Stephen Childs


  1. they don't know the real voice of shakira😍😍. hi, still watching july 2019😁.

  2. This Video is just about Adam because everybody pick Adam❤😂😂😂😂

  3. First girl’s voice sounded like she was forcing too much to hit them high notes… I can’t do them myself and i shouldn’t even say such thing but I’m just giving my opinion after having heard so many other auditions in which the singer would hit them high notes and would sound all natural

  4. Rename the show: The Voice of Adam – courtesy of the editor…. lol 😀

  5. ชอบดูค่ะ เก่งๆกันทั้งนั้นเลย

  6. The best thing The Voice USA happen is if someone turns their chair and afterwards the three follows her/him ..
    how ironic hahah

  7. Не передать словами о тдыхаю душой это нечто

  8. I just want it to go on record that I like Joe Kirk's brothers very much.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks Gwen only turns around when anyone else turns around

  10. Im a Spanish and the girl how song "loca" don't sing too good. She only sing, no more

  11. Who sang Lego house it my favourite…love these song😍🤩🤩🥰🥰😊😘😋😛

  12. I am pretty sure everyone picked Adam well should have titled it top 10 people who picked Adam

  13. To all who wants to be in that stage, turn all 4 chairs and have a chance to choose: me asking, who will you go with??
    me: I pick Blake.

    Next you all answer. Let's see who wins here 😋

  14. WTF ?!
    Where is Christina Grimmie ?!

    Probably, the best performance we will ever see in "the voice"

  15. I mean..I would go with Adam too..look at how he begs.. he's so adorable 😂😍

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