The Story of Our Home (2016) (DPRK)

Korean Film – Where is my insect net?
– Why? I need it for nature study today. – Sis, my wordbook?
– Every morning, we have such a mess. Hurry up. We will be late. – We will be late for school.
– Teacher would surely blame me. My mum used to write a story in a book. This book bares her dreams of her
children’s future. We used to call the book
“The Story of Our Home”. My father was a hard worker
before he died. My mother replaced him
but she also died. It was when I was 1 5. Her name is Ri Jong A.
She just finished her middle school and paid frequent visits to our house. With her visits, the story of
our home is changing. The Story of Our Home Aunt! Don’t go! I can’t allow Un Hyang to go for
nature study without her net. Definitely not. You are spoiling my siblings that way. They are getting dependent. I hate it. Me? Am I spoiling you? You used my net to catch dragonflies. I don’t remember. Hello! – Sister!
– Sister! It is you again. – How are you?
– lnsect net! – Here!
– New one. – Aunt.
– How did you know this? My mother told me. She is the best. – Sis, we have football match today.
– Really? Your mother came to cheer me last time. Un Jong says she can’t come.
She has to study. – What a pity! Un Chol!
– Bro! Listen to me. Hurry! To school! – I hate you.
– Say it again. Sis, I am so sorry that I have to
say this to you. Please tell your mother not to bring
anything for my sibling. They are being spoiled. They can’t even find their own things. You’d better not come, too. You heard her?!
I can’t believe she is my sister’s daughter. Aunt! Go home today. Everybody must be missing you
including your pigs. I don’t want to see you again
when I come back. Bye! – Un Jong, hurry.
– Ok. Poor sister!
She left those children behind and died. You must be tired after such long walks. No way. Un Jong won’t let her sibling go.
She is like a tigress defending her cubs. She won’t move in my house or
let me take any of her sibling. – I am happy you are here.
– What is it? I have a letter for you.
It is from your eldest nephew, Un Sok. – I don’t know if we can reply this time.
– Oh, no. How is my family? I guess Un Hyang and Un Chol are fine
and Un Jong is still the top student. My mother always said that the soldier
in the front line should not be distracted. But thinking of home encourages me. I am writing this letter to you because
my mother hasn’t answered my last letter. I wonder if she moved home. Oh, no. – Comrade chairman!
– Don’t be late. We decided to support the campaign to
produce 5 000t of steel for building of scientists’ dwelling houses. He is angry with you.
He said that the “lazy girl” got punctured. Shh! The youth should be energetic. So we are going to encourage
the workers at major sections in the steel mill to kindle
the fierce flames of innovation first. I am waiting for your letter. Un Jong, Tell me.
You won’t live with either me or her. So what about the
orphans’ middle school? We worked with your parents.
Why don’t you accept us? – I do.
– Why won’t you go to orphans’ schools? You know that our Party takes
warm care of children like you. I know. Then, what is it? I want to be with my siblings. – And our home?
– Home? Bro Un Sok only knows
the address of our home. Why don’t you tell him
about your mother’s death? I can’t. My mother asked me
not to tell him before she died. Un Jong! Un Jong! Mum, it is them.
You always talk about them. Comrade Jong A! The theorem of 3 squares,
in other word, Pythagorean theorem can be proved inductively. Do you know that Pythagorean theorem
is also called the theorem of 300 pigs? Pythagoras found the theorem of 3 squares and he was so happy that
he opened a feast butchering 300 pigs. If it had been 4 squares, 400 pigs would
have been butchered. – Here. It is my fault.
– Your fault? I shouldn’t have told my aunt about pigs. Lunch time! – Join us.
– Tomatoes! – What are these for?
– My father’s birthday. Then we should celebrate. Sung Hui, you take mine
and I take your candies. What are you doing? Un Chol, cheer up! How disappointing! You used to be the top
but now you rank 1 5th. Un Jong, what is going on? I won’t rank under 1 5th. Alright! You have your self-respect
and I have a request. Terminal exam starts the day after
tomorrow. You shall be the excellent student again. If not, Un Chol will live with me.
What do you think? Mr. Chol Min, we have a meeting
in the principal’s. I am coming. 2 kinds of relations don’t
require self-respect. One, between parents and siblings.
Two, between teacher and student. There might be even more. I will take Un Chol.
My home is waiting for him. I found this in your maths-book. Today’s schedule.
First, wash Un Chol’s shoes… What a shame! Still here? Help me! Can’t solve it. No doubt you are a genius. Remember! Poor study means much
sympathy from others. You don’t want sympathy, be top again. You are here. Un Hyang was absent today. She left with her net. Really? But her teacher doesn’t know this. We’d better look for her.
Go ahead. See? This is my life. – You like it?
– Yes. Thanks to you, I played well. – Did you?
– Yes! Never mention this at home.
Un Jong will be furious. – Ok!
– Hi! It is not her fault.
I begged her not to go for nature study. I dragged her here.
Our mum used to sit here. She would cheer me like this. So your mum sat here? Un Chol. Un Chol! We looked for you everywhere. You are the captain. Join us.
This is nice. – Yes.
– Let’s eat together. Who is she? She brings us nice things. Am I right? What is she? She works at public catering department. Let’s eat together. Yes, my mother used to sit there. But if mum was there, she would punish
Un Hyang for being absent. But you are spoiling her.
Do they look so poor to you? – Un Jong, l…
– No. Listen. Nobody can replace my mother. Everyone tries to care us but actually
they are spoiling them. What do you mean, “spoiling”? This is who I am without mother. You have your parents.
You won’t understand me. – Un Jong!
– I have a question. Why do you care us? To be praised? Let’s prepare birthday tables for smelters. I am off to the mill. – Your daughter is there.
– Thanks. Jong A!
Why didn’t you call on me? – Mum!
– Did you finish your work? – Yes.
– Waited for long? – No.
– Let’s sit. This is the daily record of machine
you asked for. Mum, these were written by
Un Jong’s mother. What is this for? None of your business. What am I doing? This new medicine is for you,
once every two days. I have an angel daughter like you. – Don’t skip your medicine.
– Thanks. Jong A! Still here? – What are you up to?
– Nothing. Staying up late? – Bye!
– Bye! Sis, I am hungry. Isn’t dinner ready yet? Almost ready. A moment. Come. Mind your food. It is only noodle. I want to eat rice and tomato. Let’s save aunt’s money. – Don’t like it?
– Can you iron my skirt, sis? Why are you being so hard on me?
I can’t take care of you better. Shall I give up studying and
take care of you instead? I know mum did better than me. We can stand this. Nobody should care and pity us,
you got it? Answer me.
Am I wrong? What is it? You first. I don’t want noodle. I want rice.
And I beg you. Don’t sell our dog away. I have no time for your dog. I do. Have time for your school.
And next? I know we are being hard on you.
But you need to be optimisitc and sing. I hate to come back home from school
to see your angry face. Hate me? So you didn’t go to school
to make me angry? It is my fault.
One more thing, look at the mess. – Mess?
– Look over there and here. There was no mess with mum. You hate me?
Alright, out! Then I am out. What shall I do? She will come. – Excuse me. Am I in Songujadong?
– Yes. Can you tell me… – I got you.
– No, not yet. Hello? Do you know who I am? You are a smelter.
I can tell from your smell. Mum used to smell like you.
See? Even our dog isn’t barking at you. You are right.
Can I have a tour of your house? Sure. Oh, no. – Can I have the screwdriver?
– You must be the carpenter. – Of course. I can fix everything.
– Wonderful! Here! – Sis!
– Sis! – Is Un Jong home?
– No. You must be the girl
who comes here frequently. – Right. And you?
– Carpenter from steel mill. Really?
You shouldn’t have come here. Why not? A girl here hates when people come. Here! – Got you.
– No. Cool. You meant Un Jong? Yes. She has a serious character
and so easily gets offended. Help me there. The girl like her hates it when people try
to care her. She gets angry unexpectedly. Her mother is dead and
so she takes everything hard. – How come you know all this?
– I myself had a daughter of her age. – Shall we?
– Ok. Terminal exam starts the day after
tomorrow. You shall be the excellent student again. Remember! Poor study means much
sympathy from others.. Mum, it is hard to be you. But you used to smile all the time. I am desperate. I miss my brother.
I really want to write to him. Shall l? Un Jong! Not again!
I brought some groceries to your house. I told you to leave your key to me. I am not stealing anything. You look better when you smile. I made fresh kimchi for you. Thanks. I saw a man in your house, a carpenter? By the way, did you have proper meal? Come on. I will cook for you. No. I can do it. Third step. Got you. – Let me try again.
– No use crying over spilt water. Alright. – I want full one.
– Then be it. Retreat! It is too late. Time to sleep. No. Let’s play again. – Bye!
– Bye! – It is you.
– Un Jong. – Sis, he is the carpenter from the mill.
– Yes, from mum’s mill. I know you. Here is my phone number
in case you need it. – Goodbye.
– You are more than welcome here. Look! He fixed everything here. I see. – Sister.
– Yes? I warned you not to come, didn’t l? – Aren’t you ashamed?
– Ashamed? It is you to be ashamed.
I have a letter for you! It is from your brother.
He sent it to your neighbour. Brother?! Come on. Guess whose handwriting it is. Similar to mum’s. Yes. Really similar. Look! Exactly the same. Yes. Look at this curve. You even write like our mum.
It is like mum is still alive! I am happy! Jong A was very happy to share
the same handwriting with our mum. I couldn’t understand her. Can she change the story of our home
with the same handwriting? But it was only some time later
when I realized, it changed. Alright. – Driver.
– Yes? How far is Hwasok-dong? It is too far to walk. I see. – What about public catering department?
– Half that far. – Good evening!
– Good evening! Chief Party secretary.
I am Kim Chang Guk from PCD. I am sorry I am late. You must have served in the army.
How old are you? You are right.
I am 28. I just wanted to take a walk with you. Come on. I know a girl who seemed to
have just finished her middle school. She takes this path several times a day,
just for some orphans. This path. Why would she take this path
while she could just stay with her parents? What would she be thinking? I was late to know this too. I have been doing Party work for long. I am very happy to get to know
people like her. She walked this path with many thoughts.
Let us follow her steps. Sure. – What is it?
– Sister. – Yes?
– I need your help, just for 2 weeks. Just until I finish my exam. If I fail my exam, Un Chol has to
stay with my teacher. Really? I can’t let him do that. And people will say that I am a fool. You think too much for your age. That’s why I am asking you. Don’t worry. Everything will be okay. Write to your brother
not to worry about home. Tell him that you are still the top student. It really happened. I finally asked Jong A for help and
she thanked for my asking. This way, I held only her hand for help
among all those hands that were offered. Jong A is 3 years older than me.
She is so energetic and warm-hearted. She is the only daughter
who is loved by her parents. I even thought that
she was so much happy that she would want to share her
excessed happiness with others. June 3rd, 1 996.
9.30 am First baby was born in our family. A boy of 3.8 kilogrames
made the first loud cheerful cry. On June 3rd 1 996, at 9:30
the first baby was born in our family. A boy of 3.8kilogrames
made a first loud cheerful cry. He hasn’t his name yet. My husband wants to name him Un Sok. I didn’t know why but I liked it. Un Jong returned from kindergarten
with a book full of red stars. One holiday morning
we flied a flag of our country. Maybe it had impressed her. We decided to stitch her crayon drawing
on the book “The Story of Our Home”. Chief secretary Executive members are here. Today we are going to discuss an
issue presented by Kim Chang Guk. Let him in. Her name is Ri Jong A. She is 1 8 years old. She works at PCD. She is taking care of orphans
whose parents worked at steel mill. But he says he can’t believe it. The reason is that she is only 1 8. You can speak. It is just a small thing.
I wanted to tell you in person. Everything is big when it comes to youth. But chief secretary, I think our state would take a better care
of orphans than a young girl. Vice Secretary, what do you think? I think officials like us
should be fully responsible. This is my idea. I think she is young but
her dream is really beautiful. What would she dream of
when she finishes her school? Our respected Marshal Kim Jong Un
pays frequent visits to orphanages and he is deeply concerned about orphans. And this girl’s dream is
to take care of orphans. I, for one, want to help to
make her dream come true. Comrades, what is one of the greatest
achievements of our Party in history? It’s the opening of a new era of
Youth Power. Ri Jong A is one of them. She is a beautiful flower in Kangson. Next is the cooking contest. Pomhyanggi cosmetics to the winner! Cloth to the runner-up. School things to the 3rd. The rule says only assistant cooks
are allowed. Jong A, you are sure to win.
Hurry! Go! Come on. School things to the third? I have to win the 3rd. I have a news. 2 excellent students from
terminal exams in each class will be qualified for
National Maths Olympics. Once you are qualified, you will go
through one-month preliminary contest. I guess I am late. Yes, you are. Have a seat. Please. It is the cooking contest. That girl over there.
I heard she is quite good at cooking. Right. Her mother is the
chief cook at Smelters’ restaurant. Maybe she took after her mother. Like mother, like daughter. Time up! Can you be the jury, please? – Me?
– Yes. Chief secretary, tell me. They are all good at cooking. Chief secretary? Oh, no! Her dumpling is the best. She is the winner. What? I have to take the 3rd. – Great!
– Wonderful! Are you sure you don’t want these
cosmetics? Of course. Why would you want school things
instead? I just want you to be more
beautiful than me. I took your food last time, didn’t l? I am already the most beautiful girl here.
Am I right or not? Oh, no. I don’t care. I can manage it. It’s my father. Dad, it’s me. Your mum is seriously ill. I have this feeling. I can tell you. She is really sick. You’d better go and see her. Yes, dad. It’s raining. It might rain in the afternoon but
Un Hyang forgot her umbrella. Really? I have this exam till late evening. I can do this. She gets cold if she is soaked.
Blockhead! Stop it! What are you thinking? Do me a favor. This girl is at Kangchol school.
Her name is Un Hyang. Bring this umbrella to her. – Stop!
– Please! – Bye, Kyong Mi.
– Bye, see you tomorrow. It is her. Why is she… My sis? Where are you going? Un Jong! Blockhead! You should have waited. I hate to be alone. You should have shared the umbrella. You said no sympathy from others. Well. What happened? Don’t. I am really sorry. I was busy with mum I will prepare ginger soup. What did our mum say? She said you are allergic to rain. She can’t bring you umbrella now. You are on your own. Un Jong! Sis, what is this? School things. Share with sisters. Can I have these? We don’t want them. Un Jong! Dinner is ready. Are you out of your minds?
She is nobody to us. Maths Olympics is my dream.
But I am going to give it up. We should let her go.
Don’t cry. You are so hopeless. Selfish, narrow-minded and not smart. Go home. Go. You are right. I am hopeless. I am selfish. So be it. You are doing your best
but it never works. You can’t be my mother by any means. You are only 1 8.
No big age difference between us. Why did I trust you?
Why did I put you in mum’s place? Don’t you have any dreams or hopes? Just go and do whatever you like
with your parents. What? Go ahead!
Slap me! But that won’t make any difference. I am right. Just leave us. Go! What happened? Anything wrong? Sung Hui. I am foolish. I can’t stand it. What happened? Come in. It is me. Sit down. I was told about you.
But let me ask you. – What are you doing?
– Shh. What is our organization to you? I know you don’t want any praise
for such good deeds. I know. But there must be something that
you can’t do on your own. Why wouldn’t you let us know that? You think everything must be done
on your own. But you don’t know that there is always
somebody behind you. Are you on your own? You can’t win their hearts by
simply cooking and washing their clothes. Think yourself. You can’t win their hearts by
simply cooking and washing their clothes. You must be Un Jong. Yes, but who…? I was curious about you. Shall we talk? You asked who I am? I am…
What should I say? In Kangson, we have an ordinary girl
who is not so older than you. She gave up her happy dreams
and came to look after orphans. But she didn’t say to me,
her best friend. This cosmetics is the first prize
that she won at cooking contest. But she bartered it for school
things to please the orphans. Her laudable mind was insulted
by a stubborn girl. It made me mortified. I wanted to see the stubborn girl. That’s why I came to see you. I have one more to say. This is your umbrella, isn’t it? She received a phone call
that her mother was seriously ill. But she asked me to take the
umbrella to your younger sister. I actually made a big mistake. You may understand what I said
when you are grown up. I want you to return this cosmetics
to her with your own hands. Here you are. She is a kind of tigeress. Didn’t you criticize her too severly? Is it right to let the tigeress
harm our honest Jong A? I can’t allow it. Let’s have a rest. Have a rest. Come out. Kyong Ju, let’s help Jong A. Let her do it on her own. Happy birthday! Birthday? Today is… Oh, today is my birthday. She is on it. She is on it! Do you like our birthday gift? Why do you do the job alone? I followed you because you changed
your way to work. I followed you to Un Jong’s house. This is the idea of Chang Guk. Happy birthday! Chairman! Un Jong! Un Jong has given up
today’s terminal exam intentionally. Bye. Who is it? I really mean it. Stop following me. Un Jong has failed the terminal exam. She failed it intentionally
for her siblings. Please give her another chance. Why are you doing this? Headmistress. This is not something that
anyone can handle. Are you still here? Wait a minute. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? It’s all my fault. Headmistress was going to
open a meeting on that issue. Really? I heard from Chol Min and felt a big
responsibility as a teacher. We’d rather appreciate you. Thanks. Thanks. Sister! Un Hyang, I will teach you how to iron
the necktie, ok? Yes. You can straighten up your mind
like this. You still remember the words of
Marshal at Children’s Union Meeting? Beloved members of
Children’s Union. Not only children but also adults
shed their tears hearing it. Remember this. This red necktie is one part of
the flag of our Party. Sis. Can I be of good Union member? Of course, you can. Then you should study harder. And also follow the adults’
instructions. I will study harder and
listen to Un Jong better. But why is she so late? She is participating in
Maths Olympics. Olympics? Yes.
And let’s do our best to help her. – Yes.
– I see. Where can I put this? At the center. No, here… – No, left…
– Right… – Let’s put it here, ok?
– Good. You are here. Ready?
Start! Our member win! Our sister win! Our sister win! Win the first place at
the Maths Olympics! Study to death.
Studying kills nobody. You take this. This cosmetics is for
Un Hyang and Un Jong. Un Hyang is still a child. I don’t care. Bring everthing from the kitchen. A feast? Yes!
Tomorrow is the national holiday. Can I wear a new dress that you
bought me? Of course you can. I am wearing a football uniform. That’s also good. Wonderful. Let’s shout to the sky. Here it comes. Mine too. Who will take the first floor? – Me first.
– Me first. Our female soloist first. I love my home. Elder brother is the soldier. Sister is a maths genious. Younger brother is a future footballer. And I am… We have a new kind sister… What was Jong A’s dream? I don’t know. She said something
that she wanted to do. What is your dream? My dream? Nothing special. Say it.
Today you have to say. Speak. My dream is to guarantee
all of your dreams. Oh, that’s wonderful. What are you going to be? I will be a music teacher of a school. Applause. I am going to sing a song
“Ode to Motherland”. The garden of my dear home is
motherland There my mother helped me toddle The bosom precious to all is motherland Jong A! Jong A! Un Hyang, Un chol! You said I can oversleep… Jong A is not here. Un Chol! What are you doing up there? I was just going to wake you up. I refit the flagpole. Today is September 9th,
the founding day of our Republic. We will be the first to fly the flag here. Ok! – I’ll bring the flag.
– No, I’ll bring. – Here you are, Un Chol.
– Sis. I’ll become a national footballer
and fly our flag without fail. Good idea.
Un Chol will be a footballer, Un Hyang, a music teacher, Un Jong, a scientist and add more brilliance to our flag. My parents used to put up
this flag every national holidays. This flag is hoisted over our house
first in the town even they are dead. I felt strange. The same flag but
today it made me cry. Why? We wrote a letter to our brother
that we were all fine and studied well. We wrote that mom was fine
and we were happy as before. But we didn’t know
what happens in the future Comrades, here is a letter to Un Sok
from his home. We play merrily hands in hands Happy is our family full of laughter You and I belong to one family As we live in harmony with each other Best is our family, our happy family We live happily with our neighbours Harmonious are our neighbours You and I belong to one family As we open our hearts to each other Best is our family, our happy family Dad, I’ll get off at the school. I am attending the meeting
for students’ parents. I’ll excute your order. I should respect you now. That’s why you sent your mum to
Un Jong’s house? She will cook them dumplings. I’m glad you’ve already grown up. Jong A.
Mom’s health is getting worse, you should take good care of her. Let us take dumplings I cooked Today I’ll check and sign
on your homework books. – Sign for me first.
– Sign for me first. Never mind.
I’ll sign on both your books. Mom checked! How nice it is! Sign for me, please. Sister! I should correct it. I should replace
“mom” with “aunt”. No, I don’ want. Give me your book… Aunt! Aunt! Antipyretic? Anodyne? What medicine do you need? Jong A used to bring me pills… – In my handbag
– Handbag? – My mobile
– Mobile? Call Jong A. Sorry the number you dialed is busy… Aunt! Wake up! Yes, manager. – She is ill now.
– Who are you? What disease does she suffer?
She fell senseless now. Don’t you know
what disease she suffers from? She suffers from diabetes!
She would be insuline shokced. Feed her some water with sugar
and call the ambulance. It is very urgent! Ambulance! I should call the carpenter! Hello. It’s Kim Song Hak,
the chief Party secretary. The chief Party secretary? Don’t worry. I didn’t know that the “carpenter”
was the chief Party secretary. I also didn’t know it. There are good people around us,
aren’t there? Mom, you shouldn’t forget
to take pills. Give me your arm. You should take pills at 1 0.
If it’s erased, I’ll write it again. Okay, my daughter. Are we coming back? Don’t ask that again.
Do as I told you! Today is Sunday. But it is good we gathered to help
Un Jong’s brothers and sisters. – Twins’ mother.
– Yes. You’d be a bit regrettable. Never. I’ve brought even my
fishing-mania husband. What an absurd. Where are the children of this house? I was told that they went somewhere. It’s all my fault that I didn’t take good
care of the children without parents. That’s all our faults living together
in the neighborhood unit. – Yes.
– You did say right words. You are the head of
neighhorhood unit. We will perform any tasks you give,
from painting to the roof repair. The children will surely come back. Let us furnish the house well
and greet the children. Okay! Let us hurry up! Here you are. Thank you. Here is a new carpet. Un Jong. where have you gone
leaving such good neighbors? Un Jong. I was always sorry for you. From now, live with me in my house. I’m glad that you came to me. But you didn’t say even a farewell to
the sister who did her best for you. It is not face saving
for both you and me. I think it is the reasonless conduct. We can’t live with the sister forever. She should be with her parents.
We shouldn’t deprive her. There was no other way for me. Excuse me, anybody inside? – Is this Un Jong’s aunt’s house?
– Yes. Who are you? It’s me, Jong A. Oh, you came at midnight.
I thought you’d come. – Are the children here?
– Yes, they are. Really. Sister! Un Chol! Un Hyang! I missed you a lot.
You naughty children! I wondered
if you had gone to the moon. Sister, I’m sorry. But I’ve considered a lot
before I decided. Thank you for your concern
to me and mom. But you should consider one thing. You should take part
in the Maths Olympics. You should also consider the
teachers waiting for you? Un Hyang should learn music
and Un Chol should learn soccer? You know our Marshal worries a lot
over parentless children, don’t you? Our Marshal visited the newly built
orphanage in the early morning to see the parentless children even though he was on his busy way
to the frontline. Our marshal was gratified with
children’s reading and dreaming. So the Marshal dissuaded the
kindergartener from greeting him, And the Marshal walked along the
playground for a long time. Our Marshal said he did a good and
worthwhile job. The Marshal said reading and
laughing of children guarantees the bright future
of our country. And the Marshal
laughed a hearty laughter. The Marshal also said that the
children should be grown up to be heroes, scientists and sportsmen. Un Jong.
Our Marshal safeguards your dreams. It is not right that you gave up your
dream for me. You maybe dislike me. But I came here to tell you it. And do not give up your dream. Sister! Sister! Un Jong! Jong A. Let’s go home with the children. The chief Party secretary is waiting
for you. Please. Sister. Many people worry of your brothers
and sisters. You aren’t parentless children. Can you please stop here? Let us get off the car. The chief Party secretary told me to
bring you by a car. Thank you but we want to walk. Why should we go on foot? Our President visited
Kangson Steel Mill on this road, and our General passed this
way on the snowy day of December. We should never forget them
when we go this way. Do you understand? We live full of hope under the sun Bright is our family
full of beautiful dreams You and I have promising future As we are cared by our motherland Best is our family, our happy family You and I have promising future As we are cared by our motherland Best is our family, our happy family Hey Jong A.
You are wanted. – Jong A. A telegram for you.
– A telegram? Un Jong’s brother is going to pass
KangSon on the way to Pyongyang. He is going to attend the
Armymen Art Festival. He wants to see his mom
and his siblings. Young researchers suggested the
technical innovation. Hello. Hello. Ri Jong A is speaking. It’s you Jong A. Un Jong’s brother is
going to pass our town soon. He wants to see his mom
and sisters at the railway station. He doesn’t know about
his mother’s death. Help us. I don’t know what I should do. You go to the station first. A soldier defending the frontline is
going to pass our town. – Un Hyang! Un Chol!
– Brother! – Un Hyang!
– Brother! – Brother
– Un Jong Mom’s on her holiday
in the rest place for innovators. As you know, mom was
always an innovator. I know what you said. And I know why she did not
come to see me. – Hey, children.
– “Carpenter” This is the chief Party secretary. – How do you do?
– You are company leader of Un Sok. Who is sister, Jong A?
Where is she? Where is Jong A? – Haven’t you seen her?
– No. I told her to come to the station first. Jong A is there. Jong A.
The chief Party secretary is coming. Why are you hiding here? What can I do now? Come with me. I’m sorry that we lied on the letter. Your mom is… Comrade Jong A. We know about the
story of your home. What? The chief Party secretary
has come to to see Un Sok. Has he? Comrade Jong A. Thank you. – We tribute warm greetings to you.
– Thank you! – Here are the flowers from our post.
– Thank you! Chief Party secretary. A harmonious family loud with
songs of children In the morning and evening
Filled with warm love O my home a precious cradle of my life The sweet shed for tomorrow bears
ripe fruits Great enthusiasm brings miracles O my workplace proud with creation People devote everything to each other They build this land with one mind It is our paradise we cannot live
without it This country bright under the sunshine This country of the sun with bright future O I love my great motherland O I love my motherland Jong A Is it true that
our Marshal held your hand? Is it true that our Marshal
called you a “girl mother”? How can I be called a “mother”? Our Marshal said that
he wanted to embrace me. – Jong A
– Mom Chief Party secretary. Is it true? Is it true that a 20-years girl is praised
as the mother of the era and the daughter of
the Worker’s Party of Korea? The great world of
our Marshal’s human love created another legend on Kangson. Jong A Our fatherly Marshal sent us
the unique “girl mother”. Let us all greet her. Mother! Blue is the sky and happy is my heart The sound of an accordian rings out
far and wide What a wonderful homeland we have A land filled with harmony and hope Our father is Marshal Kim Il Sung Our home is the Party’s bosom We are all blood brothers and sisters We are the happiest in the world O- happyest in the world – Beautiful! Is this our house?
– Yes, it is. Who are these? Mom, the chief Party secretary,
aunt, uncle, teacher. Why don’t we add the painting to the
book of “The Story of Our Home”? Like my mom did when she was alive. – Good idea.
– That’s nice. Here it is. We should write something on the
painting, shouldn’t we? Mom, you write on the story
in the book. How can I write? My mom would be glad if you write it. Really? What shall we write here? Write what you have in your mind. Our father is Marshal Kim Jong Un, Our home is the Party’s bosom Our home is the Party’s bosom. The story of our best home in the
world would continue forever. Duh duh duh!

Stephen Childs


  1. Good film , please more upload film from north korea 😊 , thank you for share , im from indonesia 😊

  2. Finally, North Korea has discovered modern cameras that aren't 20 years out of date.

  3. I loved, this remember me to the Soviet Union and their values, the message is just beautilt and the atmosphere is so quiet.

  4. DPR Korea movies always have many moral values that touching heart. Love DPR Korea from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇰🇵

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