Top 10 best places to raise a family in the United States.

what is going on everyone it is time to
do a requested video now I get requests all the time about different locations
and subjects on every single video the second most requested video I get is
best places for families it comes in second right behind top 10 reasons
Briggs should die slow death yes I get that one a lot most of the time it comes
from people in New Jersey or Philly anyway according to Google best places
for families is one of the most searched terms when it comes to travel and
relocating it makes sense a lot of humans have little humans that they
created and want to make sure those smaller versions of themselves have an
opportunity to grow and flourish one of the first steps you would take I imagine
would be to do a little research now there can be thousands of places that
could slip into these categories best places to raise a family it’s very you
know it’s very subjective so what I’ve relied on for this video is you over the
last year I’ve written down suggestions from subscribers I compiled a list of 75
and I did some research I looked at crime housing cost schools cost of
living and healthcare accessibility now I’ll tell you right off the bat
California and New York got eliminated because of costs hands down they’re just
way too expensive for most families starting out say about 90% of them that
being said why don’t you gather the families sit around the computer screen
and watch my top 10 best places to raise a family in the US the viewers version number 10 Wylie Texas Wylie is home to
about 50,000 residents and just located just 35 minutes from Dallas 76% of the
population is under 50 which means if you’re a young family there are plenty
of people in your shoes to talk to you can all meet up at the local Starbucks
and discuss diaper cream or something high school graduation rates in Wylie
are higher than the national average at 96% a school is normally considered
doing great if their grad rate is right around 88 percent the national average
is 84 and the cherry on top of the Wylie Texas cupcake is in sync exotics I know
that sounds like a 1990 strip club it’s not and what it is is a sanctuary that
provides a permanent home for over 70 rescued exotic cats lions tigers
panthers you know that type of thing take the night tour it’s totally worth
it a couple of years ago it was really nice number nine
Dickinson North Dakota since the oil boom in North Dakota Dickinson has
become one of the best cities for families in the area the city has an
unemployment rate of only about two percent with the economy centered around
energy farming ranching and manufacturing keep in mind this is 2017
stats the last completed year the unemployment rates do fluctuate pretty
bad in North Dakota depending on oil prices but Dickinson has almost zero
crime currently the crime rate in Dickinson is 24% lower than the national
average the schools are pretty good in Dickinson as well the student-teacher
ratio is 11 students to every teacher on average and that’s really low and that’s
a really low ratio my son’s freshman class in Los Angeles about eight years
ago was 46 to 1 that means there was 46 kids in a class with one teacher stupid number 8 fishers indiana fishers is a
very tight-knit community in indiana despite the large population of eighty
thousand residents the city is very big on preserving the nature of the area
with 24 parks like a hundred and four miles of walking and biking trails they
like their outdoors they’re just 30 minutes north of downtown Indianapolis
so it’s not like you got to go far for entertainment you know it’s right there
I mean if you consider anything that goes on in Indianapolis Entertainment
saw Colts game there one time and they lost miserably fishers has good jobs low
crime and great schools this is one of the best suburbs in the United States
none of the stats are extreme nothing terribly bad nothing extremely good
they’re just a little above average on everything which is good number seven
Naperville Illinois Naperville offers an extremely low crime rate that is 54%
lower than the national average if you ever watch Fox News you wouldn’t expect
this considering how close it is to Chicago for some reason Fox News is big
on depicting Chicago as this lawless post-apocalyptic city it’s not it’s
actually a very nice city with a few bad neighborhoods and before you say they’re
the murder capital of the world stop typing they’re not they have almost 3
million people the next closest has a quarter of that anyway
not only is it insanely safe in Naperville the city also boasts over
dirty parks for you and your family to relax and enjoy spend some time together
go to Ribfest it’s a good time the only knock on Naperville is the cost housing
is up there and the cost of living in general is pretty high too but it’s so
beautiful and it’s so safe the schools are decent good place to live number six Highlands Ranch Colorado
Highlands Ranch is just a quick drive or light rail ride away from Denver it’s an
easy commute trust me as for the schools in the area Highlands Ranch offers nine
private schools in 21 public schools the overall graduation rate in Highlands
Ranch is 91% like I said before anything over 87 is a solid number if you don’t
know already the entire state of Colorado is a great place for families
there’s always something to do and you’ll never get bored doing outdoor
activities in Colorado unless you’re a shut-in then it probably doesn’t matter
where you live does it I mean if you’re making a life for yourself in your
parents basement it can be just as cozy in Detroit as Colorado right islands
Ranch is probably the best place for families in Colorado number five Omaha Nebraska Omaha has a
very low unemployment rate of three percent and they actually have a
workforce shortage right now the three percent comes from people that are
normally unable to work or pretty much unwilling but they have more jobs than
they have people willing to work right now the housing costs are so low in
Omaha the average homeowner only spends about 22 percent of their average
household income on their monthly mortgage or rent while the national
average spends about 36% now once you get past the fact that you’re moving to
Omaha you can settle in and appreciate the city for what it is a great place to
raise a family other than crime being a tad bit above
average Omaha kills it in almost every other category schools are great cost
living and housing or dirt cheap and there’s a ton of stuff to do with your
family and for the person that keeps asking me why I don’t include going to
church as something to do okay you can go to church in Omaha Nebraska there now
maybe you can quit trying to debate me this via email stop typing in case
anyone’s watching this video doesn’t know you can actually go to church and
what I’m sure is every place I’ve ever mentioned in the US Omaha has a really
nice zoo also besides going to church you can go to the zoo are you happy number four Madison Wisconsin Madison is
a great place to be when you want to move your family to a more affordable
area that’s also really safe Madison has a strange stat they’re one of the least
moved out of cities in the United States meaning people don’t like to leave
Madison and that should tell you something about them the average home
price is about two hundred fifteen thousand dollars which is slightly
higher than the Wisconsin average but still that’s pretty low for a really
nice city oftentimes when you have low housing prices the crime rate is through
the roof not here not in Madison Madison is safer than a third of the u.s. cities
and the total crime year-over-year has been steadily decreasing by 3 percent
those are some good numbers and they have really good beer in Madison I know
that’s not kid friendly but still they do number three Mooresville North
Carolina Morrisville embraces that charming
beautiful southern architecture the wage should be done the parks are amazing
with trees that offer shade for nice walks almost any time of the year
summers can get a little hot and humid just like most of the South but
Morrisville North Carolina makes up for it with some of the best stats of almost
any city on these coasts next to zero crime and great schools they’re not too
far from Raleigh which is a good thing Raleigh is a unique city it is a college
town however unlike many other college towns Raleigh is very family orientated
Morrisville North Carolina is a great place number two hones Dale Pennsylvania
hotel Pennsylvania is what I consider the best small town in America if they
were going to bring back the andy griffith show homes dale would be the
perfect place to film Mayberry if you don’t understand that reference you’re
welcome I just gave you something to talk to your grandparents about homes
Dale high school has a 91 percent graduation rate they have the wayne
county library which is housed in one of the coolest old buildings i’ve ever been
in it’s right there off main it’s really
cool there’s far too many outdoor activities for me to list in an 8 to 10
minute video but if you like fishing and hunting move to homes Dale the place
overflows with history including urban cliff and the jewel of Bones Dale the
historic hotel Wayne and if you don’t know urban cliff it’s named after
Washington Irving he used to visit homes Dale a lot and he used to sit and have
lunch on this cliff that overlooks the town Washington Irving who’s the writer
who wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle in case you don’t
know again talk to your grandparents and as
far as the health care goes they have the Wayne Memorial Hospital right off
Main Street this is a small town with the giant hospital the hospital services
the whole county pretty much but it’s right in the middle of town pretty much
for the most part and number one Overland Park Kansas Overland Park is
one of the best places to live with kids in the United States now I heard stories
about this place long before I actually paid it a visit in 2016
everything seems to slow down a bit in Overland Park people don’t seem to be
angry or in a rush I actually had a cop see me getting ready to fly a drone
while I was in Overland Park he got out of his car walked over said hey you’re
kind of close to these homes do me a favor and be respectful of the residents
privacy so I don’t get a bunch of calls and then he said please he was totally
cool just a nice guy that wanted no extra drama while he was working it was
it was it was Pleasant it was nice the public school system is great very good
reviews very high test scores the median age in the city is only 38 years old
which means if you’re a young family there will be a lot of other families
for you to relate to the most amazing thing about this place is the fact that
it’s for the most part of suburb of Kansas City Missouri which the right on
the border anyway I’m Kansas City it’s just there
and they still maintain that small-town vibe it’s amazing
Overland Park Kansas is the best city in the United States to raise a family in
easily all right so that’s my top ten best
places to raise a family hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget all the links
below hit the button hit the like but subscribe button if you already haven’t
everybody have a great day be nice to each other

Stephen Childs


  1. My favourite is the church/zoo, a hard choice that …well done that might take the wind out of them..or not…lol…

  2. sacrifice sorcery usury alchemy idolatry slavery unto this day unto this day

  3. And here I thought some little town in Vermont, New Hampshire or Montana would be on the list.

  4. I dare you to go one video without making a shitty, "Stop typing" joke, it's outdated

  5. I’m from jersey and I don’t wish you death. But I know people that would

  6. I'm from North Dakota and other than Williston, Dickinson is the place we make fun of.

  7. You have an obsession with trying to talk up Chicago lmao. Yes, Naperville is nice but plenty of burbs around Chicago are NOT nice. Gary,East Chicago,Ford Heights,Lake Station, Chicago Heights etc. etc etc. Chicago is not a great place regardless of how much you dislike Fox and Trump looooool

  8. I feel like I can speak for your audience here and I just wanted to say a big motivator for our decision to relocate has been social mobility for the whole family. I don't want my kids to run away from a small town like we did, I want my kids to feel like they don't need to stray far to find whatever young adults look for. We have 3 kids under 5 and are preparing to relocate from Missoula, Mt. I feel like it'd be a nice place to raise a family if the job market wasn't completely out of sync with housing prices. The natural progression for most Missoulians seems to be Portland, maybe Bellingham.

  9. Overland Kansas, please you're so out there, even though I'm a subscriber and I like your lists, this one did not make it to my top 100. You have to go back and do a lot and I mean a lot of Googling and homework.

  10. Agree, Honesdale PA a good place … Might want to also check out Wytheville, VA., Lander & Buffalo, WY., and Spearfish, SD.

  11. There was 70 ppl shot in one weekend in chicago.
    But hey its a really nice city with just a few bad neighborhoods dont let fox brain wash u lol

  12. Sugar Land, Texas is always at the top of these lists. I’m surprised it isn’t on yours.

  13. Ey I from Fishers, Indiana! Great for safety, not so much for entertainment! At least now it is improving however with Ikea, Topgolf, and a new brewhouse, but that's about it!

  14. Ever consider doing a subseries of videos for best places for people employed in different industries—
    IE, 10 Best States for Construction Workers, 10 Best States For Factory Workers, etc.
    This would be very informative, as a person's quality of life is highly dependent upon the availability of work in their industry, as well as how much they make compared to cost of living, etc.

  15. I'm glad to see Chicago mentioned! I'm from Wilmette, one of the northern suburbs, and I have never seen a nicer area of the country. It is safe, pretty, and nice. Also our public schools are top ranked in the country. Before shooting Chicago down, give the north shore a try.

  16. Just curious, but since you had mentioned your love of Homesville, PA in another video I watched, I was wondering why that didn't make this list?

  17. Mansfield, Plano, and Allen Tx are wonderful places to raise families

  18. I knew you'd have Honesdale near the top of the list. I actually thought it would be number 1

  19. For all you Trumpers: Madison is one of the more liberal cities in the US.

  20. People who are unable or unwilling to work aren’t counted as part of the labor force and therefor don’t have an impact on the unemployment rate. The reader why cities like Omaha have 3% unemployment is mostly because of people who are in between jobs.

  21. California does have the best advance medical hospitals for children and adults. Bring your check book..

  22. His passive aggressive voice is interesting and annoying at the same time…

  23. Omaha over Lincoln? Nah, would rather raise a family in Lincoln, NE. I lived in Omaha for a bit, nice city, decent parks. But it's going downhill each year, you're better off in Lincoln. If you decide Omaha, I really liked West Omaha or Papillon, NE.

  24. Don't leave overland park in Kansas full of KKK hillbillies in the sticks.

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    ● Morrisville North Carolina👍

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  27. Have to have my dose of Briggs every day; I have learned so much watching his vids. Hey Briggs can you do one for the best and worst places to live for interracial couples, if you already have please disregard, great job man, keep them coming thanks.

  28. I live in highlands ranch. And while the schools are well funded, the area is elitist and that means for the kids too. Middle and high school was hell for a non conforming student! Also. Looooooots of drugs!!!! Probably to the fact that theres so much money floating around here

  29. Grand Rapids Michigan has one of the fastest population growth in America . It is also the fastest expanding economies in America and one of the fastest growing airports too…data https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2018/10/grand_rapids_is_one_of_america.html



  30. Why do you always have to bring up Fox News I think you're biased I also think the you're not very open-minded about listening to the other side however I do agree with most of your cities come on keep Fox News out of it it's like the second or the third or fourth time I've heard you bring up Fox News why don't you bring up MSNBC or cnn because you're a liberal that's why and that's okay as long as you don't keep Staffing the conservative such as Fox News I like you I like what you have to say and I agree keep Fox News a conservative values out of here thank you you're adorable deplorable

  31. Bruh your missing a place in Washington. And stop typing. "Google is always right" is false. "Washington is dangerous" is not true. I can say i have been there and 99% of people are good. They have good health and education. Also anywhere in the Midwest is a bad place to live in.

  32. Thanks for plugging my wonderful town, Naperville, Il. It's a great place. The only two negatives are weather (winters can be brutal) and costs (taxes in Illinois are high).

  33. Chicago has the second highest crime rate in the coutry, and is the murder capital of the world when compared to cities of similar size. San Diego has as many people as Chicago, and we have literally a 1/4 of the murder rate among U.S. citizens. I say that last part because if you factor in illegal aliens we wind up beating Chicago out.

  34. Lol, I live near Overland Park and I have to disagree with this assessment. When I think of OP I do not think of cows and farmland, I think of house after house and business after business that are all the same color because they are very serious about their color scheme. I also think about how expensive OP is and how many people there are. Maybe that is all appealing to some though.

  35. I can't help but notice some of these cities are also on other more dubious lists. Omaha is on the most boring list.

  36. He sounds like an angry drunk if you listen to the video at 50% speed. Lots of slurs and stutters

  37. Surprised not to see a New Hampshire city since NH is the best state to raise a family. Nice shoutout to Omaha, NE, which is okay as long as you stay out of the north part of town.

  38. You can say whatever you like about New Jersey, at the end of the day I'd be willing to bet my bottom dollar you can't afford a place in most parts of New Jersey. Now I'll give it to you there are some areas like Camden where someone like you could afford to live then there's places like Stone Harbor and Cape May… Untouchable for most common folks! I think at the end of the day it's that you keep saying really negative things about a place you don't seem to know a whole lot about other than perhaps one bad visit to Hoboken…
    And I assure you Florida is in fact the biggest shithole in America hands down without a question. Florida is the anus of this great nation

  39. You see, no coastal state apart from Texas. And many of those states are Republican controlled.

  40. You have a list about the 10 worst states in the Union.
    You have a list about the 10 best states in the Union.
    How about a list about the 10 most average states in the union?

  41. Hey Briggs! What cities/states are best for families, low crime, cooler summer (cold is key haha) and possibly low bugs- mosquitos. Thanks from STL

  42. Omaha is a pretty nice place to bring up a family, but Lincoln just 40 minutes further down Interstate 80 is even better. The crime rate is silly low, there is plenty of work, and in addition to a zoo, there's the Children's Museum. Where else do they have a museum designed specifically for children? Between Lincoln and Omaha (Which are only 40 minutes apart) you've got pretty much everything a young family could want.

  43. I am so glad you didn't mention my city. That last thing I want to see is immigrants from Los Angeles or San Francisco.

  44. The 10 Best States To Raise A Family Are:

    1) Kansas (Excluding Topeka, & Emporia, KCK).

    2) Oklahoma (Excluding Tulsa).

    3) Missouri (Excluding KCMO & St. Louis).

    4) Texas (Excluding Austin & Dallas).

    5) Louisiana (Excluding New Orleans).

    6) Florida (Excluding Broward County).

    7) Arkansas (Excluding Little Rock).

    8) Georgia (Excluding Atlanta).

    9) Kentucky.

    10) Alaska (Excluding Anchorage).

  45. Honesdale is the perfect place to keep my blackness away from😂😂😂😂😂

  46. What about Chicago??? Daycare is from 1250$ -2K per month, jobs are hard to find, it's all contractor's jobs, type: make your own thing, or you will die on credit card debt if you depend on staffing agencies jobs….! Chicago is terrible for families, it's all $$$, going to the goddam park still cost $$$ ………schools are terrible….Naperville, IL is super expensive….and far from civilization FYI…, who cares about the parks when taxes are fucking delusional!!!

  47. Thank you for cutting people down before they could knock Chicago. I was born and raised there. I moved to NY and everyone seems to think it's such a bad dangerous city.

  48. Trying to figure out what city to move my family too… I’m a police officer so I need a city that is good but not too good!!! Need my job to be a little exciting lol

  49. South and West Chicago are essentially no-go zones. It's a shame how insanely dangerous it has become. The reason FOX mentions it all the time is because it's a case study in how strict gun laws are useless. (Also, Brasil, but that's another story.

  50. I've heard of Overland Park because of Most Popular Girls In School, I can't believe it's the #1 place to live in America

  51. Overland Park was the first planned suburban community. There were streetcars to get the wealthy people to their jobs and businesses in Kansas City, KANSAS. When cars got more numerous the streetcars were removed.

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