The Real ‘True Detective’?

Stephen Childs


  1. Just rewatched season 1 and it's still legendary. And thank you for this short film, amazing!

  2. The fucked up thing, right at the start, guy says " yes, lots the child molestation cases here, but the worst part was that it was a Satanic Child sex cult."  I guess child molestation is bad, but worshiping a fake god is worse, that's the real fucked up thing

  3. Do a bunch of awful stuff. Blame Satan to absolve you of being the actual pieces of human shit. Sounds like Religion.

  4. He’s used to sexual abuse of children cases, but the devil worshipper angle makes it the “most disturbing “ thing hes seen? WTF is wrong with this fucking state?!?!??

  5. IDK how they hold back their feelings when interrogating someone. The second they said they discussed sleeping with their kids as a normal part of their congregation, I’m sure I would have reacted with some disdain. That cop held his shit and took down these sickos. What a fucked up church.

  6. I'm only a few minutes into it, but so far it seems like a mass hysteria, false memory false confession type of case.

  7. I don't know. No physical evidence and no victims, except two that recounted. It's possible that these things happened, but it's also possible that there was a mental breakdown and a few false confessions. It has happened many, many times.

  8. "Molesters use various means to entice children, but religion is not one you would normally see." Really?

  9. Whatever happen to this type of series on VICE?? Don't usually see them anymore..

  10. K.Y Gelly!
    you homed in on that, I bet her sexy ass has a bottle in her bed side table, JJ lol great interview.

  11. When you build the Town with so much good and salt of the earth folks, the vileness finds it to be the perfect cover. So while you are at your Church look around you, for the signs that someone is there for things other than the majority. Look at the Catholic Church if you need some clarification. Satanism is not the thing that People think it is, that is why no one realizes the most vile child molesters are wearing the cloak of righteousness and they will come across as AMAZING even INSPIRATIONAL men or women of the Lord. That is your flag, they stand out because they must be over the top in the appearance and how much trust you put in them. Now watch your child around them while you are also meeting them, when they go behind you, PAY ATTENTION, don't do as most do and pull them around and say this is Father Sister Monk or Bishop or whatever title they present and call them a safe person. The child has instincts, believe them. The DEVIL worship is just designed to Scare and traumatize the victims into silence, and the allegiance of the followers, they probably used drugs that enhanced the positive feelings when they wanted them to feel it, and scary hallucination inducing drugs when they wanted to ensure the silence. For instance if a guy can kill a cat so easily without even feeling a thing, you are just a big cat, he will just use a larger knife. By the way people living at a church unless they are all males or exclusively all females period, are a cult, not a faith.

  12. 6:37 When your 'faith' makes you forget all the atrocities that Religion has done to children.

  13. I love how people in the comments are criticizing the detectives comments more then the people they caught WHO HAPPENED TO BE RAPING CHILDREN

  14. love stuff like this…..what evil evil men it makes me sick to think of them poor children an what they whent through jesus will distroy these men for what they done, they will serve life in jail, (SHOULD OF HAD BEEN SENTANCED TO DEATH. )then get more an worst in the pits of hell ……

  15. no remorse for chomos or any type of rapist. don't deserve a trial they need to be taken out and beat until death. execution is to quick for these fucks.. just need to be beat a few dudes with spiked bats but all from the neck down to ensure slow death but I could live with castration while awake .and let em bleed out fuck em

  16. So let me get this straight. Satanists molest children, yet somehow Christianity is to blame? Genius people in the comments and the likes these comments have.

  17. Unfortunately the commonly reported story is not the whole story. Following the standard pattern of Satanic Ritual Abuse allegations, there was no physical evidence of any abuse taking place: no pentagons drawn in blood on the church floor, no physical injuries found after a baby was supposedly raped repeatedly.

    Louis Lamonica’s sons both recanted their story of being raped and talk of being brainwashed by their mother, who had left Lamonica before his confession and pushed him to document sinful thoughts in a diary as if they were real events.

    True Detective is a ‘what if’ story of a universe where urban legends and scary campfire stories can come true. And that makes sense – you can’t experience true cosmic horror in a world where our worst fears turn out to be hysterical illusions. Perhaps we collectively have a psychological need for at least some monsters to be real, but our weakness for narratives of evil can end up hurting people and destroying families.

    Fiction aside, Lamonica and Bernard are still serving seven life sentences between them. In a just world, the popularity of True Detective would be an opportunity for their supporters to gather momentum for an appeal.

    I hope that the Hosanna Church case is truly the last gasp of the moral panic of Satanic Ritual Abuse, and that we learn its lesson: one of the true horrors we face is humanity’s endless capacity for group-think, self-deception and misdirected aggression.


  18. Kinda cool, but I thought this was about some genius detective that is able to figure out hard cases.

  19. YEP SRA ISNT REAL… ITS TOTALLY FAKE! nothing to see here, or from mr al!efants, mr gunderson. or miss prat, epstein, nothing to see here… look up ria pratt's art work she defiantly got mkultra mind fucked. nvixm is also stupid but p3do gate is a lie, its so fake that when i type "p!zzagate" into my phone on world of tanks it comes up as "*********" thats why i have to s[ell every thing with ! instead i

  20. Can Vice really only afford this girl as their "host", shes done poorly on so many different videos. At the very least teach her some journalism because she is not that.

  21. F*** I hate hipsters…I mean this show is about Satan Worshipping Paedophiles and all I can think about is how much I hate this hipster Vice presenter! Ridiculous hahaha

  22. Not sure why, but my close captioning is in French. Hold on, the last video CC was in english. I haven't touch CC since the beginning of the last video.

  23. Why do people still say “that kind of stuff just doesn’t happen in towns like this!” …YES THE FUCK IT DOES, DUDE!!!!!!! Wtf?

  24. i'm so split when this kind of stuff is revealed.
    i think reporting on this will feed a certain % of people that has had these thoughts to make them real.
    then again books movies tv-series gossip has passed stories on for decades.
    i wasn't molested when i was little i was beaten up for being different.
    it finally stopped when i turned 15 and was stronger than my father that beat me.

  25. The Real 'True Detective'? who gives the shit in not so real 'True Detective' you can see Alexandra Daddario boobs

  26. 1. This was extremely disturbing to watch.
    2. I got a lot of respect for the guys who brought those psychos into justice.
    3. That Vice reporter is really attractive 😄

  27. that trey Bernard guy is about the creepiest looking mf I've ever seen. I think I would've ran if I ever saw him in real life. he looks like Vincent d'onofrio in that scene in The Cell where he's torturing vince Vaughn. he's got those creepy little teeth. also those drawings are very disturbing. especially the one with the mermaid looking thing or w/e it was…I don't even wanna know.

  28. 2:00 "Sex with children? Hell, that's a good Tuesday night around here. Devil worshipping, though, that's some crazy shit, m8."

    What the actual fuck?

  29. Why would you guys disable the comments on your Vet TV episode. Thank you for turning me on to their content and F you turning off the comments. Have some back bone you pansies.
    Signed USAF combat veteran.

  30. Investigate Ritual Abuse. It happens all over the world by very prominent people in the blind spots of public trust. It's connected to the snuff & child sex industry.

  31. Case was not closed…..the killings and rituals were done and still done by very wealthy and high political people. It's not just a problem here in louisiana it is world wide…the case will never be closed!

  32. He turned himself in for a reason. Those rituals were for power, he dedicated those kids to Satan which mustve been part of a deal. I wonder what he hears in his cell?

  33. Really it was more than 2 people who solved it? Hollywood tricked us? Of course it was more than two people solving the case you fuck head how are they going to translate that in the movie? Having like 15 main characters? 🤦‍♂️

  34. Doing a story about child molestation. Uses the phrase 'got off' regarding individuals who may have escaped prosecution. Um…

  35. If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward, then, brother, that person is a piece of shit – and I'd like to get as many of them out in the open as possible.

  36. It doesn't matter who the freaks think they worship. It keeps people off track what these nut jobs are doing. What matters is the crazy evil crimes they do.

  37. The life church needs to be checked out as well. I tried going to their church, they have Bible studies that coordinate at peoples homes, Using what people like as hobbies to form these get togethers. While I was there, a woman, who her husband was also there, was in a skimpy bathing suit, walked over sat down on another woman's husbands lap, and started grinding on him. he of course saw how shocked I was, told her to get off his lap. The grinding woman's husband, was very hateful and nasty toward me. all because I brought his kid to him whom btw? was wanting her dad. The things that took place was very unnerving to me. I NEVER WENT BACK. when I tried to tell the church pastor about the behavior, they all started a war on me.

  38. I really like the host interviewer. Ask questions in a serious and personal way that doesn't sensationalise the story.

  39. 6:38 did he really just say that? Forgetting entirely about priests and other religious figures molesting kids?!?

  40. You have any idea how much work goes into curating that non-chalant and aloof VICE reporter look????

  41. There is something fucked in these peoples minds, maybe it was from having something like that happen to them when they were little kids, which mean that the kids that had this happen to are possibly screwed up in the head as well. Its pure evil, this stuff cannot be tolerated on earth they should be killed and gotten rid of like exterminating a virus or disease. May sound over-kill but that is the ONLY way to get rid of evil of this sort. You cant give them medication, you cant talk to them, your cant do shit they have this mold in there brain that makes them do this shit

  42. I'm not sure if it was out there when this was made but there's some information to suggest that the abuse didn't actually happen. There's definitely something off about this case.

  43. This is a mysterious case. Sensational. The unreported aspect is that this fits the archetype of tons of made up confessions and accusations of the Satanic Panic. Everyone who claimed anything back then has now retracted it. We will never know. The good part about this, is that those were crazy SOB’s, no matter what. If you’re crazy enough to even make up a confession to doing this stuff to your own child, you need to be locked away.

  44. 'Gators Den' how apt for a bar in louisiana. It's probably as popular as the Kings Arms in the UK

  45. The devil worship is theatrics to make it as degenerate as possible. They get off on it

  46. Very worrying the detectives find devil worship more disgusting than a grown adult raping a child.

  47. And look at Epstein and the United States Government now. I cannot believe these videos haven't been scrubbed by the complicit google.

  48. What worries me here is that the main child rapist is portrayed as someone who has bad hygiene, dirty clothes, has scars, looks creepy, sounds creepy, and lives creepy in isolation. Most child molesters are clean cut professionals with beautiful homes and families and are involved in church and other community activities.

  49. Sickening. Pedophilia didn’t surprise him. Just the satanism part. OH! OK.

    Girl I’m not gay, but you are hot! Dayum.

  50. You see the serpent lady illustration at 12:38? And after them saying they took on different forms during the rituals??

  51. Religion not used as a tool for child molestation.

    I can hear the Pope laugh all the way from the Vatican…

  52. Tom Tedder( FBI guy ) looks like young Clint Eastwood in 60/70 ‚tis era.
    This where a job for Dirty Harry.

  53. Protip: places with the most diehard religious populations always suck the most. Religion, like everything else is best in moderation.

  54. "You never have a sense of accomplishment." That broke my heart. For the major major major assholes a lot of cops are, there are some good ones who actually want to help and this detective seems like one of them.

  55. 11:05 DAMN THATS A CHILD MOLESTER FACE! Also, lady, why are you contaminating that evidence? JS.

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