Top 10 Models of 2020

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the top 10 female models that are killing the game today so let’s get to
it alright so coming in at number 10 and this might be a surprise to a lot of you
guys so Paloma Elsesser she’s actually one of the top models in the fashion
industry right now she’s a little bit under sized and plus-size so she’s five
seven and she’s a plus-size model which is a very difficult category to bring a
to but she’s completely crushing the game right now she was first discovered
on Instagram by famous makeup artist Pat McGrath
she’s modeled for Nike fenty she’s been on several covers of Vogue magazine Elle
and glamour next on the list is Jean Campbell Jean Campbell she’s another
undersized model she’s five-eighths a British model her
mother was a former British Vogue editor so as you can imagine she actually got
her first job modeling for British Vogue and after that she was able to get
another job which she modeled for Burberry’s campaign next on the list is
Anok Yai Anok Yai she’s 510 she’s 22 years old
from South Sudan she’s actually one of my favorite model success stories and
I’ve mentioned her in some of my other videos she was discovered on Instagram
when a photographer at Howard University photographed her and then posted the
picture in Instagram shortly after a lot of agencies were reaching out to her and
wanted to know who she was and wanted to represent her and she ultimately ended
up signing with next models at number 7 is Kaia Gerber she’s the daughter of
famous supermodel Cindy Crawford Kaia has gone on to model for Teen Vogue RAF
Simmons Calvin Klein Marc Jacobs I mean for her age a resume is just tremendous next on the list is fashion icon Naomi
Campbell now it’s amazing to think that in 2020 she’s still one of the top most
sorted after models in the industry she’s almost 50 she’s turning 50 this
year she’s like the Michael Jordan of the
fashion industry she started her career when she first appeared in a music video
for Bob Marley and three years later she appeared on the cover of Elle magazine
at only 15 at number 5 we have supermodel Bella Hadid a lot of people
don’t notice but Bella Hadid actually wanted to become a fashion photographer
she moved to New York in 2014 to study photography at Parsons her mother
actually was a model herself Yolanda Hadid and she has a sister of course
Gigi Hadid who’s number four on my list both Gigi
and Bella Hadid they’re one of the most popular models in the industry today
especially on social media they have one of the largest social media followings
of all models out there Gigi Hadid she’s 510 she’s also represented by IMG Models
she’s the older sister she actually started modelling at a very young age
she did some work for baby guests when she was just two years old
At number three is a model that simply goes by Adesuwa, Adesuwa she’s a
Chinese Nigerian model her father is Nigerian and her mother is Chinese both
of them are environmental scientists while Adesuwa was in school she actually
was a chemistry student and she did an internship for NASA she’s very brilliant
model someone who’s passionate about giving back to the community she spends
her formidable years in Nigeria where she often goes to for vacation at number
two is Rianne Van Rompaey she’s a Dutch model of five ten twenty four years old
she was actually the runner-up for model of the year in 2019 she started her
career in high school when she sent pictures to an agency and he chose to
represent her one of the campaigns that really kicked off her career was when
she did a photo shoot with Jaden Smith for Louie Vuitton finally at number one
is back-to-back model of the year Adut Akech now Adut Akech she was model
of the year in 2018 and in 2019 and I won’t be surprised to see her win it
again in 2020 Adut was scouted in Australia at the age of 13 and then
scouted again at the age of 14 but she wouldn’t sign when an agency until she
was 16 she signed with Chadwick models as her mother agency in Australia and
began working in 2016 being as she’s a South Sudanese refugee
herself she’s very passionate about working with the UN to help refugee
causes around the world thank you guys for watching this video hope you guys
enjoyed it don’t forget to drop a comment if you guys feel like I omitted
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  1. I love Adut 😍 ***I’ll make this list one day🥺❤️

  2. I don't understand why models other than runway models get this much attention!

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