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  1. Please do top 50 or 100. Your coaster count is unique and I would like to see all of the different coasters you’ve ridden and how they rank

  2. Amazing review! Voyage is just insane, so much work went into building this ride and still does when maintaining the Voyage but it looks like it is absolutely worth it, I’ll definitely have to go to Holiday World to ride Voyage!

  3. Please Ryan, make a top twenty, fifteen or 10 roller coasters. PLEASE😂

  4. My first ride was at night during hwn, I will never forget the feeling of that triple down in pitch black.

  5. Im glad that B-meh didnt delete the video lmaoo. Nice review man!

  6. I rode The Voyage for the first time about a month ago, and I must admit that this is one great ride! Outside of ElToro this is my favorite woodie. This thing hauls a$$!!!

  7. Ryan how did you make this video if the ride never ended??????

  8. YES!! My new #1 after experiencing night rides on it last weekend – I still love Toro but holy frickballs this thing hauls serious ASS!

  9. Please do a top 10 or 20 coasters Ryan. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to Holiday world, but I hope I do. This ride sounds awesome!

  10. I would love to ride this, especially at night. Woodies are the best

  11. Pointless tidbit: Voyage is the second longest wooden coaster on Earth, but is the longest with only one lift. Voyage holds this distinction by 1,058 feet of track. I have ridden a few steel coasters longer than Voyage, but they do not FEEL as long. And Beast…..well, two lifts.

  12. Voyage at Holiwood Nights this year is the best coaster I have ever ridden out of 456 coasters. It isn't even that close. Even Steel Vengeance in the rain at night pales in comparison. I am in awe. I love El Toro too but it can't compete with the train out of control sensation that this ride has on Holiwood Nights. It felt like the last drop on the triple down was a 200 foot tall Jack Rabbit. On my last ride Saturday, I thought the train was going to rip the track apart on the last turn Into the brake run.

  13. 2 eltoro rides = one voyage ride….the up keep tho is nuts…thumbs up to hoilday world… el Toro at 945pm is changing my life lately..

  14. The fact that these reviews are so in depth and not just what’s on the surface is pretty telling of your dedication and love for coasters. Kudos for another bangin’ review my guy.

  15. Love your in-depth reviews, man! You’ve quickly become one of my favorite coaster channels. Keep ‘em coming!

  16. These in-depth coaster reviews slap dawg. Not only do you go in depth on why/how each element works better than any other enthusiast, the sections on management and ops add so much to appreciating the ride as a whole. 10/10, ggwp

  17. I think you're lil bias, considering the name of the channel. Don't front, you know it's better than El Toro. Lol. Jk

  18. Have you ridden Ghost Rider at KBF? Personally that’s my favorite woody, would like to know your opinion too!

  19. Great review and video! The Voyage is in my Top 5 currently. I think a top 25 roller coaster video would be great btw!

  20. Your channel is finally taking off. I love it. Keep the content coming mang!

  21. Wow! Never heard of this coaster..reminds me of the villain that ran at the defunct amusement park in Ohio called Geauga Lake…I only got to ride it once before the park closed. was awesome hated to see it go. I will be checking this one out! Great video thanks!

  22. why are your coaster reviews SO GOOD???!!! you go into so much DETAIL!!!!

  23. I had no idea Voyage traveled up a hill like that. I’m a bad coaster nerd lol. Thanks again for a great review, Ryan!!! You’re the best🥳

  24. So, the Voyage was my favorite coaster from 2013 – 2016. After riding another 150 or so coasters, it dropped to a 3 way tie for 4th with The Legend and El Toro. But, when I attended HoliWood Nights, this year, Trimless Voyage EASILY was easily bump into first place. Trimmed Voyage was still lower UNTIL this past Saturday when, even during the day, The Voyage was as insane as it was during HoliWood Nights. The awesome thing is Holiday World was open until 10 and they are just west of time zone line which means they are dark at night. All I can say is that this is the best coaster out there, especially at night and EVER with trims on

  25. I just rode Voyage a couple of days ago and accidentally got the last ride of the night.

  26. Damn, your reviews are the best and most informative reviews I have ever watched or read…and I'm not just talking about coasters. I REALLY appreciate the effort you put into these

  27. Thx for showcasing this amazing coaster, as well as Holiday World in general. , I LIVE in Indiana, and have yet to experience this incredible park! You've done a terrffic job showcasing what to look forward to- keep up the great content!

  28. I loved this video, but to be fair: Millennium Force's duration is about 70 seconds from disengagement of its elevator lift hill to the end brake run; not 60. (I think you were thinking about the drop to EBR of Fury 325; which is about 60 seconds. Makes sense; Fury is faster with a much longer EBR; so its 7 feet of track length doesn't count for shit even IF it's a better coaster; but I digress) 

    For El Toro it's the drop to EBR is about 55 seconds. 

    If you wanna see coasters with duration: There's also an 1) Arrow coaster built in the 80s in Marine land at Niagra Falls Ontario Canada that like the 2) Texas Giant (Notice I didn't say the New Texas Giant) BOTH have a drop to EBR duration of about 2 MINUTES and also BOTH have a track length of about 5,000'. That's less than one mile which is 5, 280' (Diamondback is the closest coaster in the world to have a track length being equal to one mile; at 5,282' that strangely enough possibly has the 3rd most airtime of any coaster in the world after Steel Vengeance and The Voyage.) 

    I concur: the duration of The Voyage from drop to EBR is actually 100 seconds long and is by length the longest wooden roller coaster in the world with one lift hill. The fact that the terrain went uphill one way and downhill he other way was new information for me as of me seeing this awesome Youtube clip about The Voyage. Thank you for sharing. I've never been to Holiday World before; it's a miracle I made it to Cedar Point last year in May! Most importantly: I love the passion you have for have for the best experiences of the best wooden roller coasters. Thanks for all you've contributed!

  29. While tough to marathon, Voyage marathons are 2nd to none. It felt like a true accomplishment riding Voyage time and time again with as you said no rest besides the brake run.

  30. can you review the waterpark? because I need to hear about everything that slaps

  31. You do an excellent job with your reviews. I didn't notice the video was over 19 minutes long when I started it, and was so captivated I didn't notice 19 minutes had gone by.

  32. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this coaster at all. One of, if not the roughest experience I’ve ever had on a coaster. Major letdown…

  33. "Free beer for life"! I love you guy!
    Parks should hire you to market their attractions. I literally want to drive to Holiday World RITE NOW!

  34. As a Hoosier, I'm so glad this coaster is in my home state. I love The Voyage for pretty much all the reasons you've listed. Its so long, really smooth for a wooden coaster, and has different feel/elements at different points in the track. It is an amazing, amazing ride! And somehow second in the park to Thunderbird…

  35. Great review Ryan, loved how you synced the clips with your narration.

  36. But does it have buzz bars or the #1 Wooden Coaster in the World (2018) award?

  37. They need to retrack that section just before the break run. It is pretty rough.

  38. You need to do the Hollywood Nights at Holiday World. They run Voyage Trimless

  39. Great review Ryan. Long ass ride deserves a long ass review. Keep sending it man 👊

  40. It’s crazy how holiday world is my home park, and I’ve been so many times I can’t count. But I never knew that there’s an extra queue underneath voyage😂

  41. Voyage on a regular day: 100 seconds
    Voyage during HWN 2019: 93 seconds

  42. My favorite kind of videos from you. Really need to grow out of the "slaps" thing though. Or lower the frequency. It's kind of silly. But then again don't matter what I think, ha.

  43. Most in depth and informational coaster breakdowns I have seen period. WELL DONE RYAN!!!!

  44. This review slaps, love the engineering facts. It always amazes me how much speed it picks up after the midcourse, makes sense that its because it climbs a hill and is all downhill from there, you just dont realize it while youre on it

  45. Thanks for posting this video — well done. Glad you talked about the night ride with trims off, unreal and something every coaster fan should experience. My first time was in the dark and the triple down seemed impossible (always love when coasters truly surprise me).

  46. Its a frickin shame you only have 6k subs. With the quality of content you have, you should have hundreds of thousands more subs.

  47. Thanks for the heads up about The Voyage's aggressiveness, and your appreciation that not everyone finds that characteristic desirable in a coaster. I found El Toro too intense and not fun, so I'll probably skip The Voyage. Give me a coaster like Knoebel's Phoenix and I'll be happy.

  48. totally agree with this review and your comments on el toro too as it was majorly intense…but on the voyage, for the first time in my coaster riding life, i had to go sit down on a bench and catch my breath when i got off the voyage. i was so wiped out, i felt like i had just run a marathon.

  49. I’m going to cedar point for the first time Tuesday and wendsday of next week (week after 4th of july) Tuesday should be sunny and wendsday will have thunderstorms how do you think the crowds will be? Do u think I can get on all the major rides?

  50. The Voyage was my first roller coaster when I was 6 years old. I loved it and now I'm a coaster enthusiast! The Voyage is very special to me and is also one of my favorite roller coasters ever.

  51. I just visited Holiday World for the first time last weekend, what a great, unique park! The Voyage is an incredible ride and has easily landed the #1 spot in my list of favorite wooden coasters! I have never had a woodie take my breath away let alone scare me as much as this coaster did. I got to ride it in both the front and back, hard to say which I liked better as they provided different rides. I think what's so impressive about this coaster is how much speed it maintains during the entire ride. You are still going so fast into that last turn that leads up to the brake run! What you said about maintenance is so true too, I found this coaster to be smoother than El Toro in many spots actually! They did a lot of track work to it on the return part of the ride this year, you can see all of the new wood from the ground and the station.

  52. I seriously need to get out to Holiday World. When I do get out there, Voyage will be the first coaster I ride.

  53. "I bet that most of the rollercoasters you ride are only 3 quarters of the length of voyage at best" Weird flex but ok

  54. I saw logan at cedar point working rougarou and ive never seen a more depressing face lmao. It was also 102 degrees, I screamed 1 train ops and he screamed it back lmao.

  55. I think it’s funny you didn’t mention the 4 minute long beast.

  56. My number one roller coaster, intense, fun, good airtime, and good pacing!

  57. What if Voyage and Thunderbird were in Massachusetts! I would love it because it's where I live.

  58. I love holiday world! I’m going to try and get a season pass next summer and I’m riding the voyage since I’ve finally gotten over my coaster fear!

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