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10 Insane Things Governments Have Wasted Money
On 10. Dubai is Equipping its Firefighters with
Jetpacks We’re going to go out on a limb here and
guess that if everyone reading this was head of a multibillion dollar petro-economy, the
first thing they’d buy is a fleet of jetpacks. Well, we’ve got some great news. With that
attitude, there might be a job in Dubai’s government for you. The Gulf State claims it has been working
on the idea of giving its workers jetpacks since 1981. Only recently has technology caught
up with that impressively wacky dream. Starting in 2016, the city’s firefighters will be
equipped with jetpacks capable of flying up to 3,000 feet, at 46 mph, for roughly 30 minutes. The idea is that these jetpacks might save
lives in case of an apocalyptic skyscraper fire. With people trapped on the roof, the
firemen could simply fly up, sweep them into a fireman’s lift and, um, hopefully not
drop them on the way down. Like most of Dubai’s civic plans – like the time they equipped
policemen with Lamborghini Aventadors – it’s both wonderfully impractical and damn impressive.
If you come back next year and this site is up for sale, it’s because we’ve all high-tailed
it to Dubai to train as firefighters. 9. A Kenyan Ministry Bought Sex Toys on Expenses Given an expenses budget and a lack of oversight,
many of us would probably take advantage. A crate of champagne here, a foreign holiday
there… the TopTenz expenses account really knows no limits. But there’s taking advantage
and there’s really taking advantage. In November of 2015, the Kenyan taxpayer got
to experience that pain when a government ministry was accused of buying sex toys on
expenses. In a routine sweep by the parliament’s public
accounts committee (PAC), Kenya’s Ministry for Devolution was found to have been engaging
in all sorts of shady deals. Those involved were suspected of buying stuff like TVs at
inflated prices, then pocketing the difference. But the real kick in the teeth came when it
was discovered sex toys may have been charged to the public. Although the case is still
being investigated, we’ve got to hand it to any non-prostitute with the cajones to
charge the public for their erotic playtime. Talk about finding a new way to, ahem, screw
the taxpayer. 8. Italy Blew 2 Million on an Elevator to
Nowhere Italy has major problems with both government
corruption and mafia kickbacks. So perhaps it’s no surprise that the country is regularly
accused to urinating EU money down the drain. Sometimes, though, this wastefulness goes
beyond simple corruption and into hilarious insanity. Like that time the municipality
of Sutera in Sicily spent €2 million on an elevator to nowhere. A tiny-ass town, Sutera has been struggling
financially for decades. A few years ago, the government decided to boost tourism by
building an ugly elevator from the town to the ancient monastery at the top of the Mountain
of of Sao Paolino. After years of false starts and wasted cash, the lift was finally completed
in 2012. The local council then refused to operate it, saying it was basically too-damn
expensive. So what happened to the money? As far as anyone
can tell, it went into the pockets of the Sicilian mafia. It wouldn’t be the first
time. A few years ago, Italy was forced to repay the EU £307 million after it was discovered
money for road repairs was going exclusively to keeping real-life Don Corleone in his retirement. 7. Hong Kong Spends Millions on Feng Shui If the words ‘feng shui’ make you think
of artsy-fartsy types spending thousands of dollars to have their furniture rearranged,
prepare to be surprised. The practice is taken very seriously in Hong Kong, where buildings
are constructed specifically to allow qi (AKA ‘life force’) to flow through them. In
fact, it’s taken so seriously that the government spends millions of dollars every year to compensate
for screwing it up. Every time a construction project ends, Hong
Kong residents can apply for compensation if they think it damaged their qi. Given how
small the island is and how many people live there, this happens with unsurprising frequency.
In the years leading up to 2010 alone, the government had to spend the equivalent of
£6million for messing up citizens’ qi. We should point out at this point that feng
shui has absolutely zero basis in science, and isn’t even believed in by everyone in
Hong Kong. Understandably, this has made locals suspicious that the compensation is merely
a scam to line the pockets of landlords and feng shui masters. 6. The US Spent $6m Making a Pakistani Sesame
Street This may come as a shock, but growing up as
a poor kid in rural Pakistan is a heck of a lot different from growing up poor in New
York City. That might be the idea behind a plan some years ago to create a Pakistani
version of Sesame Street. Fair enough, you might think. The show is the property of the
Jim Henson Company, and they can license it out to whoever they feel like. Only the creative
force behind this version wasn’t some Pakistani TV company. It was the US government. Known as Sim Sim Hamara, the program was a
US attempt to exercise ‘soft power’ in Pakistan, presumably in the hope that jihadists
would rather stay in and watch Oscar the Grouch than blow themselves up. Originally, over
$20m of US taxpayers’ money was meant to fund the program, but the contract was canceled
after only $6m had been spent due to evidence of corruption. This isn’t the only time the US screwed
up producing different Sesame Streets. In 2012 the Palestinian version had to get shut
down after Congress froze all aid to the region, following Palestine’s bid to join the UN. 5. A Swedish Town Spent Millions Getting Itself
Onto Second Life You probably remember Second Life. The online
world launched in 2003 and was meant to be the best thing since virtual sliced bread.
Companies paid for space there. Universities held lectures in its hallowed halls. Heck,
even The Office did an episode devoted to it. Then at some point, the dream died. In 2014,
Business Insider claimed it had long ago “devolved into a post-apocalyptic virtual world” mainly
used for sex parties. Apparently not everyone saw that as a downside. Only a couple of years
before, the Swedish town of Malmo spent millions in government money creating an exact replica
of itself inside Second Life. The idea was that ordinary Swedes could log
onto their IKEA-purchased laptops and drive a virtual Volvo full of stereotypes to the
Second Life version of their town hall, where they could talk to officials. In reality,
barely anyone used the service. One report claimed the grand ‘closing down’ party
in 2012 was attended by a maximum of six people. And three of them were probably only there
in case a sex party kicked off. 4. Haiti Spent Earthquake Money on Sick 4x4s An extremely-poor, extremely earthquake-prone
country, Haiti has long been a disaster waiting to happen. In 1998, researchers said it was
due an apocalyptic tremor. In 2009, local geologist Claude Prepetit begged the government
to put aside money to earthquake-proof the buildings in Port au Prince. The Haitian government
politely listened, then promptly blew that money on awesome four-wheel-drive Nissan Patrols
for government officials. Unlike most on this list, their actions had
real, tragic consequences. The capital Port au Prince was a badly-built nightmare of teetering
walls and unstable foundations. A gust of breeze could probably have brought the whole
lot tumbling down, never mind an earthquake. Then, in January of 2010, a 7.0 magnitude
quake hit the island nation. Port au Prince collapsed, killing 160,000. We can only hope
it took out some of those Nissan Patrols, too. 3. A UK Minister Charged Taxpayers to Have
His Moat Cleaned When British politicians go corrupt, they
apparently do it in the poshest way possible. In 2009, the Telegraph uncovered a string
of illegal expenses claims MPs had charged to the taxpayer. Most of these amounted to
getting the government to pay their mortgage or pay for a new, luxury car. Reprehensible
as that is, it has nothing on the gall of Conservative MP Douglas Hogg. At one point,
he charged the taxpayer £2,115 to have his moat cleaned. If that doesn’t sound like much, bear in
mind that the man literally owns a moat. He can probably afford to clean his own castle.
Hell, he probably has so much money that the rich ones in Downton Abbey doff their caps
when they pass him and he hires the Queen to polish his shoes. This wasn’t the only utterly absurd claim
the Telegraph uncovered. Sir Peter Viggers spent an astonishing £1,645 on a house for
his ducks. 2. The State Department Spent Over $600,000
on Facebook Likes We’ve all done it before. We’ve all posted
something on Facebook, then watched in disappointment (and mounting anger) as our snarky comment
about Donald Trump’s hair doesn’t get nearly as many likes as we hoped. But most
of us aren’t sad enough to pay someone to like our updates for us. Most of us aren’t
the US State Department. In 2013, it was revealed the State Department
had spent over half a million dollars on Facebook likes to boost its fan numbers. This means
that, if you’re reading this in America, the Federal government personally stole two
dollars off you and everyone you know, just to make themselves look good on social media. Admittedly, their tactic worked. In the time
the program ran, it increased State Department Facebook fans from 100,000 to over two million.
But this can only be considered a success if you think it’s somehow conducive to American
interests to have a well-subscribed Facebook page. Because, from where we’re sitting,
it looks like a total waste of everybody’s money. 1. Brunei Spends Billions on the Craziest
Crap You Could Possibly Imagine A tiny, southeast Asian petro-state, Brunei
is mainly famous for being boring and for recently announcing it was under Sharia law.
It deserves to be famous for something else entirely. It spends its money so lavishly
and pointlessly it would put even Silvio Berlusconi to shame. Unlike others on our list, Brunei is a sultanate.
That means everything is in the hands of one crazy dictator, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and
his brother Prince Jefri. Together, they’ve blown the equivalent to the entire GDP of
many smaller nations in the pursuit of hedonism. The sultan’s palace alone has 1,788 rooms,
including five swimming pools and a mosque. Together with his brother he owns 9,000 cars
(including two custom-made Mercedes Benz firetrucks), a personal zoo, 17 planes, hundreds of thousands
of expensive suits, 16,000 tons of marble stacked in a warehouse, gold-plated toilet
brushes, and a 12-foot tall rocking horse. Prince Jefri is even worse. Aside from all
the stuff above, he also owns a mega-yacht named “Tits”, a haram of underage girls,
and four life-size statues of himself having sex. Oh, and when the Sultan’s 50th birthday
rolled round, he built a brand new stadium and paid Michael Jackson $17 million to play
it, because of course he did.

Stephen Childs


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  22. Believe me, as a swede, Malmö is infamous for blowing money on useless things. The whole town is basically living on welfare and would have to declare itself bankrupt otherwise.

  23. They are all sadly not surprising.
    That last entry though got my blood boiling.
    That is the epitome of justification for citizens to grab the pitch forks and overrun that place, followed by torture and beheading.
    I shouldn’t but can’t help have a grin thinking about it.
    The level of irresponsibility and selfishness deserves nothing less in my mind.

  24. They are all sadly not surprising.
    That last entry though got my blood boiling.
    That is the epitome of justification for citizens to grab the pitch forks and overrun that place, followed by torture and beheading.
    I shouldn’t but can’t help have a grin thinking about it.
    The level of irresponsibility and selfishness deserves nothing less in my mind.

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