The longest ride in a Truck | Hitchhiking in USA

Its 6:25 am Yesterday after arriving here, I relaxed on this seat Around 2 am, I shifted to this bench it was more comfortable I used the washroom to get fresh in the morning now I am going to find Malcolm I found him but probably he is still sleeping inside the truck. i do not want to disturb him a lot of trucks are here Malcolm is still sleeping Till then I will ask other people for ride Am I standing far from these trucks! This is Petro truck stop its 6:45 am now Its foggy A lot of trucks are exiting now, So there are a good chance of getting a ride another truck ! So many trucks… I am not even getting a chance to keep the bags down ! Got a ride! its 8:50 am This is probably going to be the longest ride on my US trip almost 1000 kilometres ! From Birmingham (Alabama) to Dallas (Texas) will take almost 6-8 hours to cover the distance let me introduce you with … He is a Cuban initially I was not able to understand because of his accent After hearing Cuba, I said Fidel Castro !! He like Bollywood’s musicals Thats the speciality of our movies like worldwide Thanks to the film makers He is checking the tyre pressure That is a camping groud You can hire a caravan/RV and explore this country on your own so that is a place for parking RVs All these facilities are available besides the petrol/Gas station These RVs have luxuries of bed, fridge, oven, shower, toilet, etc They are getting charged This RV is dumping the waste in the ground Many Americans sell off their home and other assets after retirement … and rent/buy such RVs to travel across the country for their rest part of the life They halt in such camping grounds for many days He is going to leave me !! Many people advised me to ask the truck owners instead of the employers for a ride but how do distinguish between the two ? but despite being an employee, Jovany has offered me a ride I am totally clueless now People have their different versions This truck reminds me of my Thailand trip He asked me to adjust the Rear View Mirror Its very important Jerry helped me to learn how to clean the windshield of a truck This truck was made in 1997 This is a ‘Freightliner’ truck This is how he operates certain things! Oh! This was for cruise control Even Rahul’s Audi car had this system You can just relax instead of putting your feet continuously on the accelerator paddle Suddenly the landscape changed instead of jungles, Now I can see farms This is Louisiana Looks like I am in Punjab The farms in US are huge They use advanced technology for agriculture The road is quite bumpy He says, Cuba is good for hitchhikers For me, it is easy everywhere in the world except US! In Cuba, everyone does not have cars. So they help each other In US, there are more cars than the people then I asked him about Mexico he said, its quite unsafe because of the illegal drug trade He says, Cuba is better than Mexico for hitchhiking This leads me to realize that unless we visit a place on our own and experience the culture its difficult to know the reality about the place This happens with everyone of us We make opinions based on media reports and whatever we hear from others This is how it happens everywhere in the world Indians have opinions about Pakistan Similarly Pakistanis have some opinions about Indians South Indians have some opinions about Delhiites Delhiites have opinions about the people from North-East and they have some different opinion about the rest Indians I think you should go and experience the culture, people before making any opinion about them Many people warned me against hitchhiking in USA People will kill you, rob you, harm you… But I have successfully hitchhiked thousands of kilometres in USA till now We have reached GreenWood He is going to drop me here Now he is not taking me to Dallas because he is going in the south of Dallas city, whereas I have to go in the North So he says, it better to get down here and ask for the next ride There are 2 truck stops here Loves and Flying J This place is near Shreveport He is going to stay here for next 2 hours He said, if I don’t get a ride in time, then he will take me to Dallas Its time to say bye He is going inside that building to take shower after that he will take rest and then proceed further I am going to use the toilet its sunny I have to look for a shade I have refilled the water bottle from the restaurant Now I am going to ask for the ride I am going to stand under the shade of those trees I will stand here But its all wet after the rain Can’t keep my bags down I am going back to the store It is scorching hot my head is spinning This is not a good symptom I prefer to get delayed than felling sick I sat here for almost an hour but didn’t get any help I called Jovany and he is going to leave now Now I am going with him its almost 5 pm Now this will be the longest ever ride One of the locals who was sitting behind me said… It remains hot and humid at this place Mississippi and Texas I also met two guys from Haryana They belonged to Karnal in Haryana I said, My grandfather is also from the same place he was happy to know this he was going to California I asked him to drop me to Dallas but he refused he is searching a place where he is going to drop me I have reached Terrell, near Dallas He is now not going to Dallas I am going to get down and will search for a place to sit in the QuikTrip station I am not feeling well I need to take rest This is QT I will take rest, have some food Jovany helped a lot, but now I am stranded While coming here he asked me to get down at a place But, he didn’t say that you’ll not get any ride after this! Now I am stuck I have left the place 2 miles behind Here, there is no place like a driver’s lounge to take rest or sit I am badly stuck This reminds me of Thailand its 10 pm I approached Motels, restaurants, etc… to take rest, but didn’t get any place Its quite dark now. Don’t know you can see me or not! 2 ladies have given me this ride they said, due to safety reasons they wanted me to sit at the back of the truck They are going to drop me at the truck stop

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  1. How's the experience of your ride in a American truck, because in India I experienced lot worse….stinking drivers found in India…..they stinks a lot

  2. bhai aap kon sa software use krte ho kise ke ghar rukne ke liye jaise aap kehte ho ki maine request ki thi….. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me

  3. Like you discover India in her villages, one may discover the USA along her virtually never ending freeways and interstates.

  4. Ratna sarkar, I'm from KOLKATA and watching u'r video ur travelling is too adventurous, few people travel like that way.

  5. Ratna sarkar, apne Akdm thik kaha jab tak logo ké mil nhi lete pata nhi chalta ki kase log hain, movie or real log alag hote hain, good video

  6. Nice video sir interesting. ..I have watched continously 2 hrs…..it's great. ….


  8. Realy tough journey of u . k but ur information is very interesting

  9. भैया तुमन ने जो बीच में ब्रज भासा में बात करी हमें बड़ौ मजा आयौ। भैयो तुम बड़े गुरु आदमी निकरे।

  10. i love your videos i have some i want to do hitchhiking in Italy from south to north what do you recommend

  11. bro do a video to take on with you when your hitchhiking

  12. Suprb bro mai kal se le kar aaj tak aap ka kam se kam 15 episod dekh chuka hui bhohat mza aa rha hai dekh kar aap rpy karna

  13. Varun, Travel made you such a nice person. I agree with you about stereotyping!

  14. i am also from karnal haryana and karnal is small might me he knows me or i know him.

  15. इतने बडे बड़े ट्रक भाई एसा क्या खीचते है यार यह इनमे

  16. Why don't you go to Pakistan and show the world especially to Indian how nice and positive people are in Pakistan ?

  17. Love from karachi bro😍😍
    Malcolm k sath jao kisi or ko ni pkro 😂😂😂

  18. Hello, Varun Sir this is Harshvardhan Singh, sir I want to ask that you are an youtuber and you showed us how we can do hitchhiking in USA. But sir was there any role of your camera and youtube account ,like I want to say that you use to have your camera while you hitchhike and the public (it is just my point of view) use to have a trust on you as you are an youtuber I noticed that you have a paper written on it"Indian Hitchhiker etc." or it is really easy to hitchhike in USA . If it is that so please let my comment be apart of your next video. Thank You Sir.

  19. अब तो इंटरनेट भी कम पड़ता है आपके वीडियो देखते। आपकी तारीफ जितनी करे उतना कम है। आपकी अमेरिकन ट्रिप, तुर्की की ट्रिप भी बहुत अच्छी है। आपकी वजस से कुछ नया सीखने को मिला। आपकी चेनल पहले मुजे क्यों न मिली तो अभी तक सब वीडियो देख लेता।

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  21. Not a single native white american helped you. Shows a lot about usa

  22. i can't believe this quality content has less than 10k likes ..Brother kudos to your spirit

  23. You said you were speaking Hindi, but in fact you are speaking Urdu. I like your videos because you speak good Urdu language. I am in Dallas TX USA, so watching this video was good.

  24. Rahol, if you ever contact me, I can share a valuable info regarding your trip to Egypt. I like your all videos over all other you-tubers.

  25. we most of indian hesitate to ask and in a small time we loose our courage, if some people rejected. Salute to your patience. By the way how much you paid for hitchhiking in America.

  26. Bhai aap ke liye ek suggestion hai. Aap bahot achhi videos banate ho bas unko number de diya kro.. ab me yeh dekh raha tha video last me aapne bola stay connected. But, kaunsi video hai iske baad I don't know. So, I'm disappointed n not sure if I'll look for the very next video to continue this series.

    Please do not mind. I am suggesting because I love watching your videos n ending at this point is a little bit annoying.

    Sorry if you don't like this suggestion.

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