Top 10 Columbus Day Mattress Deals (2019)

– Hi everyone, Zack here from Tuck. Monday’s a federal holiday
and whether you call it Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day, some businesses have decided it’s a great time to run a sale. Now it may not be the largest sale day, but there’s some great deals to be had. We’ll post a link to all the discounts in the description below
along with the links to our written and video reviews. With that, let’s get into it. The first deal I want to mention is with WinkBeds mattress company. The are offering 300 dollars off any one of their mattresses. The original WinkBed is highly rated by us and we gave it all sorts of accolades. We’ve been equally
impressed with their two newer mattresses the
MemoryLux and the EcoCloud. They’re worth checking out,
especially with this discount. Brooklyn Bedding is offering
25% off all products site wide. That’s mattresses, foundations, sheets, pillows, anything on their site. Brooklyn Bedding is known for making quality products at affordable prices. So this is a great deal if you’re looking to build a new bed setup
or looking to complete one. Bear is currently offering
20% off mattresses or bundled purchases. And to sweeten the deal, they’ve added two free cloud pillows. The deal can be applied to
any of their mattresses: the Bear, the Bear Hybrid, the Bear Pro. They feature cooling gel
and Celliant in the cover to promote recovery. If those features pique your interest now may be a good time to
check out Bear mattresses. DreamCloud is also
running a noteworthy deal. The DreamCloud mattress is currently 200 dollars off list price. For those unfamiliar, this
five layer, 15 inch bed is a luxury hybrid at an affordable price, and that’s before the discount. If you’re shopping for a
supportive hybrid mattress this one’s worth checking out. Helix Sleep is offering
another great deal. You can score up to 200
dollars off a mattress and two free pillows. This applies to all their mattresses including the new eco
friendly Birch mattress. For those unfamiliar with Helix, they help remove the guesswork
out of mattress shopping by providing a personalized sleep quiz that will match you with
one of their many offerings. Regardless of your sleep style, they have a mattress for you, and you can get it at a decent discount. Leesa has joined in on the sales frenzy and are offering 200 dollars
off any of their mattresses. They have three options:
a mixed foam mattress, a hybrid, and a luxury
hybrid all in that universal medium, medium-firm comfort range. These are great mattresses at
below average price points, and now 200 dollars cheaper. GhostBed also has a scary good deal. – [Camera Man] Bad Joke – You can get up to 200
dollars off a mattress purchase and two free pillows. GhostBed provides a mixed
foam mattress and two hybrids, all of which are cool and comfortable. Don’t miss this deal or it’ll haunt you. Avocado is offering 175 dollars off their natural organic mattresses. They sell two mattresses and they are two of the highest rated
organic options available. Eco-conscious shoppers should
take note of this deal, it’s ripe for the picking. Nectar also has a sweet deal. You can get 100 dollars
off the Nectar mattress plus two free memory foam pillows. This is a great
medium-firm memory foam bed which is a solid value even
before you apply this deal. Casper, the other friendly ghost brand, is offering 10% off
their mattress line up. From their budget Casper
Essential to their luxury Casper Wave hybrid it’s
10% across the board. So if you’re eyeing one of
the popular Casper mattresses, now may be a good time
to take a deeper look. There you have it, ten great
deals for this holiday weekend. If you are interested in
any one of these beds, you can find the links to all the deals in the description below,
along with the full written and video reviews. We also included a link to
our sales page on Tuck.com. We hope you found this video helpful. Have a great weekend and sleep well.

Stephen Childs


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