Top 10 best big cities to move to in the United States. Not just low crime and unemployment stats.

What is going on everyone? Who wants to
hear about the best big cities to move to in the United States that is a
mouthful that’s right we’re going positive this time a couple videos back
I told you about the worst cities to move to in the United States and to tell
you the truth I probably could have done another two videos on that one there
were so many cities that just missed the top ten there were a few that anyone
could give a solid argument on why they should have been on the list and another
one wasn’t now when I do videos like this it’s not just the basic stats like
crime cost of living in schools they are important don’t get me wrong but they’re
not everything it’s not everything people want to know when they’re gonna
move to new place there’s other things to look at like what’s the future job
market what’s the job market like right now what are the taxes like what are the
home prices like is it family-friendly and believe it or not one of the biggest
things people want to know when they’re relocating to a new city or state is is
it dog friendly I mean I don’t get that one I understand people like it but I
mean I like my dog but he’s not gonna stop me from moving someplace I mean I
don’t care how anyone else feels about my dog it’s weird
anyway livability is how we’re ranking this one in that factors in all those
things and some more so why don’t we take a look at it here’s my top ten best
big cities to move to in the United States number 10 Madison Wisconsin
Madison is big in healthcare information technology and manufacturing industries
Madison has seen a steady flow of new residents over the past decade and it
shows no signs of slowing down this Wisconsin city is welcoming these
transplants and new businesses developers are building a bunch of those
those like townhomes that have the ground floor will be like a coffee place
or a restaurant a lot of those are popping up around Madison some of them
look really nice actually like any other city that’s had a youth migration over
the last couple decades micro breweries are popping up everywhere in Madison and
all those viewers that want to type something right now we don’t want to
hear it another one of those constantly repeated Oh another liberal hellhole
like Portland I swear it’s like you guys all go to the same website that gives
you the same comments to place all over YouTube so please before you copy and
paste some comment the unemployment rate in Madison right
now is 2.4 percent that’s really good and the average annual salary is about
$50,000 not a bad place to live right now number 9 San Antonio Texas San
Antonio is a very welcoming City and it’s easy to feel like you belong in
this city it really does I’ve experienced us myself and so few the
transplant friends I know that have been there about a decade they say the same
thing there’s something about these people in the way they interact that
makes you feel comfortable San Antonio walk kind offers this like
big-city feeling I mean it’s got all the things of a big city but it doesn’t lose
that like neighborhood feel I don’t know if you know what I mean I hope you do
anyway it’s got a relaxing atmosphere this community is rich in Spanish and
like old western heritage and you will probably eat some of the best tacos
you’ve ever had in your life I promise you so if you like tacos and you work in
either aerospace bioscience new energy Financial Services chances are this is
one of the places you could find work and a good life the median home price
here is about two hundred thousand unemployment right now as of June 2018
is just under 3% that’s solid number this place has jobs number 8 Minneapolis
st. Paul Minnesota the geographic location and climate of the Twin Cities
plays a big role in the culture and the mental well-being of the people in this
area of the country in the winners residents take advantage of the changing
seasons locals and joy winters and with that the hockey the fishing and
cross-country skiing type things how could you not enjoy that the summer and
spring months in Minneapolis st. Paul are loaded with outdoor music festivals
going to the lay swimming normal fishing without the ice it’s a good time the
Twin Cities and Minnesota in as a whole are well known as a great place to raise
a family if you’re a family and you like cold weather and don’t mind serious
heating bills a third of the year this is the place for you and they have solid
schools that’s they just do Minnesota st. Paul has a 17 to 1
teacher-student ratio that’s a great ratio it’s one reason I left Southern
California my son’s freshman year of high school it was a 63 to 1 ratio
63 kids to one teacher that’s nuts and the average annual salary in Minneapolis
st. Paul is about 56 thousand dollars they don’t have a crazy
cost of living so it works out pretty good
number seven Des Moines Iowa the capital of this flyover state isn’t really a
place people normally dream about moving to but Des Moines is a great place to
live and raise a family many families are making their way out to the suburbs
where new housing developments are replacing corn fields I always a lot of
corn well at least they used to they’re
getting more houses than corn now actually forget that they got plenty
corn probably too much crime has been creeping up the last couple years but
it’s still well below the national average and that’s this is normally not
a good thing but if you’re a 911 operator in Iowa this is a good thing
because normally your fault is sleep at work because it’s so boring it gets
boring sending cops the same typical call eleven twelve eleven twelve eleven
twelve eleven twelve all day which of course is police code for dead or loose
livestock the unemployment rate in Iowa’s two point eight percent which is
well below the national average and if you’re sitting in Des Moines right now
and you’re good pup to tell us how you can’t find a job well with that low a
number I gotta say it’s you dude maybe if you step away from the xbox you might
be able to move out of your parents basement by age 40 number six
Grand Rapids Michigan Grand Rapids is almost the exact opposite of Detroit
meaning it’s in relatively good shape and people are actually moving there
Midwest friendliness is alive and well in Grand Rapids which despite being the
second largest Metro in Michigan it still keeps that you know small-town
vibe walk down almost any residential street in Grand Rapids and people like
working on their law and watering their lawn will actually wave do you say hi
maybe even have a conversation with you if you’re from New York or New Jersey
you might be thinking what the hell is wrong with the people in Grand Rapids
the answer is nothing that is the way it’s supposed to be you don’t understand
that New York and New Jersey because you know someone walks down your street your
water in the lawn you you probably give them the finger but no they’re nice in
Michigan economic stability low unemployment good schools low crime sure
it gets really really cold but at least you get to tell your friends you live
near a place named Kalamazoo I I am I am sorry but that just sounds
ridiculous Kalamazoo if you’re not from that area
I’m sure if you’re from that area it sounds perfectly normal if you’re not
it’s it’s weird now they are on the low side of the median salary you know it’s
like 43 thousand dollars which the national average is like 47 but they
have a really low cost of living so it works out number 5 Fayetteville Arkansas
yes that’s right you heard me right I said Arkansas Arkansas is having a bit
of an upswing after being one of the worst states in the country for so long
see when you suck and nobody wants to live there they leave and when people
leave prices like on things like housing and pretty much everything that’s cost
living drops then people who are living in places where they’re getting gouged
like let’s say Los Angeles San Francisco New York they look at how cheap a place
like Arkansas is and think how bad can Arkansas be maybe I should move there
well that’s what’s going on right now in the northwest section of Arkansas it’s
experiencing extreme growth they had Ville with Bentonville Rogers and
Springdale are definitely on the rise as an example Fayetteville has one of the
lowest unemployment in the country they’re at 2.2 percent currently
everyone’s predicting it to go even lower what they have some more
businesses coming in the area if you’re looking for a city that has jobs
Fayetteville may be for you number four Portland Oregon the greatest
city in the country comes in at number four okay maybe it’s not the greatest
but it is where I live and I love it I mean we have a naked bike ride fully
costumed soapbox derby a freakin bagpiper that wanders the streets on a
unicycle playing his bagpipes sometimes dressed as Gandalf sometimes dressed as
Darth Vader and a kilt and on top of that we have voodoo doughnuts if you
have a wild or weird side head to Portland Oregon that weirdness is still
here the hipsters may have gone but the weirdness is still alive and well in
Portland Oregon in Portland Oregon there’s always something to do
I’ve tried to be bored it’s hard Portland’s violent crime is about 1/3
the nation’s average for city our size the unemployment
about 1% lower than the national average and we have nature we have more nature
than anyone needs everything is green sure it rains but it’s worth it when you
see all the nature number 3 Denver Colorado Denver is another city very
similar to Portland it’s had a migration of young people it’s got nature and it’s
got things to do the Mile High City has been one of the
most moved to cities in the country over the last decade most people would
probably agree that this is the type of place that gets in your blood most
people I know that have ever moved to Denver or Colorado in general never
leave I also see the same thing happened here in Portland Oregon in general to
Denver is good for both families and young people maybe the types that are
just out of college this is a good place for you to be they have plenty of work
in newer industries – including the cannabis industry that’s completely
taken off since the residents voted it in in 2012 there’s plenty of work there
too apparently Denver’s unemployment was amazing at 2.3 percent in 2017 that’s
been creeping up a little bit in 2018 but it’s still lower than the national
average well below the national average number two Colorado Springs Colorado
staying in the Centennial state and not too far south of Denver you have
Colorado Springs sidenote the reasons called the Centennial state is because
it was admitted into the Union on our centennial so 1776 is when we became a
nation they came in in 1876 moving on they share a lot of the same pluses that
Denver does and they also have two major military installations one in the north
the Air Force Academy have one in the south the Army’s Fort Carson
sidenote that was one of my favorite duty stations and I missed that place I
made some good friends and had some good times probably did more voluntary
camping while I was at Fort Carson then I’ve
done in the subsequent 20 years since in case you don’t know what voluntary
Campaign is that’s when you go camping as a civilian for fun in voluntary
camping is when the army makes you go to the woods and make you live there and
they call it training anyway there’s a stat called college readiness index
Colorado Springs has one of the best I’ve ever seen
most the decent cities have something like a six or seven this is on a one to
ten chart Colorado Springs has an eight I haven’t seen many eight since I’ve
been doing all these anyway they have a 1 to 16 teacher-student number which is
solid and they 3% unemployment rate which is trending
downwards right now Colorado Springs is one of the best places to live in this
country and number one Austin Texas on the
shores of the Colorado River you have Austin Texas and before you do stop
typing there are two Colorado rivers the Texas one is much smaller Google it will
wait ok moving on don’t worry you didn’t miss anything
Austin is very much like Portland Oregon we both have the same slogan keep
Portland weird and keep Austin weird and in fairness Austin had at first we kind
of stole it and if you ever spend any time in either you’ll realize they each
deserve it Austin is all about music art and a
bunch of really great festivals Austin even has a bronze statue of Stevie Ray
Vaughan that greets visitors near the river Austin is a great city it has been
ranked the sixth best place to retire and the fourth best city to find a job
that was back in 2017 the unemployment rate is three point two percent and some
people think it would be much lower but they have so many struggling musicians
that don’t like to work it brings them down the schools here are great remember
that school readiness that college readiness stat I told you about and it
was eight was a phenomenal number Austin actually has an eight point three and
they have some of the lowest crimes in any major city and that is why Austin
Texas is the best big city to move to in the United States for 2018
alright so that’s my top ten best cities to move to hope you guys enjoyed it
don’t forget to hit that like button don’t forget to hit subscribe leave a
comment tell me what you thought everybody have a great day be nice to
each other you

Stephen Childs


  1. I was raised in Madison W,I lived there over for over 25 year's it's a great City… and are very dog friendly

  2. So Madison Wisconsin is basically like another liberal hellhole like Portland Oregon.

  3. Been lucky to have lived in a few of those citys. Several years ago I got luck to get retired from the army. Grew up in LA proper, and my sister still lives there and I've had no desire to ever live there again! We have made plans on Tucson. We been living in Tulsa for the last 11 years. It could be worse, It could be Arkansas!

  4. Spent most of my 2018 in Portland. Beautiful city, and the weirdness is awesome lol. What is that big ass bunker? The traffic is horrific. Seriously, it's a nightmare. Zero park. A 6 car lot for 3 apartments. Y'all like beer 👍. Pretty much beside the homeless and the population I miss it.


  6. Portland is nice. I've lived in 3/4 of the U.S. Portland is a fun place to live.

  7. What my big concern also involves my dog, and that is are there snakes. I’ve been checking where to retire and though I have chosen Texas, I did check out the snake situation, it’s horrid. This spurred me to check out snakes everywhere and I could not find anywhere that doesn’t have poisonous snakes except Hawaii, and I’m obviously not going to retire there. You should do a top ten cities with snakes report, I would be interested in watching not that I don’t enjoy any of your other videos

  8. I have heard Austin is now on the decline with homelessness, feces and needles in the streets and lots of ILLEGAL INVADERS.
    I saw Austin back in the late 60s and it looked like looked like a jewel of a city.

  9. Austin Texas retired cops cops running from the law bad cops I would assume some good cops also the irony is they had to find out the hard way just like usyou can point the finger at the other guy as much as you wantbut it will still end up coming back to you in the form of karma bless them all

  10. I resent that musician thing I resemble that remark but technically speaking if you are a musician you have to practice and play everyday which means you are working and playing everyday who else is going to put music in the world would it be you if it is then rock on if it's not then sit back and enjoy the show cause it's going to be some good stuff

  11. The only "liberal hell hole" I wouldn't want to live in is Berkeley. The F*ck Israel bumper stickers were just too much. 😛 BTW, I like "liberals", far left Marxists are another matter. 😉

  12. As a Minnesotan mpls/st.paul is turning into a massive shit hole, the crime is getting really bad as the inner city moves into the suburbs, our winters are hellish and summers are miserable, we have massive meth problems, were the 4th highest taxed state but you could never tell because our roads and highways are complete shit, they only salt half way through the year so by mid winter you're basically just crossing your fingers everyday you go to work cause it is a ice rink on the roads. Go to the Dakotas or Wisconsin if you want to move north, Minnesota is shit,

  13. Why does everyone think that a big city is where you'd want to live???? You do realize big cities are leftist shitholes…..keep'em, no thanks.

  14. Kalamazoo is just another Native American name. There are some way crazier ones. "Michigamme" "Wausaukee" "Wabeno" "Keweenaw"

  15. ughhh, you might wanna look into Voodoo Donuts. They're not exactly a "family friendly" bunch.

  16. Stay away from looney liberal states or cities. The ones with drug zombies shitting on the sidewalk! Hi Denver!

  17. 8 out of 10 of these cities are just nice places because the mentally defective homeless people can't live in cold weather cities. Instead their invited to sunny California.

  18. I would love to live in Grand Rapids, Minneapolis or Madison. I just can't do the cold, just can't do it! Have to have the warm and sun, just sucks all the southern cities and AZ are sheetholes. Though San Antonio isn't too bad, just so far from water.

  19. Hey Briggs, have you ever heard of a YouTube channel called Here To There? His channel is similar to yours.

  20. Thanks for this. Excited to take a trip to Fayetteville to check it out as a possible place to move to!

  21. K-A-LAMAZOO. I got a gal, in Kalamazoo. Don't wanna boast but I know she's the toast of Kalamazoo. Glenn Miller Orchestra, 1942.

  22. Hell yea Colorado. I was born and raised in Colorado but moved to California for school. Now I'm about to graduate and I'm definitely moving back to Colorado. Great state. Too crowded but great.

  23. Not surprised Austin is #1. I moved here a few years ago…AND I LOVE IT!!! KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD ✌ ✌ ✌

  24. You definitely had some shitty ass cities that I would never suggest anyone to move to for numerous reasons but Portland?? I’m cool with living with a bunch of antifa freaks that think they’re entitled to everything and if everything doesn’t go there way they get mad at the system or “the man” don’t put a city on here just because you live there and it works for you bud 🧐🧐🧐🧐

  25. I can not believe Portland Oregon is even on the list. Home of Antifa and if you want to see some freaks go drive around Portland. Be careful you don't run into one of the many protests going on though. I am an Oregonian, lived here all my life. We won't even go to Portland unless we absolutely have to.

  26. Ummmm no… Colorado Springs has gotten bad with gangs. Denver has gotten extremely expensive. I know… I live here

  27. In 1972 Denver was a paradise then the developers started to push Colorado to the Californians to move there. Housing prices doubled as did the smog. Maybe its gotten better since 1988 when I emigrated to Australia but who knows. Only one of the 4 military bases is still open. Colorado springs is great. It has 4 NOT 2 military bases and its now what Denver used to be.

  28. Things to know before moving to denver:
    1. it is crowded here. traffic on I25 is constant, even on the weekends and don't expect to go anywhere without people within a reasonable drive
    2. housing prices are expensive I don't know what the official stats are but a quick look at housing shows a decent single family home will run around 350k+.
    3. altitude sickness is a thing, a lot of people have trouble with it when they first come here. if you come here for a ski vacation I recommend spending one night in town before heading up to get acclimated and remember to drink plenty of water.

    CSprings is a nice place and if I were to stay here in colorado that is where I would go.

  29. dude, my ex-wife is from Bergen County, and she's nice, since we divorced (26 years ago). North Jersy is friendly, but, well, yes, central, south, no, not really nice.

  30. And dude, never, ever forget, the great Lt. Kenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Side note, my dad was a capt. in the Fort Carson CID, investigated murders. He was a good guy, most of the time.

  31. Why can't you just speak normally instead of yelling out your fake excitement? Do you talk to your friends and family same stupid way?

  32. Been living in Austin for 5 years now. The influx of out-of-state people are real. It's quite crowded now. The city really needs time to readjust, it was not built to be a big city

  33. What about Ann Arbor, Michigan? Orlando, Florida? Reno, Nevada? Sioux Falls, South Dakota? Rochester, Minnesota? Saint Cloud, Minnesota? Medium- sized cities and heard good things about them freauently.

  34. These are the United States 🇺🇸— All of our cities should be equal in everything— Why do we have the poorest cities, the cities with the best jobs, the cities with the friendliest people, the cities with the best jobs, the cities with the best housing—? I cannot for the life of me, why we have to have one city that is better than another—! All of our cities should be equal in everything—!! Who are our leaders running these cities? Honestly America, We need Leaders who care about all of our cities, and not have leadership who couldn’t care less about our cities—!! We really do need to do something about our U.S. Congress- They really need to be monitored— !!

  35. I'm shocked that Co springs is number 2. I live in Colorado and I've never thought much of it. I've actually always had the impression that it was kind of ghetto. I'll have to go check it out.

  36. When I grow up I'm gonna move back to my home state which is Minnesota and since Minneapolis or st paul has pretty fair housing prices so I'm gonna definitely move there

  37. I was stationed at fort Carson too! I miss that place as well Haha. I LOVED Colorado springs. Used to do the incline for fun 😅

  38. Minneapolis is a great city, except the cold winters… but it keeps the rif raf out.

  39. Some pretty good choices. Austin and San Antonio are wonderful cities, with the downside being that they are in Texas with its god-awful politicians (Ted Cruz — need I say more?). Madison is a wonderful college town, with the major downside being the cold winters. Ditto re the weather for Minneapolis/St. Paul and Grand Rapids. The only city on the list that I would take issue with is Fayetteville, Arkansas. I watched another video recently which, if my recollection is correct, said the city had a high crime rate. I could possibly be wrong about that, but that's what I recall. Arkansas, in general, sucks.

  40. Colorado has a stand your ground law…but then you have to explain how you stood it..good luck!

  41. Biggs ignore the people typing negative things in the comments. It's beginning to consume you.

  42. San Antonio is OK BUT I'm not eating Mexican food, I'll take Madison and the twin cities over San Antonio

  43. I do not care if it’s on the list . I like Raleigh. Durham. Chapel Hill, North Carolina. From Jersey. Dads from CH.

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  45. Big Cities. Really.. tNo major sports teams and no Urban flavor. You r picks were mostly West or mid western cities. You're very biased Portland boy.

  46. Anywhere a snow shovel is required and if no mountains and coastline it should not make this list.

  47. Love your videos, completely disagree with denver. Being someone that lives there, I can tell you it sucks. Colorado sucks. Me and my girlfriend who has grown up in Colorado plan on moving because it sucks. Traffic takes hours on I 25, there's so much pollution that people like myself with asthma can hardly breathe. There's only minimum wage jobs, everyone is on drugs, and all the people suck. Don't move to denver

  48. LOL LMFAO Grand Rapids is totally opposite of Detroit! yes – they get lake effect snow, but meh

  49. I:d love to move to one of them but they all get cold
    Florida seems like the only place warm enough for me in the winter but I've heard that people are jerks there and all the low-crime places there are town-like

  50. Just visited Austin. Sadly, it is becoming a disaster zone. Could not spend more than a day. Filthy and packed with wacky homeless people—everywhere! Drove 20 miles into the city. Nightmare.

  51. I can see San Antonio.. Denver..or not on the list Richmond VA,, but Austin, Tx.. really. America has this thing that if a city has a nice skyline then it's a cool city. Not.

  52. San Antonio, San Francisco, Denver, Richmond, VA. Charleston, SC. NYC, Portland, Seattle are very beautiful.

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