Tiamat Premium Figure Review – Tyranny of Dragons – D&D Icons of the Realms Minis

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The Deck of Many and Humblewood.Net Hello and welcome back to the Gallant Goblin! I’m Theo and today we’re taking a
look at Tiamat the Dragon Queen This was a premium figure that released
alongside the very first D&D 5th edition Icons of the Realms set, Tyranny of Dragons You can see our review of that full set by
clicking the “i” in the corner of your screen. It released in 2014, so Tiamat is starting
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video, so be sure to tune in to see if you won. For now, let’s take a look at Tiamat the Dragon Queen. Tiamat is a lesser god and the chief
deity of the evil chromatic dragons. She is confined to the plane of Avernus by Asmodeus
in accordance with an ancient infernal contract signed by the two of them, the details
of which are unknown to us. Through the ages, control of Avernus has
shifted from Tiamat to the archdevil Bel and eventually to the archdevil Zariel. Tiamat epitomizes the avarice of chromatic dragons, hoping to one day count all of the multiverse’s
treasures among her personal hoard. She has accumulated many
enemies over the years as well, including Asmodeus, who stripped
her of control of Avernus, and Bahamut, the platinum dragon and
chief deity to the metallic dragons, who dwells in the Seven Heavens of Mount Celestia. Tiamat currently features in two 5th edition campaigns. First is Tyranny of Dragons, which is made up of the
books Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat, in which the Cult of the Dragon is hoping
to release her from the Nine Hells and bring her to the Material Plane
to usher in a new draconic age. She does appear at the end of that adventure, depending on how successful the players
were at stopping her summoning. Tiamat can also appear in Descent Into Avernus, where the players may form an uneasy alliance
with her champion, Arkhan the Cruel, perhaps to help Tiamat regain
control of the first circle of Hell. You can see our review of Arkhan the Cruel and The Dark
Order by clicking the “i” in the corner of your screen. Tiamat was introduced in 1975 in the first
supplement to D&D, called Greyhawk, and has been a large presence in the game ever since. Tiamat has five chromatic dragon heads and their
corresponding immunities and breath attacks, which makes her an extremely
versatile and resilient warrior. Tiamat has a challenge rating of 30, which
is as high as challenge ratings go. The only creature that matches
her in power is the tarrasque. Tiamat’s stat block appears in Rise of Tiamat. She is considered a gargantuan creature and has
a gargantuan sized base here, which is 4×4. In my eyes, Tiamat’s original design with 5 differently colored necks and heads
tacked onto a red dragon’s body makes it a bit of a challenge to translate
into mini form without looking a bit silly. But this mini is pretty nice. It looks better in person than it
did in the pictures I had seen. I wish the colors were blended from
the necks into the body a little bit more so it didn’t look like someone had just tacked
on various dragon heads to the body. There is actually a bit of red paint at
the base of some of the necks here, but it looks a little bit more like a painting mistake
than an attempt to blend the colors evenly. This is also another flying dragon using those clear
cylindrical pegs that I’m not overly fond of. Tiamat is a bit easier to attach to
the base than some other minis, but she’s still pretty precarious on her
peg if you don’t want to glue it all together. But hey, I don’t want to complain too much about having
a Tiamat mini because I’d love to play her in a battle. If you just want to set up a one-shot where
the party has an epic battle against Tiamat, you’d want about seven level 20 characters
to have a balanced fight, give or take. The price for this mini is all over the place. She can be hard to track down since
this figure is six years old now, but there are a few currently available at some
online retailers at the time of this recording if you’d to pick one up now. Otherwise, you may want to keep your eyes
open for when new stock becomes available. We want to thank our sponsor for
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Stephen Childs


  1. I do like this classic looking Tiamat. I am excited for the possibilities of a new model, unpainted, to go along with the rest of the Nolzur's dragons. Would be an amazing model to paint if they ever make one.

  2. Is that really how small she is supposed to be? I always imagined her so much larger… Neat mini, though!

  3. I know I can't win the pack but tiamat is so cool and I wish I could have it😱😱😱
    I don't have any minitures😂😂😂

  4. My first paladin was a worshiper of Takhisis, and her prime avatar was Tiamat. It was a glorious homebrew. a nice flying figure. A great looking dragon in general. PS: Vesk rule!

  5. My favorite dragon in D&D? Hmmm….That's definately a tossup between Tiamat and Bahamut. I think i'm leaning more towards Bahamut though.

  6. I like the design of the mini but I agree that it wish the paint was better applied/blended. This would be an awesome sculpt to paint

  7. Tiamat is a great dragon and I love the story behind Arkhan and how they made it all come together. I'm always torn between following Tiamat or Bahamut.

  8. Great dragon miniature, would love to have a group of characters that could take her on.

  9. Great dragon miniature, would love to have a group of characters that could take her on.

  10. shes so widdle tho. Its a good model design otherwise! I hope we get a sized up unpainted version someday.

  11. Love love love this Tiamat, they have one that's been on a top shelf at my local shop and I might pick it up after seeing how good it looks here!!!

  12. Love this figure looks awesome just ran into dark order in avernus! Keep up the cool videos

  13. This was the first ever D&D mini I got and I love her to bits! I've shown her off to other people and they do really love her design. Since then, I've gotten minis of each of the dragons and even her dragon, the platinum dog Bahamut (Yes, I often play champions of Tiamat as my characters).

    My fave D&D dragon, if we take the good old Dragon Queen her self out of the mix, it is totally Claugiyliamatar, or 'Old Gnawbone' from Kryptgarden Forest. There's just something so fun about a dragon that is a snoop, loving to listen to gossip and dreaming of getting involved in political games. She's always in my campaigns somehow, allowing my players to think they are two steps ahead of her and her plots, but in reality, she's five steps ahead of them. She always benefits, but never openly acts… instead just manipulating them into doing things that she benefits from.

  14. Very well sculpted and beautifully presented mini one of the best dragon minis they have signed.

  15. Great mini to add to your collection! Thanks for the opportunity! Moma always said 2 heads are better then 1! So 5 must be awesome!

  16. I really like the depiction of Tiamat. I always found it funny that in the D&D cartoon Tiamat attacked the party right away!

  17. I would love to get the booster pack. The dragon looks sick! I love the premium creatures and would love to get one some time. I would love the mater mind one

  18. My favorite DnD dragons are Silvers i rly like ther design and story .Wll hope i win the booster im a newer player to DnD i started harsly as a DM so this would be usefull

  19. It's a pretty cool miniature but other miniature companies have bigger looking 5 headed dragons

  20. I honestly think that’s a pretty cool looking mini right there. I wonder if there is a Bahamut mini as well?

  21. I love this mini, and frankly it looks far more impressive because it is flying – it stands out better. I have had her and Bahamut on top of my Ikea display case for years, right next to the original WotC mini from War of the Dragon Queen. While that one is good too, this mini is just infinitely more detailed, love how even the teeth and tongues of the heads are so detailed!
    I'd never call Tiamat silly looking, heh, but I get that she can look odd. However, since she existed since 1E she is kinda iconic and she managed to be even scary in the goofy D&D cartoon in the 80ies.

    I think what you read of her is the 5E lore, where they make it ambiguous whether she is imprisoned in Hell or rules Avernus. In older editions, this was far more clear, as Tiamat was always Lawful Evil, she simply had her domain there, as many LE deities like Set or Lei Kung. She cooperates with Asmodeus but they are certainly not antagonists. Oh and Kurtulmak, the Kobold god, also has his claustrophobic cavern realm supremely crowded with Kobolds right next to Tiamat's lair. Btw, Tiamat features a LOT in Planescape and Bator/Hell based adventures, because you can only get to Dis from Avernus through her lair. While she sleeps or has fun with her five Chromatic Dragon consorts most of the time, she still knows who goes by, so you are best advised to leave offerings for her Abishai servants and walk really really fast. The DM notes mention that characters who think about stealing from Tiamat's hoard deserve to have their player sheets ripped up soon -she is a god in Hell, you literally have no chance to even hurt her. To be frank, the stat block of her in 5E is more of an Aspect or Avatar than the real thing.

  22. Btw while costly for 45$ (at retail at least she cost that much), this mini is still much, much cheaper than the old WotC Tiamat. I remember, after getting swindled out of money (these were the pre-Paypal days of Ebay) for 40$ once, I eventually got her for about 55$, but usually she went for 65-75$ even back then. I opened TONS of War of the Dragon Queen boosters hoping to get her… but no luck. Ironically, the very first booster I bought of that set had Bahamut inside. 🙂

  23. My favorite dragon is Bahamut but Tiamat is a close second! Love all the reviews! Keep up the good work!!

  24. Fucking Quebec man! Quebec sucks ass. I want to win the giveaway. I'm not even french!

  25. Well i think the neck needs a better connection. I mean the change of the colors looks too abrupt, and the red body makes the white, green and blue heads too notorious. Maybe would be great if the body is not full red. But i loved the detail on the scales and faces, the fact that you have all dragons in one its too cool. Reminds me to an hydra.

  26. What a great mini with some awesome lore. I absolutely love that she has returned in Descent and I cant wait to side with her…and Arkhan

  27. The black dragon is the best dragon of all the 10 regular ones. I like Venomfang (The young green dragon from the starter set) because I started playing with the starter set

  28. Honestly i've been interested in a Tiamat miniature for the longest time. She has always interested me because of their power and symbol of pure evil and draconic energy and I really appreciate the black and red wings on this mini 😊 honestly I just love my Dragons in Dungeons and Dragons

  29. I still remember Tiamat getting foiled by the gang in silly and outlandish ways back in the old D&D cartoon. This miniature is nice, but I still kind of wish it was bigger lol.

  30. Her paint job is amazing and so are the details on her. But I do agree that the colors should have been blended in the neck area.

  31. I think Tiamat has to be my favorite. My first full story I played through was hers and my mother was a worshiper of her that sacrificed my father to her. Tiamat will always have a place in my heart

  32. If paint would stick well to it, I guess you could take care of the blending yourself. Quite a beautiful Miniature, I gotta say ;3 Getting a Tiamat Mini is high on my list of minis I would love to get, this just tempts me more 😅

  33. I think tiamat is great miniutrue and I have been studying and it's great panit so thank you for showing us this beautiful mini

  34. That's an awesome mini. I just wish my players could face her eventually, but at 1 session every two months it's gonna take a while haha

  35. Always been a fan of Tiamat! I think the first time I saw her was in the Dungeons and Dragons show? Always been a huge fan and the figure is just amazingly articulated and painted!

  36. Imagine a campaign where Tiamat is successfully risen, that would be terrifying

  37. badass mini probably will repaint some areas on her besides the necks . i dont have nearly enough players for a "fair" fight against her but they will be fine righhht?

  38. What's not to love about a five headed dragon?! Gives me serious King Ghidorah vibes, pretty cool!

  39. The Tiamat Figure looks amazing! Conveys the aesthetic of Tiamat very well. Absolutely gorgeous

  40. looks pretty cool! def need to get my hands on a gargantuan dragon for my campaign!

  41. I’d love to have one to place on the table randomly to watch the freak outs until they get used to it and then one day just not take it off the table and laugh maniacally as I loose all my friends

  42. I think this miniature is a beautiful sculpt and Tiamat is one of my favorite lesser gods

  43. Beginning my first ever DnD game gm’d by my local shop with close friends This wednesday by far favorite dragon is tiamat!! Beautiful masterpiece!

  44. Tiamat ate my party. No seriously in the final boss battle the party couldn't stop her summoning and she ate the party.

  45. Would love to play a campaign were she has won and the party fights to defeat her

  46. Definitely looks like a great figure, but just so hard to justify paying so much for a mini that can only really be used a few times….I'll still end up getting it though lol

  47. I've been wanting to Drop Tiamat on my players for so long now and plan to do so soon to scare them shitless.

  48. The mini looks so much cooler than I anticipated. Currently running Rise of Tiamat!!

  49. I’m currently running Tyranny of Dragons, so this mini is a must have for the end. I just wish it was easier to find for a cheaper price… still an amazing mini though!

  50. This would be sick. My players just got to avernus so Tiamats not far around the corner. Great review

  51. Stupid giveaway laws! 😉 I'll just say anyway that I do have a general love for the classic D&D black dragons, though the red dragon Klauth from the Forgotten Realms is also very cool! (If you had him in 28mm scale, he'd probably take up the space of the entire gaming room! There is a sculpt of him on top of a city I suggest you google, if you haven't already seen it. 😀 )

    Actually getting Reaper's "Ma'al Drakar" tomorrow, which is basically an unpainted(and unassembled) Tiamat mini that dwarfs this one. Going to be a fun project. 😀 (Will also start DMing "Tyranny of Dragons" in about two weeks.)

    Awesome video as always, guys! You're amazing! :3

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