The Real Nancy Botwin From ‘Weeds’?

Stephen Childs


  1. This is fake af.. she said “satiba” I’m sure the queen of weed would know it’s sativa

  2. This bitch slow The CaRteL bitch that wasn’t even no bloods or crips 🤦🏼‍♂️bunch of soft hood niggas

  3. Everyone in this comment section is acting like they have actual experience with the cartel😂

  4. The governments henchmen are more dangerous than the cartel. They also get off on killing animals like serial killers.

  5. my girlfriend has CMT is like MS, all the pills they give her that she has to take everyday and they make her feel worst, she tried weed and it took the pain away and think more clearly than the pills!

  6. the DEA are the biggest drug dealer and crooks, they all live in big homes with stolen money !

  7. She’s full of shit. No cartel is afraid of her. If they wanted her dead, she would be dead. If they wanted her business, it would be theirs. Also, linseed oil on firearms is just plain stupid.

    She’s doing a good thing. She doesn’t have to make up this stuff.

  8. A new side effect of too much marijuana use, it turns you into a COMPULSIVE LIAR.

  9. i love her, "bring the furry handcuffs next time" is what she said after getting raided.

  10. I very much wanted to watch this until I saw it featured Snopp Dog. His video depicting the assassination of President Trump is disgraceful.

  11. total bullshit wrapped w money given to snoop to comply with it and try and make it seem legit

    ….. xD

  12. I like the concept but, the cartel member would not call you a "gangster", you wouldnlt be alive if the cartel wanted you dead. they wouldnt shoot at the store from a "G Wagon". And they dont think "dont fuck with her". all for show

  13. All these negative comments , but i think this lady is cute . Great personality and pretty hair and eyes . Nice figure too . I would definitely like to smoke one with her and spend a day or two with her . Just sayin

  14. Just one question tho, had this woman been black do you really think any of this would be possible?

  15. Keep your gun in Linseed oil. She is so full of shit. Epstein didn't kill himself

  16. Why is she lying her arse off?? The Cartel is scared of you???? Lmmfaoooo Gtfohwtbs

  17. Botwin is an idiot! Can she laugh or giggle any more inappriproately! Could not watch program. Might be taken more seriously if another person was their advocate.

  18. This woman appears to be very full of herself… And the woman interviewing her doesn't seem to be impressed.. 😄🤔

  19. She seems like a lair lol and she gets away w alot cuz she’s white lol cartel wud have been killed this bitch 😂

  20. wow the real nancy botwin is a total dumb bitch. i hate her. stupid fucking whore…

  21. Join this amazing canna friendly mom group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1801988306510532/

  22. No doubt SNOOP I WANNA SAY RAT BUT I WONT COUSE SNOOP NOT PAY £ 50 k 4 bill board the government did same way government let weeds show run no dis snoop I not like you dint mean I be rude about it I respect a real enemy

  23. " you have to coat it in linseed oil and you have to keep it in a plastic bag or its going to misfire" what the actual fuck is she talking about?… also the cartel is afraid of her??? Yeah I totally believe her.

  24. If I’m being completely honest, this is what I aspire to in life. Growing my own weed and helping sick patients.

  25. This bitch 😂 she said she “tries hard “ to be a gangster what a jcat 😩 you can tell she’s a nerd and she’s full of shit

  26. Confidentiality…. that means you say nothing. You don’t hint, you don’t tease or even slightly suggest anyone that may be a client of yours. Why are you even playing around with your client list on camera ?


  28. Wtf?.. Y did Vice even waste their time w this nonsense? Because snoop is in it??… This lady is a fukn wack job. My lil severely mentally disabled neighbor doesn't know how to spell "this bitch is full of shit! But even he would know this bitch is full of shit. He could probably do a better job of lying if he wanted to. These fukn cartels are ambushing, kidnapping, decapitating, assassinating, and executing military forces on a regular basis. But they fear this bitch?.. Ur not just going to give them back their investment n threaten them n go on ur merry way. Vice really just made themselves look bad and lost their credibility with me on this one

  29. This bitch's a clown trying to use the cartel As a stepping stone to Being famous they're going to make her famous when she comes up missing

  30. 11:44 is she sure said that? Threatens the Mexican cartel girl byeeee 😂😂 does being high make people tell crazy outrageous stories

  31. 😂 she don’t know shit about guns. Linseed oil is for a stock of a gun with a wood finish…and nobody who owns guns keeps them in fucking plastic bags. She didn’t threaten any fucking Mexican cartel members either, she done smoked too much and lives in a fantasy world 😂

  32. I give her props for the business and her clients, but after the cartel story…like wow. She must be smoking the angel dust or something. She would be missing if the cartel wanted to. This is crazy!!!

  33. The Feds are supposed to obey the Law of the Land, not violate it
    "The states shall retain their sovereignty"
    We The People constituted the Law of the Land for the government to obey
    There is nothing there for us to obey, it is simply at our discretion whether or not we wish to exercise those things

    Thats the way it is because the people won the war and the government lost the war
    Legally speaking, the servants need to remember that fact!

  34. I need to cover my guns with linseed oil or they will miss fire? WTF is she talking about?

  35. Awww poor Snoop…he I was he suffers from a horrible disease or affliction…Glad to see all this medicine needs are being met! 🙄 I never seen the show Weeds but a boner…yup can I get a prescription for a constant hard-on caused by this Dr? Ooooooweeeee AND SHE BLAZES???!!!!

  36. I can't even watch these stories about people selling weed. C'mon I know people are serving long prison sentences for it, which is really not cool, but cannabis is child's play. It's fucking harmless and the margins are shit, I want to hear about hard drugs.

  37. Damn they have a security window at that dispensary? The one on my block looks like a goddamn showroom with a bunch of art and glass cases, just a doorman to check ID.

  38. Medical cannabis is kind of a joke, at least it was to me. I can't even begin to tell you how many friends in school who had their card without having any serious medical issues. Fuck it though, that was the system we dealt with, so you may as well work with it. Better than smoking questionable shit from Mexico and risk getting arrested.

  39. Yeah, nobody planning on killing you out in open view of the public sets a gun on your lap. VICE has made some really cringy shit in recent years and this is no different… This is really bad.

  40. I'll forgive you since you're obviously talking out of your ass and know nothing about firearms, but it's extremely unlikely that the DEA raided your shop equipped with M-16's. It was obviously another assault rifle or SMG.

  41. Maybe it's just me, but I find it really obnoxious when drug dealers get judgemental about people who use or sell drugs that are different from their DOC. Almost universally, meth users and dealers think people who use opiates/heroin are dirty sketchy thieves. People who use other drugs think all meth users and dealers should be in prison. Fuck off with all that. People should be responsible for their own lives, if they want to make poor decisions by using drugs, it's on them. Prohibition only results in street violence and ever-increasing potency and adulteration of dangerous drugs that would otherwise have been regulated and sold in a store at a low price.

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