we’re Eamon and Bec and this is our
home we love that living small actually means living large in fact we’ve just
shipped our home to Africa but what happens between the highlight reel of
the big cities and grand adventures the reality of van life in Morocco is in the
quiet moments shared with locals good photo “click”, long drive days on
tough terrain, welcome to the aftermath of a drive like that laundry mishaps mediocre showers and so
much more welcome to a lazy day in Morocco I feel like we found a beautiful
pace of travel since being in this new country we will travel for a couple of days
and then we will stay put so we’re at this beautiful campground right around
the lake and there is absolutely no internet so we’ve been really creative
with our time Eamon is currently playing with a local teaching him frisbee it’s like a clay foot bath! he’s saying go faster hold this straight
– one yeah okay no no no no no no no no no no no no that’s it I guess our friends are very loyal cuz
we keep feeding them oh they’re just munching along! is it good? Oui!
actually are making hummus from real chickpeas we got these from the bulk
section and Becca took a few scoops it looked all good I went to soak them and
like 35 bugs rose to the top there’s actually one bug in here now so I think
I’m going to rinse it this is turned into a serious crisis mode I figured
when we rinse the chickpeas all the bugs would just you know rinse off I just saw
a brown one and said that’s weird and I cut it open unfortunately I don’t think this
is gonna be salvageable so we are switching to I think we have
one can of already cooked chickpeas and a mix between white bean so it’s still
gonna be great yes sir mm-hmm oh sit say ball and no no
no you like it yeah while we were trying to follow the recipe from our cookbook
the hummus still turned out amazing without the chickpeas so I mean I think
it’s a good sign if I’ve eaten this entire bag of crisps with it and this
entire board of carrot sticks if you guys are interested in checking out some
plant-based recipes Eamon and I have our 52 cookbook … 52 recipe cookbook available
on our website and it will be linked below
Eamon there’s never a dull moment with him he’s now playing with the children I absolutely love this kid no no no more
no more now cleaning okay and Bec’s obviously staying warm in here we it has been a chilly chilly morning kind of incredible how different the
temperatures are from like day tonight but I guess that’s desert vibes for you
it is it’s truly amazing and in the day we could be out with no shirt sunbathing
and then at night here we got Frost it’s freezing eater on well you might have
noticed that the squad has shrunk Alex has moved on he’s got some things he
needs to sort out in marrakesh as well as we’ll be saying our goodbyes to Alan
hopefully temporary goodbyes but he’s got to go pick up the missus in
Marrakesh so good morning what a frosty one it’s been huh hold a frosty I was –
one in here’s more oh you didn’t have the heat on yeah I don’t use the gas
overnight because just burns too much gas bowling on a budget area at least
these guys misses coming so they can cut on snuggling
we’ll see you soon almost forgot for yesterday
Oh water you give it to the other guy we went for a run yesterday played a good
match of foosball we lost 10 nothing so we owe them 5 damn
thank you bye bye ok back to the road the kids they’re running I wonder what
they’re running for okay she’s like this is what I get we were cruising along rather easily and
then I think we spoke too soon the road has taken a turn for the worst
I did get a couple seconds of internet and realized that we have three more
hours of this so we’re just buckled up we should just put some music on and
enjoy the ride there’s nothing else we can do about that we picked some ice
patches too so we’re thankful our tires are snow rated and we’ll just enjoy you
know what direction the right or left right thanks where are they you’re not coming you’re not here your
run back I just pulled over to ask them how they’re doing and to see if I could
mount the GoPro onto their van they’re not here
I’ll run back and check they’re right oh oh you guys gave me a heart attack first
opportunity okay young fun what a ride eh yeah we call this the road huh I
can’t believe your mom’s got some bananas falling all my skincare from up
there that must have come up in couch bed is kind of a slant my goodness you
guys these views yeah these views make up for it just give you guys an idea of
the kind of road we were honest what Google Maps is showing me yeah got
leftovers from last night just a tofu stir-fry rice spicy really good though
thanks buddy all righty just check Google Maps coffee
for you sir oh and it says we have one hour to the main town middle twitch is
where we’re trying to help it’s good delicious
I was just gonna say that I would like to say I enjoyed the last bit of the
drive but my clenched jaw would tell you otherwise
and as a man just put it we have nowhere else to be the sun is shining it’s a
beautiful day so are you worried about the van I’m just worried about my entire
home yeah maybe I built this van with so many nails and so many two buffers you’d
have to have a gorilla sit on this van before it broke so all right you just
relax there darling quite an interesting accent you’ve chosen for today all right
let’s hit the road jack we’re just driving by pulled over to
reset the GoPro and look who we found in the little corner here literally pulled
over to reset the GoPro and I was like oh there’s another spin over there oh
yeah split the water again hi suck my sucky we’re continuing to use the app
park for night down here in Morocco which is the app that we use to find
campgrounds in all of Europe as well and this one has a five-star rating the
other one doesn’t have the best but you guys really want to do laundry no I mean
we’ll do go check it out I don’t think yes okay should I go see what the deal
is I just met my friend I think his name is Rashid I’m not 100% sure but he’s a
very very nice guy English Spanish French very impressive languages these
guys to be 60 Durham for chopsticks just dropping drawers there for the night and
that 100 dorms were both doing laundry so that’s why I think he’s ditching his
pants I’m hoping this will all fit though and for the first time in a
minute back history Becca is letting me come up with the work it work out so
I’ve designed this really hardcore circuit using the equipment we have here
let me show you how it looks so for this one you can use the head Baker barbecues
very happy and I was gonna use this chair but I
don’t think I’m good so just a nice lean over hold by it’s
quite a bit of weight well by separate about the one-wheel some using the bed
we’re gonna come over to the mat over here it’s important you get your push
and pull action both squat hold one more repeat that three times nothing alive vibe between the altitude
and your rare selection of moves how is it killer workout
police take up a hot shower to look for – am i right
it’s amazing when you live in a van and this is like luxury
hot shower very catchy on the other side there’s only one hot shower at a time so
I guess I’ve seen a bit I was just saying to Eamon that I think in many
circumstances I would find a lot of reasons to fault that shower but today
I’m just oh I needed it I think it’s been I’m not gonna lie I think it’s been
over a week guys and it has been a week since I brushed my hair so this might be
a – two-handed job so normally I like to get the raw scenes of like what’s
actually happening but in this country a lot of people are not cool with cameras
so we’re gonna do our best to explain what’s happened with the laundry
situation as you guys saw as soon as we rolled up he offered laundry services
100 dirham is like 10 euros for wash and dry and we ended up doing two loads we
asked if our sheets would be okay to sleep on this evening it’s this evening
and our sheets are soaking wet so he has kindly offered one sheet and two very
fancy looking pillowcases that we will use this evening and hope fingers
crossed that we have some clean dry laundry tomorrow morning we might switch
permanently so this is the weirdest thing the pump just clicked in now it
stops this way is clockwise right okay so then voltage is correct people
outside of the campground might think something’s happening in this band with
two hungry kids now is not the time to sort out our water issues so we are
moving on and we will figure that one out tomorrow as you can tell by the noise behind us
we’ve come to the local Sunday market here in Middleton
we met Hassan at the campsite and he volunteered to take us to the market and
show us some of his favorite stalls as well as his own little booth that’s oh
yeah we’re getting a lot of looks but we’ll go explore Vaughn has just been giving me lots of
information about the market he reckons there’s over 800 vendors that come here
and the song himself is a vendor of crystals and different minerals because
he mid-south is really well known for the mining that they do there’s over
five or six hundred different types mucho Mucho for lots of types of
Aquino’s and I think we’re headed towards Russell Teli just mentioned she’s not sure we’re
gonna be able to play without buying something so we are feeling a little
trapped we’re getting tea prepared for us some fresh mint tea or as they refer
to it as their bourbon whiskey there’s Scott anyway they don’t drink bourbon or
whiskey they’re referring to the mint tea and I might end up with one of these no pockets oh you have to wear pants
though I guess yeah pockets my pants but jerk
to fund our name it the bun brutal yes do I need to get rid of this okay so
cron Mohammed thank you thank you this is something I’ve been looking
forward to coming to Morocco is the figs and dates you know you in the last blog
you see me with my fig necklace we just tried this golden one it’s most
expensive but it literally tastes like Krispy Kreme donut get along
there and okay I don’t really know what’s what Wow Wow
Wow I feel like Morocco is all of my
favorite countries and landscapes in one country I can’t believe we just thought
we were going on an afternoon drive to get closer to the sand dunes and yet we
went through this beautiful Gorge and we’re at this beautiful camp spot so
Morocco continues to impress and it doesn’t take long the entrepreneurs to find you I’m sure
they’re coming to sell us something we want to show me something special perfect yeah good photo do you want one
no I don’t need one very nice charlie and we’ve finished up dinner on to
dessert I’m making my way through the food Baek wouldn’t let me get those
dates until I finished my fig necklace join us next week as we venture into the
Sahara Desert we explore the dunes follow complete strangers into the black
desert and get a behind-the-scenes look at life as a local subscribe so you
never miss the video

Stephen Childs


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  47. Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway were found decapitated in December.

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