Tlig Frado | #6 The First Olympic Medal

THE FIRST OLYMPIC MEDAL (#6-YT #7-WP) At the 1996 Atlanta Games Ian Purler ended
Big City’s 44-year medal drought at the Olympics. Ian Purler was a young 18-year old who was
making his olympic debut in the 10m Air Pistol category in shooting. He was not even expected
to make the final round but he not only did that, he won a gold medal! Getting the gold
was a cherry on the cake as Big City had not even imagined they would get a medal, let
alone a gold! Ian Purler had done that in style by winning
the gold medal in a sudden death shootout. An hour after he was given the medal and the
Big City national anthem played at the Olympic Games for the first time ever, the President
Josef Andrews declared the next two days national holidays. Other than the gold no other Big
City Olympian really impressed. On his return to the country on August, 30th,
1996 he was welcomed with garlands and gifts from fans. He was awarded the Tlig Frado Sports
Honour Award by the NASE and got a bonus of 50,000 Amires from the NASE and also got many
other gifts from celebrities and other politicians. Purler continued to make his mark at a global
level and national level when he won 6 gold medals at the National Shooting Games

Stephen Childs

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