Tokyo Disney Resort Holiday & Christmas Merchandise Unboxing!! Pin, Snacks, Snosnow & MORE!

Can it is Okay, so today we have two packages to open from my friend Curie, so thank you so so much for sending these to me I really really appreciate it you’re so so kind. Thank you so so much So the first package here we have today has this amazing toy story alien tape on it. So So much fun. Oh My goodness, oh My gosh, oh my gosh Curie you’re so so sweet, please. Don’t worry about it is okay She said this package is a little bit late. I really really appreciate it Curie. Thank you so so much So so kind of you already. Let’s Look at this adorable little Disney Store Booklet, oh my oh my goodness. I love these little guys These are little plushies. They’re available at Tokyo Disney stores, and they are now also available at Hong Kong Disneyland They’re these little plush figures and you can buy Cutesy little outfits for them. Look at that. Oh my goodness How adorable to search first anniversary, they’re so so cute. Oh my gosh my look through this Forever. Oh my goodness. These are called new emos and believe it’s how you say it I probably set that so wrong love the little booklets We have a new Tokyo DisneySea bag and has Duffy and Friends on it. Oh, oh my goodness, so I don’t even know where to start. Oh, we’re just gonna go nitin Because this first item I see looks so good These are little chocolate candies these come with a little candy cheese little things you can get at theat parks these up like M&Ms if you’re familiar with those and They look really really good and some of them have little Mickey heads on them. Alright our next item is We This is so cool. This is the Tokyo Disney Halloween print and this is a giant roll of washi tape This is all washi tape and you guys can see here They kind of covered a notebook with it and cover the little desk organizer with it That is so much fun. I’m definitely going to use that for my Halloween display next year. I’ve never seen washi Tape that big. That’s awesome. Oh My gosh Oh What what okay, hold on hold on a second oh I’m sorry guys, these videos are always me just freaking out but like Look, how how do I not freak out? How how What? Oh my gosh guys all that I say this every single video but it’s so true guys Disney food Disney popcorn Disney parks. This is everything right here This is a little sandy case. And yes, it looks like a popcorn cart from the Tokyo Disney Resort How adorable and has little Santa making a mini there on it It even has the little figure that turns the popcorn around and this is a caramel popcorn cart. Oh my goodness Oh my goodness. It has a little cash Look at lunch This is too much and then you put the little candies inside here so you can see them in the little cage for the popcorn goes I Wish the US Parks this stuff is cute. Is this their theming they’re so so amazing? This is amazing. This this is one of my favorite little items ever Thank you so so much Curie because I love I love Tokyo Disney. I love Tokyo Like I can’t I’ll never stop saying that okay Alright next little item bubble wrap here before we get to these gotcha poems you guys can see we have this really really fun Bubble wrap washi tape little lot. So here What is this? Wait, it smells really good Oh My gosh, this is handmade Soap from Japan it looks like a little Mickey tart it’s from their Disney Store how Cute, it looks like a little fruit then took a little soap. Oh My gosh what oh my god, you’re so many thanks. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Okay. Alright, hold on Okay, I need to like gather myself cuz let’s get into the gotcha poems I see some that I Just can’t handle it. Alright this first one here is From the Tokyo Disney Resort, and this is the little Mickey Mouse little pants ball. Oh My gosh here are the ones available in this set But mickey waffle the churro and two of the funds available it took you disney. Oh my goodness We got the one and only Mickey waffle it is on a little metal charm. There’s the plate behind it Disney Disney World Disney parks all need to be to this level this is This is this is this is amazing. So the other gotcha pond I believe also from the same set here. I Wonder which here we got it We got the little Donald by These key chains are so well detailed So so adorable here We have the little Donald bun and this is like a little bread and insides like little shrimp. I believe is in this one and There’s the little wrapper. It’s little Donald there and then it looks like he’s through the inner tube How adorable I love the size of them. Alright, we got with mortgage puns to check out here. Let’s see what this one is This is the Disney Pirates summer from Tokyo DisneySea It has a little black bottom and then there’s the information bear wonder what these ones are Alright, let’s open it up. Oh My gosh everything just keeps getting cuter and cuter Before they have it wrapped up so nice so Disney Pirates summer is one of the events or like festivals that they would have an additional part here in the US and It is all throughout the summer and they like spray water and everything and it looks super super fun So this is a little Donald Keychain, as you guys can see and he’s adorable He has a little pirate hat on and you can actually fill this up with the water and it’s like a little water squeeze toy oh My goodness, it’s so so much fun See if you’re at the park and it’s hot and you get this you can call yourself off like genius It looks like there’s also another one here from the Disney pirates summer. Oh My gosh, oh my gosh, it’s perfect We got Daisy To go with Donald I love her her hats different too. So you can tell them apart a little bit better. Okay There’s three more gotcha puns in here. Next up. We have this really tiny pink one. Oh, This is a Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary little figure so it has Mickey Mouse with his little suit and top hat and he’s holding the little baton type thing and then he has this adorable little stand and this particular Mickey is from 1973 oh my goodness. Everything is so adorable Let’s check out our next Gacha pond, which is a kind of clear one and I can see the Toy Story logo in there. Oh My goodness, alright, we gotta head back to my desk because we have to assemble this one. Alright, so this one is Toy Story little pinball game it is a teeny tiny little Pinball game. Yes, it works. So it’s to assemble the actual table, but it goes on Tokio you have done it again. Of course. There’s a little ball inside. You can actually like hit around here and spin these little targets So so much fun and then of course we have a little woody here on top Even the little coin slot here on the bottom and then the additional stickers on the sides to bring it all together This is incredible. Like I have to say the detail on this voice being a gotcha pawn is Absolutely amazing. Alright, we’re back and we’ve won more gosh upon the open Here’s a quick look at the paper These are the little tsumtsum so you can get their little keychains and this little keychain is A little woody and he lights up What? Okay, so we have one more mystery item in this box It is Look at this little series These are little Disney food charms not the little waffles little pretzels and these little Donuts and they’re from these bake shop So here we have a little Mickey Mouse pretzel and it looks like a little Mickey head and read on here It says Minnie’s Bake Shoppe on it and it has a red little strap is so so adorable I love these little things. Thank you so so much There’s still another item in here and I just can’t believe it I’m gonna put this on my camera right after I finished filming. This is a Duffing friend’s camera strap So this is the strap that actually goes in the camera and then there’s this adorable little Duffy in an inner tube That actually goes on top of the camera itself Duffy Gela Tony and Friends here all on the strap and they’re all in their summer outfits Thank you so so much Kerry. All right. There’s a few more items here in this box. Oh My gosh we got warm up here I believe we have the Halloween map for this year And then we also have the first Christmas map of this year Look at Mickey all dressed up and then we have some other fun guides and little food guides – oh my goodness Or I’m in this box. These are little food Containers there’s two of them here and this is what they serve your food in at Tokyo Disney It has all of the making even friends characters on it and it says Tokyo Disney Resort I actually have one over here on my desk right now that I have my stationery in So I love the easiest for display add them to my Disney food Collection. So thank you so so much Curie for this box. Now. Let’s check out the next one Here’s a look at our next box. And this just makes me so happy it is the Tokyo Little skyline here. I’ve never said this on camera But I’m looking forward to the day where I can tell you guys that I’m going to Japan You guys can like come along with me and everything. I’m looking forward to that day I don’t know when it will be but I’m are you looking forward to it all? Right. Let’s see We have another new Holiday map how cool is that? And the advertisement in Japan for Star Wars the rise Skywalker, I’m so excited. I’m so so trying to see what’s in here She has a little letter in here for me and there’s also adorable. Why does she tape? Love it So so sweet and she also included an adorable ticker dressed as a pineapple Sticker I love it and the back says Hong Kong Disneyland on it, which is amazing But guys check out this adorable card. Oh my gosh So so cute. Oh my gosh, okay Hold on a second. Here. We have the cutest little snack container ever Open it up right now Alright, we have to get a good look at this. This is a little Yule Log little container and it has the so snow little Mickey and Minnie here and that is one of the brands from Tokyo and these are the cutest whole things ever. Oh my gosh I wish we did these little guy There’s this little squishy strawberry on top and other fun little things here And it says Merry Christmas on this little tag And it does say Disney so snow on here we can open up the little case. Oh my goodness inside are these little Chocolates this is so cute look at the packaging because it has the castle our little Snowman making it and Minnie in the tree there and the adorable Christmas tree. I love the color of the wrappers here Oh my goodness. I love how it looks like a little ol ugh little holiday dessert I love you guys can see little detailing of the little sparkles on it and the back says Tokyo Disney Resort It’s kind of hard for you guys to see but it is on there. Oh my gosh so Adorable I’m gonna put this in my display right now This next item in here Is all bubble wrap and washi tape Oh This looks like a little snow globe and it has our little so snow friends in here and Their little Mickey and Minnie and they’re in this giant Mickey Mouse ball with the Santa hat with an adorable little handle All right, we turned off the lights so you can see it a little bit better here. Oh my gosh So cute see all lit up There’s like a blue light and a green light they change colors cuz that was just red and now it’s blue What thank you so so much oh my gosh, there’s tones. Okay our next the Tokyo Disneyland 2019 Christmas pin it says Disney Christmas 2019 I love the gloss that they put over their pins It’s really really nice and their theme this year is actually retro Disney So we have the retro Mickey Minnie here on Santa’s sled and I love how this is a little dangly pin as well so cute very exciting to add that to my pin collection in our last item for this package is This adorable snow snow little towel I absolutely love the color. This is my favorite color this green. Oh my goodness Adorable so so Heat see there’s the little embroidered Mickey there on the bottom and all the trees and snow hanging down perfect for the holidays Thank you guys so so much for watching this video and a huge shout out to Kari for sending me this package I really appreciate it. I absolutely Love all of the items if you guys like to see more of the packages from Tokyo Disney that I’ve opened in the past I love the playlist linked down below along with mine Disney World haul if you guys are interested of seeing more Disney parks Merchandise, if you guys have a wonderful holiday season, make sure to check out my Instagram Twitter and Disney cupcake merchandise I’ll link down below in the description. It would really really help me out as always I hope you guys have Wonderful day, and remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

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