The Worst Depiction of Furries Ever: Border Security Commentary

Hai Everybody! Baliebox4916 here
do I really have to do this do I really have to “sigh” fine in case you don’t know back
in 2013 when furries and bronies were fighting to the death
there was a border security episode that was released with a furry in it and when
I saw it when I was 15 I wanted to kill myself
just as things couldn’t get worse for furries back then
now us furries at the time we’re being mistaken for terrorists so let’s watch
this shitty video to see if we can learn from our mistakes oh and I’m skipping
the intro because at some point in the video its some pointless propaganda message about people crossing
the border to Vancouver just put your jacket on the counter inside if you
could just scarf and hat on here as well and you see the problem with this show
look at how much of a weeb this guy is and this is supposed to be how furries
we’re supposed to be portrayed Of Course hes got a tail Otherkins Have Tails
you know also there are people who wear tails as fluffy fashion accessories
similar to a petticoat it’s not just a furry thing this travelers coming to see
two boyfriends he met them online playing video games
it’s something we do see quite frequently coming through our bus
terminal but we don’t often see his people wearing tails and again not all
furries are neckbeard gamers who play World of Warcraft and watch Naruto all day
like TBone2004 and SolarSaber said there are furries who are soldiers doctors
firefighters artists game designers musicians and in the case of one of the
first furries I met during Canada Day he has a dream of becoming a police officer
not all furries are weebs who sit there all day playing DDR and RuneScape there
are furries have lives you know im whats known as a furry and we like to dress up as
animals and whatnot and show off how much we like what’s it called well
animals and well my favourites of wolf so I wear wolf’s tail just because you
have a full wolf costume up yet you’re starting with the tail you’ll build it
from there yeah although I think it’d be kind of a
kick for you guys to see it with like a werewolf walk through here just be like not everyone has a fursuit but cause most good
fursuits are 5 Grand Canadian around 4 Grand American but just having
the tail come on all I have right now are some bunny ears made out of a blanket
and a headband some black plush cat ears and an orange Fox tall I got for my 16th
birthday but still not everyone has a fursuit and so that’s why oh wait
it gets worse why are you bringing your tablet up with well I’m an artist and I
like drawing stuff they’re illegal on there no is there any
adult content at all yes but it’s stuff that I’ve drawn myself so it’s no actual
photographs this is the part that pissed me off as a teen back in the day this
guy is clearly an artist and when they asked him if he has any adult content
which is false and unless if it’s fetish based or if the furries have breasts or
some shit like that that’s showing again it’s fine if the fursona is flat chested
and doesn’t look like a human child it’s even fine if the furry is like Animal
Crossing Aggretsuko or Happy Tree Friends and is completely feral but oh it gets
worse watch as they take a look at the art he
drew and questioned him for having Anthropomorphic animals on his PC okay
did any of your drawings involve animals or children no not of children now and
it’s not actual animals just cartoon drawings yes someone who obviously has a
love of animals that does raise our suspicion that you may be
some sort of illegal imagery may be bestiality so we’re just taking a look
through his laptop right now and this is another thing that pissed me off about
this episode it’s not bestiality! it’s a hobby!
he’s not in love with animals it’s an interest you fucking dipshit! it’s gonna
be hard to classify it is bestiality is defined as a sexual act
between a human being and a live animal including implied or real acts they’re
all animated drawings of animals so THERE NOT LIVE ANIMALS THERE DRAWINGS!
again they’re not sexual in any way yet because they’re showing skin instead of
fur they think it’s sexual but wait it gets better
these pieces of shit deport this poor man over fucking fanart!
up here definitely not he came all the way from Hawaii
he has no return ticket to go from either Canada or the u.s. to get back to
Hawaii he has fairly limited funds as well again the guy doesn’t have any
money and because of this they send him back to the States
did I mention that they let refugees into Canada that may actually pose a
threat the way that means you have to support yourself while you’re here the
traveler is given the option to withdraw his application to enter Canada so if
you were to reapply for entry we’d want to see your ticket back into Hawaii
we’re gonna issue him a document and that allows you to withdraw his
application from Canada and then we’ll walk him back and then states that he’ll
get back to wherever he needs to go fuck you border security and fuck you
Muhammad I hope you die I hope die and rot in hell you Sacks of
shit sorry this episode really pissed me off when I was a teen
this episode was controversial when it came out at the wrong time when people
need to learn what furries were aw man I need a drink but I out all seriousness
though this is one the worst depictions of furries I ever seen in a show I wish
aberguine were still here to make an episode of this this was just BAD! if
this were KittyDog the same thing would have happened
like I said furries aren’t the kind of people who have sex with animals they’re
hobbyists who like cute things and there are also soldiers cops musicians artists
doctors you name it it’s here shit like this is the reason why people miss the
90s and why I created my alternate history series in the first place this
is Baliebox4916 signing out adios

Stephen Childs

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