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We are here with H.E. Tomas Orlowsky, Ambassador of Poland to Italy In your opinion, between all the aspects related to the enviroment wich one is the most relevant and urgent to face? Certainly the entire Arctic problem is related to the environment and to the changes that are due to global warming the climatic politics and not enviromental politics the climate politics let us face all the challenges that come from this region where everything is about to change New maritime routes are open because of the ice melting and this is the best evidence of the problem on the environmental dimension The second point is that we don’t have to exploit the arctic resources in a barbaric way for this reason we believe that (as for the Antarctic) we need an international common legal frame in order to exploit these natural resources in a sustainable way this is the second point the third point is we don’t have to transform this “vergin” and souvage land we don’t have to change this enviroment in a aggressive way there are still indigenous people living there and they have to keep their historical way of life there is a human dimension an economic dimension, for the natural resources exploitation management and third point the climate change question thank you very much Ambassador

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