This Muslim American was shot after 9/11. Then he fought to save his attacker’s life

Mark Stroman was in a shooting rampage to kill as many Muslims as possible as a retaliation of 9/11 terrorist attacks. He killed Waqar Hasan a man from Pakistan. He shot and killed a man from India,Vasudev Patel. And on September 21st, 2001 he shot me in the face. As a child my impression about U.S.A. was it’s a great country, a beautiful country. I remember watching a lot of Western movies. For a Few Dollars More. The Good, Bad, and The Ugly. It was a dream, that one day I should visit the wild wild west and see all those things. After graduating from a military school in Bangladesh. I went to Dallas and loved it. Worked pretty hard and within like a month, I was working as a clerk in a gas station. It gave me an opportunity to get to know the people, to learn the culture. I moved to Dallas in May, 2001 three months before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Ten days after 9/11, I was behind the counter, a customer walked in. He was holding a double barreled shotgun pointing at my face. I said, “Sir, here’s all the money. Please do not shoot me.” And then he mumbled a question, “Where are you from?” I was confused and I said, “Excuse me?” As soon as I said excuse me, he pulled the trigger. I felt at first like a million bees stinging my face, and then I heard the explosion. Frantically I placed both palms on my head thinking I had to keep my brain from spilling out. Images of my mother, my father, my siblings and my fiancee appeared one after another one. And I was begging God, do not take me today. [Clip] Ten days after 9/11 Stroman went on a shooting spree. [Clip] Mark Stroman, a white supremacist wanted revenge, and shot three clerks, who he thought were Muslims. [Clip] Here in America everybody will say it, “Let’s get them”. Two of his victims died. Stroman was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. I went to Haaj in 2009 with my mother during the pilgrimage she was rubbing on my face she was crying…and I heard my mom telling God that whatever my son wants to do with this life, help him. In my faith, in Islam, it says that saving a life is like saving the entire mankind. Mark Stroman has committed a heinous crime, there’s no doubt about that. But, all the good things I was taught inspired me: go and do the right thing. [Clip] Mark Stroman has been in this prison behind me for nearly ten years. [Clip] As he sits on Death Row, an unlikely champion is fighting to save his life. [Clip] Bhuiyan will be partially blind for the rest of his life because of his injuries. [Clip] But he wasn’t interested in eye-for-an-eye justice. I went to the US supreme court asking for clemency for Mark Stroman. Went to the US Federal court, went to the US State court of Texas. [Clip] For this man to forgive me, which I’ve done unforgivable, for him to come forward, the way he did, [Clip] it speaks volume. It speaks volume for the human race. He wrote a long letter to me. He said that, “My step-father taught me some lessons that I should have never learned.” “I have unlearned some of them, and I’m still unlearning some of them.” “I don’t know who your parents were… but it is obvious they’re wonderful people to lead you to act this way: to forgive someone who is unforgivable.” On the day he was executed he put my name on the list of people that he would like to talk. As soon as he came on the phone I said, “Mark you should know that I never hated you.” “I forgive you.” And he said, “Rais, I love you bro.” The same person ten years back his heart was filled with hate and ignorance. But when he came to know me he saw me as a human being. He was able to tell me that he loved me and he called me brother. Today, I am the Founder and President of a non-profit called, “World Without Hate”. Educating people about the transformation of power of mercy, and forgiveness. Based on the hope that we can build a better world. A world without violence, a world without victims, and a world without hate.

Stephen Childs


  1. Certainly a BIG HUMAIN thing he did for that man who shot him! This shooter was a white supremist and wanted to kill everybody. I do still don't like musims because of their audacity to claim all non muslim countries and for 9/11! But I do admire that mans way of forgiving. I would not be able to do that!

  2. I write this with sincerity and not to offend 😊
    la ilaha illallah muhammad rasul allah Theres no god but god and muhammad is his messenger.
    We all believe that our religion is the truth for one to make true sense of this world and Islam is the truth for all situations. I believe Islam is the true religion of Allah the most merciful and beneficent, the one and only and i want whoever reads this to know too.

  3. If you are reading this… I love you ❤️💗❤️💗❤️💗🤗😘😘

  4. this forgivness based on teaching of our beloved prophet when he forgive the people who beheaded his beloved uncle .

  5. 7/11 was a part time job, Orange Crush can't melt steel beams.

  6. Regardless of what and who we are, we all should consider one and another as human beings.

  7. Wow a fellow Bengali 👏 thanks to Allah for your safety 😊

  8. I am a Muslim and this is why you should treat us equally we are people we have souls.

  9. We dont want Muslims harmed thats why we want them out of our country.

  10. Thank you brother for sharing the biggest life lesson to us all. Kindness. I will make duah for you and your shooter insha'Allah and one day he will be forgiven and the gates of Jannah will open for you in the afterlife mashallah

  11. I was born in exact time and year(9/11). I feel very bad everytime they making a movie or vid about it.
    Makes me feel that I'm a disaster to them.

  12. The shooter lived in America and shot a bunch of people while living in America. You wouldn’t have gotten shot in the face had you been in goatfuckistan at the time. Seems like the blame is 50/50 to me.

  13. Glad a fellow Christian was able to forgive something so hard to. I question myself now if I would do the same.

  14. Marl Stroman is a very patriot persons, he do what must be done.

  15. This man takes the true meaning of religion. The religious books we think of today were written in times when things we consider not appropriate or outright wrong were acceptable. He takes the parts of his religious texts that make sense in a modern environment and left out the things that were bad and for that I have unending respect for him. Although I myself am not religious, I respect religious people who do this immensely.

  16. Jews done 911! =murder is not the way=only makes you as bad as THEM!
    Saving all mankind verse=read next next lines of the verse!

  17. Wow that makes it completely ok to follow a religion that preachers hate, sexism, and homophobia oh wait no it doesn’t i hate Islam and I hate you and all your family you will never be an American

  18. Killing white dumberican nazis here will be a service to world freedom and democracy….Anti racists are right

  19. I am so sorry for you it was right for that to happen to you I sorry the crime he did was wrong

  20. Islam is a disgusting ideology. Islam advocates raping children, FGM, stoning women to death, throwing gays off rooftops. Islam is not compatible with civilized Western Christian countries. The believers of this ideology should remain in their shitholes.

  21. Imam Ai welcomes you to Sufi Masjid of USA, Chicago, IL to learn about Islam call 1-312-937-8840 . This is a youtube video link

  22. The shooter and the victim never met before So even if you rewind the hand of time any American can shoot this guy on the face He will forgive him or her Is this an Angel or a man? Only you can decide.

  23. The world would be a much better place without the white man TERRORIST! The invader of countries! The white race should be abolished once and for all!

  24. Not sure the dead family members could forgive though. Maybe they could but that pill is much harder to swallow. You can't hate anyone in my eyes but whom hurt you. The individual not the race or religion or gender that is so stupid.

  25. No, he fought against his death penalty because he knew living is a worse punishment than death for him

  26. I wish that Brenton Tarrant will be invited to your organization
    His heart is full of hate and needs your help

  27. When 9/11 happened my reaction was 'bomb the Kaaba', after I found out the motivations behind it. I'm glad nothing like that happened

  28. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s nice to see this man understands this and he taught his attacker that.

  29. I feel bad for the man that got shot in the face. But, also happy at the fact that he survived. And soooo happy at the fact that he forgave the man who almost tried to kill him. #MuslimLivesMatter! Let's see how many likes i can get for this powerful message. Many people think that all muslims are terrorists just cuz of that one person. That is not the case. So, pleez not hate and just spread love cuz at the end of the day, we are all human beings with feelings. Thank you guys for understanding!!!

  30. its the media creating this hatred and when something like this happens people wonder why ? well first stop watching media without brain and know and accept what their agendas are…everyone knows 911 wasnt muslims but still at the age of today people use this as an excuse..well good job west you did a good job propagating and brainwashing the whole world with this hatred and spreading of lies.

  31. Beautiful man Mashallah Brother … Convert 10 years now , Allahu Akbar

  32. This man has high moral texture the unfortunate truth is there a still a percentage of radicalized Muslims that's a non radicalized ones will not defend but will not help bring to Justice also how can you ask for clemency for a man who did not kill you what about the two who are dead where is there clemency

  33. This is the real islam, the mercy, the forgiveness. May allh grant u jannah. As prophet said if u save life its like saving the entire humanity nd if u ended a life its like ending the entire humanity.

  34. Finally no damn Muslim bloody hate. PRAISE THE LORD (ALLAH) Subhanaahuwatala

  35. First time I saw peace on earth it's just so chaotic it's ruined

  36. A good Muslim, must a bad Islam… read what the Quran and hadith say.

  37. Especially in amirca they mix ethnicity and religion. My dad is Pakistanani there for I am too and upset me too she ethsi

  38. This is all a lie by youtube, If you search ( muslims hate whites ) the only thing that comes up is Anti-Muslim stories. Why are they so pro muslim. Need answers to this.

  39. I feel bad what happened to u but islam must be stop case close islamic teachings create terrorists

  40. This is what Islam has taught us Islam is not the religion of terrorists the terrorists who killed people for no reason i curse them and killing people for no reason is the biggest sin as a muslim if i see another muslim kills a man for no reason i would probably stand against him because muslims like them are destroying the positive beautiful image of islam i hope one day the world would become full of love for the muslims but it's impossible by the way!

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