The Trump Administration’s Reefer Madness: The Daily Show

Today’s basically
National Weed Day. And you know what I noticed?
You know what I noticed? Your news anchors in America… They smoke
a (bleep) ton of weed. You know what today is:4/20, also known asthe unofficial
pot smokers’ holiday.
It’s a high holy day for those who enjoy marijuana. For all of you at home… -I don’t know what that means.
-…waking and baking… -4/20!
-(crew whooping, laughing) Today’s a high holiday if you’re
a marijuana aficionado. It’s a high holiday. Happy national… high day. REPORTER:Today Ben & Jerry’s
released its new product,
the Chillaco,
telling fans to get one
before it
“goes up in a puff of smoke.”
It’s also national high…
five day. -That was good,
that was really good. -Yeah. All right, those people
have never smoked weed. Like, they sound like undercover
cops on their first day. Greetings, fellow stoners. Who’s got the doobie? I’m looking to get high
illegally. You know, the cool way. Like, even the other cops
are like, “Get the (bleep)
out of here, narc.” Now, it wasn’t always
acceptable for people, uh, on net-network TV to joke
about smoking weed, you know? But it’s easier these days, because support for legalizing
pot is at record levels. Partly because Americans
have started to realize that unnecessarily incarcerating
people for marijuana does more harm than good. And also because
it’s the only way to handle all of these
hot dog crusted pizzas. But even as most people
are moving in that direction, unfortunately, there is one
very powerful little man who disagrees. Attorney General Jeff Sessions
has directed federal prosecutors to reevaluate
marijuana enforcement. REPORTER:In a departure
from the Obama administration,
more aggressive enforcement
may be coming.
I reject the idea that we’re
gonna be better place if we have more marijuana and you can just go down to the
corner grocery store and get it. All right, all right,
calm down, Jeff Sessions. Think of the upside, man: more people smoke marijuana, more people buy your cookies. Hmm? Hmm? Think about it.
Think about it. And… and it’s not
just your cookies. Legalizing marijuana
has already created thousands of full-time jobs and it’s raised hundreds
of millions of dollars in tax revenue,
a lot of which has gone toward public schools. So, you see, kids?
Drugsarecool. Yeah. And, look, and, look,
I do understand why some people
want to ban weed. I mean, it is
a mind-altering substance that some people abuse. Uh, and I could get you tied up
with the wrong crowd. I mean, Snoop
has smoked so much weed that he’s hanging out
with a convicted criminal now. So you never know. But I would argue
that however dangerous weed is, alcohol is ten times worse,
all right? And youcanbuy that at pretty much
every single grocery store. 4/20 is only once a year. Miller time is every day. And marijuana being legalized
is not just about getting high
and going to White Castle. I mean, there are many
other reasons that over half of the American population
are for legalization. New evidence
that marijuana could help treat symptoms
of Parkinson’s disease. There’s pretty solid evidence
that it can be helpful in alleviating, uh,
chronic pain in adults, nausea from chemotherapy,
and then spasticity or muscle spasm in people
with multiple sclerosis. REPORTER:Marijuana can
also be an exit drug that gets
chronic pain sufferers off
of potentially deadly opiates.
It’s about freedom, you know?
And it’s about the cannabis plant,
you know? That’s… that’s why we’re here, you know? O-Okay… okay, I-I understand
the giant talking cannabis leaf might not be
the most credible source, but you get the point. And, by the way, there’s another
reason that it’s weird Trump’s attorney general
is against marijuana. And I know
this might sound crazy, but just hear me out
for a second. I have a theory that President Donald Trump is always high. Now, did I come up with
this theory while I was high? Maybe. But it still made sense
after I stopped being high. Unlike my idea
for reusable toilet paper. But hear me out.
Hear me out. Because I think there’s…
there’s, like, strong evidence that the president
is always high. Because just look at it– he forgets people’s names, he mixes up Iraq and Syria, and what do high people
always do? They forget
where they put things. And last week Donald Trump
didn’t just lose his keys, he lost the navy. Earlier this month,
the White House responded to the North Korean missile test
by sending what President Trump called
an armada to the Korean peninsula. But it turns out
those ships were steaming in the opposite direction. “And breaking news,
we’re now getting a new update “that the armada
is just doing donuts out in the middle of the ocean.” Yeah, those ships
were headed to Australia. Can you imagine
how the Australians were (bleep)ing themselves?
Trump’s like, “We’re coming for you,
North Korea! Fire!” And Australians are like,
“What the (bleep), mate? They’re coming at us?” The man’s high. You… Okay, you tell me
that this person is not high. ♪ And I gladly stand up
next to you ♪ ♪ And defend her still today ♪ ♪ ‘Cause there ain’t
no doubt… ♪ -Huh?
-(cheering and applause) Like, if Donald Trump hugged
Melania that passionately, maybe she would live with him. (laughter, gasping) -And, and…
-(applause) and remember the other day? Remember the other day when
Trump was celebrating Easter? That bunny wasn’t really there.
That’s how high he was! We saw it, too! I’ll tell you what sealed
the deal for me, people. Here’s Trump in an interview
discussing maybe the biggest decision he’s made
in his presidency. But that is no match
for the munchies. When you were with the president
of China, you’re launching
these military strikes. Uh, was that planned?
How did that come about? I was sitting at the table.
We had finished dinner. We’re now having dessert. And we had the most beautiful
piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen. Now, now,
when we first saw that– let’s be honest–
we were confused. Like, “Why are you talking
about cake when you just launched missiles
into Syria?” But then, through our intrepid
journal-journalism here atThe Daily Show,we got ahold
of the original footage before Fox cleaned it up, and, all of a sudden,
it all made sense. When you were
with the president of China, -you’re launching these military
strikes. -(bong bubbling) -Uh, was that planned? How did
that come about? -(coughing) I was sitting at the table.
We had finished dinner. We’re now having dessert. And we had the most beautiful
piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen. Mmm…. Now I want some cake.

Stephen Childs


  1. 4:20 is my husband and I's anniversary.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„

  2. πŸ˜‚ it should be legalized and sessions needs to shut his mouth he’s so being paid off by drug companies

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  7. If weed was legalized then the government can take control of it, getting weed dealers out of job, making it safer with regulations, and they can get money from the people buying it. Also, if alcohol and cigarettes are legal, why can’t weed be?

  8. Yeah because dick-sucking Jeff sessions just wants to take advantage of people and he knows marijuana is a profitable business he's not going to be seeing any money out of fucking scumbag. I already dick-sucking sessions you fucking scumbag.

  9. pharma doesn't want it legal because of its healing quality. law enforcement can use its supposed smell to search you and your property. politicians want to put you in prison because their invested in the private companies that run the prisons. my opinion only.

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  15. I smoke weed every single day. I'm also successful with my company, a loving husband and father. I have a toddler who I play with every day. Weed allows me to just relax and not care what people think. I do what I have to do and constantly try to better myself. I didn't have the best childhood and before weed I was a very aggressive person, always fighting and just an asshole. Weed has honestly allowed me to become a better person, it makes me more compassionate, patient and just friendly overall. I don't take any pills, I don't feel the need to move on to "harder drugs", I don't even drink alcohol. Canabis is the most misunderstood "drug" in the US.

  16. I'm cool with weed, just not smoking it anywhere in the vicinity of people who don't

  17. Trevor makes a good point about Trump. I don't drink alcohol, but no one can handle reality sober, so I smoke metric tons of 'dro. Trump also does not consume alcohol. If i get high enough I speak in a form of english that makes perfect sense to me, and I think is deep and insightful, but is incoherent to everyone else, I also do a lot of really, really weird stuff when I'm high, although I'm sure putting a sock in the freezer on a paper plate made sense at the time. I can't explain the random 3am tweets, but Trump has deep connections to the KGB so probably has better stuff than I'm smoking.

  18. Almost a year later and Phillip Morris is about to begin production of marijuana cigarettes due to revenue losses. Yeah. That's actually a thing.

  19. Obama was all for legalizing. Then he got into office and backed away from it.

    Why can't we, all of us, just focus on getting cannibals legal? Not worrying about who dose it. I could care if the democrats do it OR the Republicans.

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  24. We in India have our own 4/20 day but call it Maha Shiv Ratri(Night of the Great Shiva)….😁

  25. Today is the day, 4-20 where we celebrate marijuana because law enforcement would.and still is charging people with a code 420 in order to imprison and find them for using Satan's grass which is ruining the fabric of America and undermining the Gentry class of Fox news and the Christian God Jesus. Government and law enforcement the warriors of Truth and justice once again winning hearts and minds and then wondering why people hate them.

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  34. Did anyone else notice how dismissive everyone in the media is about this one particular crime? I could care less, but seriously, just legalize it. The era of marijuana causing you to kill your family with an axe is over. No one is scared anymore, because we all know the original reasons behind its criminalization were all lies.

    It’s amazing it remains a crime in the age of the Internet. Willful ignorance.

  35. You know people around here are getting off narcotics by switching to weed?
    Also no effects with medicine taken. Not like alcohol at all. And THAT is legal

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    Write down a comment.

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