Top 10 beautiful towns in the United States. Carmel California made the list

what is going on everyone who wants to
hear about cute small towns I think we all do I don’t care who you are what you
do or where you’re from we’ve all at one point in our life seen or visited a
small town and thought this place is beautiful
I guess unless you’re blind then maybe not maybe you had someone tell you about
one I don’t know anyway sprinkled throughout the United States
we have hundreds of adorable small towns I’ve had so many comments about these
small towns I figure I had to make a list this list is obviously going to be
very much an opinion from my own experience and in some cases by
subscribers had suggested them and I look them up and did some research so
let’s take a look at my top 10 most beautiful towns in the United States number 10 Midway Utah Midway is home to
a little over 3,000 residents located about an hour east of Salt Lake City
during the winter the town turns into a snowy Wonderland the buildings are all
that Chalet style architecture loads of people come for swiss days a celebration
of the town swiss founders other attractions include the homestead
caldera ice castles the homestead crater and more there’s a lot of stuff to do
around here not just during the winter but during the winter this place looks
like a romantic commercial for some jewelry company I kid you not
take a look number nine McCall Idaho McCall is very
beautiful town with just under 3,000 residents it seems like almost everyone
in the town is very outdoorsy it’s hard to be a shut-in here with all the
activities such as cross-country skiing sledding those are in the winter and
then fishing golfing in the summer hiking obviously if you look down 3rd
Street towards the lake you’ll see the lake and mountains that are just covered
in trees you’ll never want to leave this place
walk down Lake Street and it even becomes harder to leave this place
really the thing about McCall if fresh air amazing landscapes a cute small town
and outdoor activities aren’t your thing don’t even visit here much less move
here you’ll be like the only dude in town playing fortnight 10 hours a day
number 8 Meredith New Hampshire Meredith is a very laid-back little town on Lake
Winnipesaukee with about 6,000 year-round residents it’s it’s a little
over an hour of a scenic drive away from Manchester New Hampshire and sidenote if
you’ve ever been to New Hampshire the whole frickin state is a scenic drive I
kid you not since the town sits on a lake a lot of the people treat Meredith
as a place for a vacation home for the spring in the summer months and that’s
too bad because this place is just as cute covered in snow maybe not as many
things to do is during the summer but still it’s beautiful the lake isn’t the
only attraction here the town also has the Lake Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad
which is pretty cool I’ve been to this one actually I was on that train it was
kind of neat Meredith is the kind of place that makes you want to take up
painting landscapes or at least paint an art student to do it then pass it off as
your own work on at parties and stuff you know that type of thing number seven
Senoia Georgia Senoia is about an hour outside of Atlanta it’s home to 3,000
residents and is famous for being one of the filming locations for the TV show
The Walking Dead because the show’s popularity the town is one of the
biggest tourist attractions in the area it’s also home to Nick and Norman’s
restaurant which is owned by one of the show stars Norman Reedus who plays Daryl
the dude with the crossbow Senoia is a beautiful southern town the downtown
area is held on to the old buildings and its history pretty well Main Street is
like the all-american Main Street with shops and restaurants up and down the
street a nice little grass violin down the middle of the two lanes it’s
beautiful this place makes me want to eat apple pie and watch baseball here
number 6 Cannon Beach Oregon Cannon Beach is an amazing little beach town on
the Oregon coast about 90 minutes west of Portland Oregon I go here often if
the natural beauty doesn’t win you over the town will they have some of the best
places to eat in Oregon and they have haystack rock here it is and I get it
giant rock in the surf I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal
myself but then again people actually pull off the road and Kansas to see the
world’s largest ball of twine so I mean there’s that at least the rock has a
beautiful sunset behind it where I think the ball of twine has a 1972 Ford
Econoline van for backdrop yellow I believe if my wife had it her way we
would be living in Cannon Beach right now this place is amazing
if you ever visit the Oregon coast by the way and you’re not from Oregon or
Washington and maybe you live in Southern California like I did and
you’re going to the beach up here and you think you’re gonna jump in the surf
no you’re gonna need a windbreaker at this Beach in June it’s cold it’s not
that Southern California Beach trust me number five
knowing Connecticut no Inc is a beautiful small town of just under 2,000
residents no Inc is exactly what you would expect a New England coastal town
to look like you’ll get the marina views you’ll see neighbors out on boats and
the classic New England style architecture on every building it looks
like that frickin town from Jaws no kiddin I’ve been here I was in my early
20s and I was still able to look past how attractive the girl I was with was
my hormone induced blurry vision and appreciate this cute little town for
what it is a very cute little coastal town I’m still friends with that girl
her parents still lived there an oink and she said it’s still just as cute
it’s maybe a little cleaner than it was back then
which you remember said it was kind of dirty back then especially compared to
today’s no ink anyway she said she’ll be moving back there in a couple years
after living in New York and working in New York for years but no ink is a cute
little Connecticut one of the best things about Connecticut I would say
this town is number four Carmel California Carmel or
as it’s known by its official and more pompous name carmel-by-the-sea is a
small beach town of about four thousand residents in Monterey County California
the views of the beach from within the town itself are amazing
that’s not the only place you also have other places in the area like Mission
Trail Park Carmel point and the Carmel River State Beach all have great views
of the ocean now I’ve been to this town more than once I used to live at four
org which is Monterey which isn’t too far away and we’d go there sometimes
it’s a little too uppity but it’s a really nice looking place and I you know
I was twenty-one and you know I wasn’t rich so I really didn’t fit in or any my
lowbrow friends from the military so we didn’t go there often but we went there
occasionally the town is beautiful Clint Eastwood used to have a bar and lived
there I don’t know if he still owns the bar but he used to live there and he
owned a bar there it was really neat it’s really neat place this was an
artist community when the town really started taking shape so most of the
older homes reflect that Carmel is probably the cutest little coastal town
in California sorry San Pedro you didn’t make the cut
you’re from Southern California you get that number three or a Colorado or a
Colorado is a tiny town with a population of only about a thousand
residents you know it’s tucked into the mountains near the San Juan National
Forest this popular destination for tourists who want to take advantage of
the town’s non sulfur hot spring so sometimes when you have hot springs that
have sulfur in them you just really can’t get Mirim these ones don’t so it’s
really really nice now I’ve never been to this one but I have a couple friends
that have been going every couple years for almost 20 years I want to go there
this next year and get some serious drone footage this place is beautiful
all tucked away in the mountains there can’t beat that number two Eureka
Springs Arkansas Eureka Springs will get a buttload of visitors every single year
without fail tourists flock to this small Arkansas town of only 2,000
residents now first of all yes I did say people are flocking to some place in
Arkansas I know that’s totally foreign to most you and kind of mind-blowing but
it’s happening they go their ports close proximity to the Ozark National Forest
and the Christ of the Ozark statue yeah that’s a big thing there however it’s
staying in town is kind of a trip within itself not only
you have the traditional options of like hotel or motels maybe even the air B&B
or something like that but you can also rent a treehouse you can stay in a
hobbit hole you know like The Hobbit little hole in the ground thing that’s
all nice it’s weird it’s nice but it’s weird I want to go there soon anyway I
have a friend that grew up not too far over there and this is how he described
it the place reminds him of an old mining town that’s been updated and
cleaned up they kept all the traditional architecture for the most part and just
kind of built around it and add it on and cleaned it up it’s adorable
and number one Sitka Alaska SiC Alaska is located on Baranof island on the
Sitka sound SiC it has about 8,000 residents this town is number one
because it’s out of the way it has unparalleled mountain and ocean views at
the same time some of the best air quality in the country and the people
are really good people it’s also big enough that it gets things but far
enough to where it doesn’t get too many people that sometimes is a problem in
Alaska they’re too far away they don’t get people and they don’t get like
supplies at all but Sitka is in that perfect medium zone kind of thing the
town itself is beautiful my friend Gary’s wife Atta grew up there she left
for college and then stayed in Portland the job was here she couldn’t go back so
that’s what she did she told me she misses it all the time but yeah she
can’t go back right now she also said if you want to move to Sitka you better
love crab because they have it there all the time if you just want to visit she
said taken Alaskan cruise they stop there all the time and people don’t hate
the tourists they kind of like them because they know that’s kind of what
you know keeps the town going Sitka Alaska is number one on this list all right so that’s my top ten beautiful
towns in the United States hope you guys enjoyed it hope you got some information
on this obviously this one was very much an opinion there’s no real category to
judge a beautiful town it’s all by what you think so I did some research I
talked to brands and I also put some in that I’ve been to that I thought were
amazing if you think I missed any let me know I’d love to make another one these
lists I want to hear from you tell me what town you think should have been on
this list I’ll make another one everybody have a great day be nice to
each other

Stephen Childs


  1. Thanks! Great list! Love these towns. However, my wife and I have a favorite town. But we're not going to tell anyone. We've lived in some great towns over the years. But word got out about them and kind of ruined them.

  2. The video was great but you talk so damn fast I didn't understand the names of most of the towns!!

  3. Look in to state capitals I feel Tallahassee is one of the best state Capital city’s in the USA it’s very gorgeous here and very pretty and has great scenery

  4. Cambria, California. Been here several times and its beautiful. It feels like you're in a place with the mix of Alaska (in the summer), the Smoky Mountains, the Amazon, and San Francisco.

  5. Except for an “ok” town in Arkansas, you missed an entire region of the United States…THE SOUTH! The most visited National Park in the U.S is the Great Smokey Mountains National Park bordering N. Carolina and Tennessee, it receives more visitors than all other National Parks combined, why? Google pics of the surrounding Appalachian Mountain range in the fall and all of the quaint towns running up through the mountain range…Virginia is stunning. Visit Charleston, SC, Beaufort, S.C, Savannah, GA, Gatlinburg, TN, Williamsburg, VA, St.Augustine, FL, Key West, Fl, Chattanooga, Tn, Abington, VA, (it’s draw is a 30 mile downhill bicycle trail named “The Creeper Trail” on an old train track that goes through over 40 beautiful old covered trellis’s), it’s a stop for hikers on the Appalachian Trail and there are tons of outfitters in the town. FUN time in the fall with stunning mountain scenery…. You could do an entire video on the South alone…

  6. Many better small towns. East coast has the best small towns and people.

  7. Cooperstown, NY: Beaufort SC: Milledgeville, GA, Carrboro NC: Tiverton Four Corners RI, Shepardstown, WV,: Little Compton RI: Livingston MT: Harpers ferry WV: Pendleton SC

  8. Lebanon, Ohio, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and a zillion towns in western PA are some good choices for the next one.

  9. Carmel is a nice little "small town" but it's more of a community in a larger area – the edge of a larger place.

    I was thinking of a "small town" as something like Mendocino, which is pretty remote, breathtakingly beautiful, and the nearest big city is Ft. Bragg – a few thousand residents a few miles away.

  10. I travel the US for work. Carmel-by-the-Sea and Eureka/Hotsprings, AK would also be on my list.

    I'd include Athens, GA and Bellingham, WA as really attractive small-ish college towns.

    #1 on my list is Boulder, CO. Expensive sure, but the finest small town in America!

  11. I really like your videos and have been fortunate enough to have visited quite a few of you to the small towns you profiled. On this video I have to point out that when profiling Eurekas Springs you showed a picture of Hot Springs Arkansas,..Ive been to both towns and they are really cool little places. Also I have to throw in a vote for Bellingham Wa. or Durango Colorado. 🙂 thanks for the great videos

  12. Cannon beach is AMAZING… Sunset is beautiful. Also Goonies was filmed at that location.

  13. I like how he talks about how cute the towns are but does not show any really pictures of them just the outside of town. This video is lame sauce 👎🏻👎🏻

  14. I can only imagine how hard it must’ve been to compile this list – and to deal with all the Unrecognizeds’ backlash. Bravo. But what about Jerome Az?! (jk. Sorta…)

  15. Carmel is a bit uppity. I go there just to sit on the gorgeous white sandy beaches and then go back to Monterey.

  16. Eureka Springs is a cool place, been there many times. Your last aerial shot was of Hot Springs, AR though oops

  17. Use to go to Wolfeboro every summer as a little boy on Lake Winnepesaukee and not to far from Meredith New Hampshire and that whole general area is just as beautiful as Briggs says it is !!

  18. Vashon wa. Is a beautifull place. But i dont know if it counts as a small town since it is so close to the city.

  19. Carmel is definitely gorgeous. Feels like a magical fairytale land. It’s too beautiful and even the homes are VERY well designed. It’s a dream to live there, but I’ll settle with Monterey for now. It’s a great town by an even greater town.

  20. Your constant repeating of the same thing made these towns look & sound awful. Next!! Tame the ocd in your voice uugh

  21. Why are you pointing out A California town in your heading? Are they special to you? Why not Alaska mentioned in the heading???

  22. Seems like almost everybody has been to or wants to go to or has heard of Carmel, California.

  23. Man, if anything makes you want to eat apple pie, you might want to check your taste in food.

  24. Hey my friend Sedona Arizona didn't make the list????? Keep up the good work… I always enjoy your videos Bro .

  25. This is a great video!
    A few seconds from the 7:59—8:05 mark… there's something weird that appears to be flying sporadically over the trees from right to left (near lower part of screen)

  26. Chocorua New Hampshire and Tamworth New Hampshire 2 villages that are quaint with beautiful scenery and wonderful people I've spent many years in and out of the area since 1971 it's hauntingly beautiful and friendly

  27. You should check out Hermann Missouri very picturesque old German catholic town also Mc Leansboro Il the town is out of a Norman Rockwell history book from the 50's Complete town square with a huge Gazebo in the center could even think of it like The dukes of Hazard.

  28. It’s hard to do a top 10 without going to every single town. But I like Wallace ID and Sandpoint ID. Also, I know it’s touristy, but Keystone SD is pretty cool too.

  29. Sitka is beautiful. I went there for my graduation trip. It is a wonderful community.

  30. I would include Leavenworth Wa to this list. I think it deserves a spot there

  31. Love your channel!! What year were you at fort ord??? I was there in the early 80s. Where do you live now?

  32. America has lots of gorgeous and unique cities, thanks for the suggestion! I also really liked Tombstone AZ, it's got the unique western atmosphere and I love the US wild west

  33. Did I see some photos of Seaside in the Canon Beach segment? It’s ok. The whole coast is worth visiting.

  34. 33 to video title is manchester nh, place is small city with big city problems…

  35. Let me guess: all of the towns or the majority are in that toilet out west…ALL OF IT…bullshit list

  36. 🙄 🙄 🙄 Another video from a guy who has NOT been to most places on the list.

    You mention most "beautiful towns" , but instead you show footage taken from a National Geographic type magazine about mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, beaches. 🙄

    Sitka ?!? Pre-fabricated / modular / buildings with metal roofs and plywood siding are "beautiful" ?!?

    Did you mention that it rains about 300 days a year in Sitka ? I don't think those are pictures of Sitka. [ I lived in AK for 5 years. ]

    Carmel-by-the-sea is for rich golfers, and people that can afford a $50 per plate dinner. It is not a place for tourists with children or military members. The photos are from drones and do not show the dangerous 1 & 1/2 lane road which goes around the place. Might be scenic from a helicopter / drone camera view but not to live in.

    I have not been to all 50 States, so I cannot say what / where the "Most Beautiful Towns" are.

    I have watched / seen many travel, history, geography shows and books, magazines, videos over many years.

    It seems to me that many of the towns & villages in New Hampshire, Vermont, Upstate New York are "beautiful". Never been east of the Mississippi river so I cannot / would not make a video titled "10 best or worst anything in the U.S. of A.". That would be silly to rely on the words of a female relative about anything judging "looks". [ Remember: It was "females" that thought the ugly he-shes called "The Beatles" were cute in 1965… 😲. ]

    As for a nice looking town – ( Which I have actually been to and eaten at and walked on ) – I would nominate Lake Arrowhead, Cal., in the San Berd. mountains. Lake, mountains, trees but the business structures and homes are a nice, scenic place.

  37. I am about to watch this video and am guessing he says to stop typing or otherwise makes a smart remark about commenters two times in this one.

  38. I highly recommend Grand Marais, Minnesota if you haven’t been there yet.

  39. Utah is beautiful but I’m not a Mormon and lived in Utah for 4 years and was run out of town.

  40. They are flocking to Arkansas because after the US is filled up with the Atlantic and pacific oceans after things break apart…Arkansas is the only state left not under water.

  41. Been to Sitka…it is a pretty town..lived in Alaska 16 years…not going back to AK to live.

  42. Is there any free land in Sitka?? I’ll trade you for Carmel Ca. I live here and I’m ready to get the hell out of here… ITS EXPENSIVE!!

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