but if you're rich this place is awesome!!! 🙂 I love it! 🙂

  39. Was anyone else oddly distracted by the whole lawn dart nipple accident? I feel like that needs to be a video. 🤣🤣

  40. In any city in this country right now it's probably the liberals that are more depressed than the conservatives. IMAHO

  41. Macon is a beautiful and historic city. The climate is mild, not hot and humid as described. You want hot and humid, move to Florida. The problem with Macon is that the city is 68% Black. It wasn't always this way, but the nearby Air Force base and government jobs brought in lots of dark skinned folks. Once they came, the Whites moved out and so did safety and economic prosperity.

  42. Franklin County Ohio is depressing if you happen to live nude in a holding cell being raped and abused every day by jail deputies.

  43. Wtf . Route 66 starts in Chicago. Springfield Mo shouldn't even be on this list. How the hell can you not have L.A. on here. It's a third world country shithole. How about Gary In. Your list sucks.

  44. Life is what it is.. but only depressing thing I'm dealing with is winter is almost over.. and I miss my toys.

  45. i was actually surprised when he said detroit. i could see how it is depressing for people who lived there their whole life, but i live in california and when i went to detroit i never felt so happy and free lol. and now its even more depressing living here in the bay area cuz when i came back home i realized how many laws there are here that take away all ur freedoms, 1 example: in san fransisco theyre banning cars on certain roads in the city, yes CARS, you cant drive cars and other cities around here are doing the same. in detroit the average person was way less entitled as californians and everybody minded there business and i saw barely any homeless or trash. i literally just mobbed around solo and just vibed and emptied all the stress from my brain that i didnt realize i had, probly the most refreshing thing in my life in the last 6 years. s/o detroit! i hope yal get ur city fixed up but i hope it doesnt get gentrified with hipsters and techies from around the country, thats what happened in the bay and it kills me every time i think about it… and dont ever start acting entitled and rude like californians.

  46. Wow. The more of these videos I watch, the more I want to stay right where I'm at.
    Our country is in trouble!

  47. I don't get the focus on divorce rates. Divorce is a perfectly fine thing. It exists for good reason.

  48. Hey I live right across the street from Boulder Station Hotel and Casino!

  49. Was loving this list my guy.
    Then we got to #3 and I figured out again why I left my home town lol . Stay sharp. Now I say Msipi because of you.

  50. Camden, NJ was the worst city I’ve seen. Cleveland was pretty depressing too.

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