This Florida trailer park is taken over by French-Canadian retirees every winter | Snowbirds

(Laughs) ♪ (Background voice) ♪ (Background voice) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (Dog barks) ♪ It’s uh, very attractive table. ♪ (Laughs) ♪ ♪ ♪ – -Swim. Dancing. -The sun. -Sun. Sun. -I like to play uh, pétanque.
It’s my first, uh- -Pétanque? I don’t know how
you say that in English, but uh, I like those also,
to play uh, shuffleboard. And I like to go
to the sea to swim. -Very good, eh you me– -Restaurant. Bicycle. Bicycle quite a lot. Uh, screen…dream?
We use- -Cha -Swim
(Laughs) -You wanna learn?
Well the best way… There are 2 ways. This? A dictionary yes. You don’t know the
word you look in it. And Nicole, you
see I said Nicole. In English it is not Nicole’ It is Nicole. Yeah “Nicole”. (Laughs) They speak like that. So you imitate them.
That’s what I do. E’ is A. So,
the letter A… “Aye”. A. E’ in French its “Uh”.
But in English its “Aye”. And when you go
to de Q’. It’s Q. Keee-you.
-Kee-you. -So, ke-e-o-e.
Kee-you. -Kee-you. Kee-you
All: Key- you. Que. -La U is,
“Oo”! You! Yeah, Danielle eh, is
giving us a good trick. Now that you know how to
pronounce the letter, Uh, of the alphabet in English. You can sing the song. A, b… All: C, d, e, f, g. H, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p. Q, r, s. T, u, v, y. X, y, z. -Okay, a good round of applause.
A good round of applause. (Clapping) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

Stephen Childs


  1. More feel-good documentaries: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyBdAUI4LX9gNeaCcj1ut18U92wwtSJDb

  2. They are darlings, and its all fun and games until they start demanding store signs to be in French only, and then want Florida to become a independent country, with the U.S government still sending in equalization payments to Florida support them.

  3. Damn, that woman knows next to nothing English especially considering she's staying for 6 months in the US. You really have to make an active effort to just know nothing more but "good night" and "good morning".

  4. This has been going on for years. The Canadians are great. The take over is the Spanish that don’t care about American culture

  5. To be able to live like this in your mid-80s is a blessing. Yes we all go sometime but many are in very poor health in their 80's.

  6. You are in the United States, speak Anglo. At least make an attempt to respect the Americans.

  7. Not French from France. They are the same people that wanted separation in Canada. But they are close to Cuba and they feel good.

  8. some of them have such a hate on for english people and Canada, they will refuse to speak english if they know it, and most wont respond with Canada when asked where they are from, they answer quebec

  9. some people want to move to Canada because of trump but apparently they haven't moved yet.

  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2182775968642402&id=2164115237175142

  11. Hi. The Beachcombers Hollywood Florida are a band that play at Charnow Park Tuesday-Thursday 11:30am-3pm for the City of Hollywood. 

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  12. I dont know why but french canadian elderly got this kind of kindness that is unique. Maybe i fell nostalgic because i had good great parent … Entk reste que quand tes quebecois , tu l'est peut importe ou thabite


  14. I am fluent in both English and French but don't understand them when they speak either.

  15. My comment would be when I go to Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina I try to learn Spanish so I can chat with the locals. In the Netherlands I practice my Dutch, in India I try Hindi. Why to the French Canadian insist on not trying to speak English when on vacationing the USA, a non-French speaking country. It is very old school thinking. Thank god the younger Quebecois are moving forward with the times. Even when I travel to France, countless people speak English because of the EU common language is English. Unfortunately the people in this video are living in a bubble. No disrespect intended.

  16. Exactly why i'm gonna go hide in sout east asia and leave this culture behind, farewell Canada and good riddance..

  17. Oh My God!! This is a stark reminder to NOT lay out in the sun like strips of bacon waiting to be flipped. That old burnt lady looks like an old catcher's mitt!!

  18. Every Canadian should speak perfect French; requirement to enter our great country … speak both our official languages (go figure). Language is culture and we are rapidly losing our great Canadian culture due to other language groups flooding our country to supply cheap labour. We cannot lose our distinctive Quebec!

  19. They should move to places like Vermillion Parish in Louisiana. Cajun French is very similar to Quebec French. Plus it’s also very sunny.

  20. Moi je suis américain, et nos amis québécois sont toujours les bienvenus ici 🙂

  21. I don’t like to have to read my videos…. I need them at least dubbed in English so I can watch while I do housework

  22. Damn! auntie Agathe is 85!! Lovely documentary of elders aging gracefully!

  23. Quebecers force anglophones to learn French and these people move to an English country, hilarious.

  24. I had to learn Yiddish from my grandmother. Get on my level.

  25. Cute!? Lol come live in Quebec and see how “cute” they are. Closed minded and unwelcoming if anyone non-white and non- French speaking.

  26. Where is that exactly? Is it in Fort Lauderdale? Somebody knows the street ?

  27. Ce sont les Québécois de banlieue. Like really banlieue. Got to respect their good life 🙂

  28. Wow les quebecois n'ont plus le droit de se plaindre que les immigrants ne veulent pas parler le français hein?!
    Table table hah!

  29. why live so close like on top of each other..to close..i dont want my neighbors window connected to mine..this is to weird for me

  30. The filming was awesome, it added a quirky sense of humour

  31. these are the same people that don't like English speakers in Quebec?

  32. French Canadian is like a very big Chinatown that you can live there without speaking the majority language 😒

  33. I wish Americans were like these folks. Where I live the folks are pretentious and aggressive here in New Jersey. I’ve been to Quebec several times and of all North Americans I’ve met the Quebecers are the most polite quiet and respectful. They are very cold and hard to get close too but then again Americans are the same. The only difference between Americans and French Canadians is that Americans pretend to be nice and friendly and at the same time are spiteful, judgmental and heartless. The French Canadians don’t pretend to be nice and I love how they don’t say hi to strangers. It’s so weird to me how Americans say hello to folks they do not know. It’s very bad and dimwitted.

  34. They take over a trailer park in the United States and still carry bit learn how to speak English.

  35. Louisiana and Florida are the only states in the us that has a lot of French speakers in Louisiana it's required to learn French in school and in Florida there's a lot of Spanish and French and you have to pick one of those languages to learn in school

  36. She can't make sentences yet….Maybe over time????? What time!


  38. Ain't that something huh coming from an English speaking country and can't speak English….. Shameful really.

  39. Pathetic for anyone to be born in canada and cant speak english just pathetic. Please florida take them allllllllllll PLEASE

  40. These great people know the secrets of having a happy life: Companionship, a relaxed and friendly environment, sun, continuous learning to keep the mind sharp and engaged, good, food, exercise, and a sense of humor.

  41. From 20:01 to 20:24, observe how this man walks like a young man with a brisk, even pace, not slow and not fast.

  42. Why can't we all live together on this dam planet and just get along ! Geez !

  43. I need to step up my tan game. I am failing my Patron Saint Agathe.

  44. I absolutely love how chill everyone is it’s like they all have an understanding about how slow the pace is here. 😂 just brilliant

  45. Send time in Florida in January and you'll see that a third of the cars have Quebec plates and another third have Ontario plates.

  46. I sure wish our snowbirds (where I live in FL) were as nice as these people. Ours are obnoxious, arrogant New Yorkers and New Jersey-ites. Ugh….

  47. FRENCH!!!!!!!!
    Most ignorant people in the world!!!!!!

    They also can’t drive!!!

  48. If you are a local and you are infested with Snowbirds every winter as I am, you get seriously frustrated with them! ( Granted, most of them are very nice people. )
    Try to make a doctor's visit in January or get a prescription filled at Walmart. Try driving to work in the morning with a just few minutes to spare; the car in front of you is going 20 miles under the speed limit and the only one looking at the road is the white poodle in the driver's lap! And don't even get me started on fake service dogs! ( Also, petty crime goes up in retail stores! )
    As far as Snowbirds go, the Canadians are the most polite; Snowbirds from Oregon and Washington state are knuckleheads in my experience.
    What's worse than a winter Snowbird? Answer: A summer visitor from CALIFORNIA!

  49. As for Agathe, you go girl!!! At 85 years old I don’t care 🤷🏽‍♀️ what language you speak!! Moi assi , Je parle un peu Francais!!🙋🏽‍♀️🇺🇸🇫🇷🇨🇦💕

  50. on aime ça ici car c'est juste en français ya pas d'anglais 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  51. I feel sorry for Florida, the faux french lily flowered (Fleurdelisé) Quebecois will soon start making their own laws their

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