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This will not be a war of heroes… which is all to say,
this is going to be fun. [Menacing laughter] CONRAD:
The world burns. DUKE OF OXFORD:
You have no idea of what men are capable of. CONRAD:
We must do something. DUKE OF OXFORD:
I know you want to fight… but there are other ways of
doing your duty. DUKE OF OXFORD:
You’re going to need a suit… [Laughter]
come on. ♪♪ DUKE OF OXFORD:
We are the first independent
intelligence agency… preserving peace.
And protecting life. POLLY:
Welcome to the club. MUSIC (“War Pigs” by Black Sabbath):
♫ Generals gathered in their masses ♫ GENERAL:
[Laughs] ♫ Just like witches
at black masses ♫ [Rhymthmic pounding] [Rhymthmic marching] DUKE OF OXFORD:
While governments wait for orders, our
people take action. ♫ Evil minds that
plot destruction ♫ RASPUTIN:
Now it’s time to show the world… ♫ Sorcerer of
death’s construction ♫ RASPUTIN:
…how mighty you are. ♫ Oh lord, yeah! ♫ DUKE OF OXFORD:
Our enemies… think we are
gentle men… but reputation is what
people think of you… DUKE OF OXFORD:
character is what you are. SHOLA:
Armed… and ready. DUKE OF OXFORD:
Armed, yes… DUKE OF OXFORD:
…but ready, we shall see. ♪♪ DUKE OF OXFORD:
This is called a “parachute”. It means that one can
jump out of a plane safely. ♪♪

Stephen Childs


  1. Only king'sman with no caption.. What the heck is this?? Wishing u the good luck team. Surely a Blockbuster

  2. Oh boy, the shame I 'd feel for torturing and drugging Assange, before giving him to the Americans, if I was British… Are you sure you don't want to postpone this?

  3. The song in the background is the song War pigs by black sabbath,thank me later gentlemen.

  4. The sole reason I want to see this movie is to see rasputin as some crazy villain this guy was absolutely crazy in real life. And seeing him as a spy villain should interesting

  5. I swear to god if they dont use the rasputin song from boney m during the fight with rasputin….

  6. Okay, am I the only one who noticed they put the new kid (Harris Dickenson?) in a suit and had him strike a BOND pose? Cause they definitely had him dressed to kill and striking a very Timothy Dalton-esque BOND pose.

  7. Oh this is gonna be cool it's like showing the past how it was made before it Gos onto Kingman movies

  8. While the movie looks cool, last I checked, Rasputin didn’t know martial arts

  9. Right so, we got
    – The Attempted Assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
    – Rasputin so potentially the Tsar will be there
    – The Austro-Hungarians as well as the Germans

  10. I'll be honest, when they said "this is a parachute," all I could think of was:

    this.. is a bucket

  11. I'm pretty sure last time I googled it was to make the trilogy, mbbe I just made that up.


  12. Распутин? Агенты? Это будет по-настоящему православное кино


  14. This 1:23 is a Serbian TERRORIST who started and was solely responsible for the two most devastating wars in history.
    And here 1:23 you can see Gavrilo Princip who fought for the freedom of his country from an unrightly and oppressively expanding empire and unintentionally gave Russia and Germany a reason to start a war they so desperately wanted.
    – Historia magistra vitae est –

  15. send it straight to the dump where it belongs – waste of good film 🙄👎🏼

  16. No I’m not okay it’s not taron egerton nope not watching this movie.
    The original was so much better.

  17. Is it just me or is anyone else seeing someone that looks like Merlin?

    I just miss him 😭

  18. What version of war Pigs is this ?
    I thought it was the 300 version but it's not, unfortunately but this version is badass.

  19. I will be so very disappointed if Booney M's Rasputin isn't playing furing the Rasputin fight…

  20. Duke of Oxford: "This is called a 'parachute'. It means that one can jump out of a plane safely."
    Shola: o_O

  21. Just the way Fiennes says we shall see shows he’s having fun in this role, 🙂

  22. Geez I'm worried about how this movie will perform at the box office. Everyone is talking about the new Sonic design and saying they want to see it in theaters but I have a strong feeling that they'll let Sonic beat this at the box office. I know 2019 was Fox's worst year with how much of their movies have bombed at the box office but this movie deserves a chance so I'd still rather see this than the new Sonic movie.

  23. Because Ralph Fiennes is in kingsman, this organisation in 2006 has been renamed to MI6.

  24. Guys, sorry to sound like a downer but, you gonna have to wait til next September to this installment of "Kingsman" or in the case "The King's Man".

  25. 0:01 catched my interest until about 0:20 then i lost interest cause it wasnt what i thought it was

  26. So is the scene where the car is bombed during a parade meant to be the Franz Ferdinand assassination or did something similar also happen to the tsar?

  27. Man I just heard that the movie will be released in September instead. Oh well, I hope Vaughn can polish his movie during that time.

  28. Why do have movies that don't focus on WWI have better WWI scenes than actual WWI Movies

  29. This trailer is way better than the first one. I feel a lot better about this movie now.

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