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    You've kept my channel going thus far and I really appreciate it. Everyone else who wants to help keep this up, take a look at links below:

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    Feel free to share this video and help me embarrass Sweden's hypocritical government. I don't think I've ever pwnt them this hard before.

    And no, Sweden is not "hopeless and doomed", you're just impatient.
    Democracy takes time and if things were doomed I wouldn't be making these videos. Watch this and learn:

    Sweden claims to be a feminist government, while sacrificing both Swedish & migrant women on the altar of political correctness.
    Sex crimes have doubled in 3 years, half of all women are afraid to walk outside at night, and this is not explained by women becoming more comfortable to report, since tendencies to report have actually gone down:

    A Swedish cop with a background from Afghanistan is holding lectures for unaccompanied refugees. Most are Afghan:
    These are the most common questions the migrants ask:
    1. So what kinda death penalties do you have here?
    2. What's a condom and what do you use it for?

    When the cop asks them if they like gender equality, they all reply yes.
    But when he asks them if it would be okay for their sister to go swimming by herself, they reply no.
    Put simply, this cop doesn't hide the fact that some people have a fucked up view of equality, because they aren't coming from a country where equality matters.
    It's obvious that all migrants aren't regressive shits, but when the problems are this widespread you're not gonna solve the issue by pretending that all cultures are equal.

    We know that Swedish men rape as well. That's no reason to make the problem even worse through import, where you refuse to do ID checks, age tests and deportation of scumbags.
    Immigrants are 5,5 times more likely to be suspected of rape. An overrepresentation that large is enough for the number of rapes to increase severely when that part of the population increases as well. The majority of immigrants don't rape, but that's not necessary for crime to rise by a lot. That's how crime works in general, it's never something that the majority of people are engaging in.

    Keep that in mind, differentiate between collective level and individual level, and Namaste!

  2. Thank you and Bless you Angry Foreigner for careing More for woman and true equality than 'the movement' that claims too… 🌹

  3. First off why are my tax dollars going to pay for foreign fat feminist to abort that black baby in them that they got on one of their kid free weekends?

  4. Sweden received exactly what it wants.. female paradise. Rapes? Oh, women so unstable. They just don't know what they want exactly.
    PS. Ahaha.. about bracelets. Such bullshit can be only in Sweden.

  5. I’d support completely banning abortion because it murders innocent baby girls & boys. I’m more pro-female than any of these feminists. How could you disagree with him not wanting to fund abortion baby killer atheist.

  6. The judging people by gender and race is the real racist!
    And trump and usa is their own issues. Let them make their own decisions.
    And the feminist (not-feminist at all) government refuse to support women stoned by islam , honor killed by islam and lgbt killed by islam. And they surrender to islam republic!
    I want the women and lgbt in Middle East be respected! Who have ever respected the women in Middle East?
    Where is the right of the stoned women and killed lgbt? Because you fucking islam culture?
    I am feminist and i want islam go to hell! And i say no to any religion and tradition because they are against women.
    Be proud to be feminist and destroy islam which enslave women.

  7. You cant just put immigrants in gettos and talk about equality at the same time

  8. Feminists are just like the Radical Leftists there is little difference they are one and the same now, they are United against White men.

  9. This shows how the word feminism destroys everything and Sweden is the most successful example for 💯 percent failure hope we will cure cancer soon

  10. Swedish leaders and the people who support them are extremely retarded. The leaders should be put in jail.

  11. nop. como dijo trump sobre venezuela:

    no es q haya sido q las teorias y politicas socialistas se hayan llevado a cabo mal, sino q es exactamente éste el resultado el resultado de las teorías socilistas.

    éso es lo q pasó en suwcia y en cualquier país q es gobernado por los socialistas.

    es decir no es q las teorias socialistas sean geniales y lo malo sea q nadie sabe llevarlas a la realidad de forma satisfactoria.

    sino q las teorias socialistas son una mierda y cuando se llevan a la realidad al pie de la letra, producen estos desastres.
    el socialismo es mierda.

  12. My dear White brother & friend, all you're saying is true & RATIONAL, and I pray that God will touch some people with it. You're exposing how irrational & inconsistent the Swedish government laws & measures are and do you know why they're that way? Because they're DESIGNED by people who want to DESTROY Sweden in order to bring the New World Order! One World Government! This Luciferian elite is doing the same to ALL White countries all over the fucking world! Why? Because they're the most prosperous & powerful countries and, therefore, its NATIONALISM must be destroyed. And who are the Nationalists in these White countries? The Whites, of course! It's THEIR country so they're the ones who are going to defend its SOVEREIGNTY! !!!! This explains the mass non-White immigration and HATE CAMPAIGN against White People. Please research this and INCLUDE it in your brilliant videos to give people a BROADER picture & understanding. Thank you!

  13. The worst part tho is the lack of balls in Swedish men. They are passive, affraid of conflicts and easily duped by media and the government. They Will Never stand Up for their daughters and do the right thing. F! Faen.

  14. Bro im black and i say all the men need to make examples out those sick fucks if that means a race war then fuck it. But something has to be done.

  15. its a horrible world we live in, im glad im not a swedish resident. lol, swedish women should move to norway xD

  16. Seriously… When are we all going to come out and say that woman simply should not be in positions of power? This is getting beyond ridiculous…

  17. i dont know whats more digusting, that this shit happened and 'nothing' has been done about it, or that nothing will be done about it, and the 'tolerance' of your society is actively complicit in these crimes

  18. Being a young, swedish woman I feel extremely frustrated and afraid. I get sleep deprivation thinking about what the government is doing to my beloved Sweden. I don't recognise it anymore…and I'm only 24 years old.

  19. Antifa is biggest fascist organization on planet… if You dont obey them they hates You… I just wanna kill 40% of western EU for start

  20. at 4:08 had they said that to me I would have gone berserk (queue Raubtier – BärsärkagÃ¥ng)

  21. I bet eventually there will be a woman who speaks out about immigrant rape that the left will listen to, and when that happens, I bet they're going to twist it again to say that the reason isn't that they imported people from a vastly different culture, but because of the patriarchal systems put in place and other bs like that.

  22. My good man, "Angry Foreigner" This entire video was expertly well done and extremely informative! Very well presented my friend and thank you!

  23. So muslims dont want a woman thats not a virgin but the men are allowed to have many wifes & women to have sex with when they like, i have to ask how is this possible when like 50% are men & 50% are women.

  24. What a disgrace and a bunch of cowards and tyrants I can't believe that the Swedish people are not revolting. March are your capitals and demand change this is far too out of control if something is not done immediately Sweden will be lost and before too long will become a caliphate

  25. Pure insanity I cannot believe this I live in TN in America and I am steaming and outraged.WHERE ARE YOUR MEN YOUR WOMEN AND DAUGHTERS ARE BEING DEFILED WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PPL WHERE ARE YOUR BALLS. my God I am praying for you all.

  26. I would never want to see this but mark my words that woman who tried acting like a badass in that picture supposedly saying some stupid shit to Trump. An Islamic flag will fly above the building she sits in and all their heads will be on spikes unless they convert and grovel which seems more likely to their new Muslim master replaces and pure none racist saviours. My God I pray your country wakes up but if they don't let Sweden be the example that the left will not be able to lie and swindle their way out of. God save Sweden

  27. Can not watch your videos without my blod boil… is wrong with swden????

  28. The feminist fascists really have a lot to answer for, I suppose a few hugs will suffice, cunts.

  29. But on the other hand, ugly fat feminists can find a boyfriend among the immigrants. Too bad for working family girls.

  30. Dina videos e skit bra fortsätt lägg upp det bästa på Youtube du e kung!!

  31. Biased attitude is the name of the game for the Left, why not sympathize with the victims too as much as for the perpetrators, and for all communities

  32. May be migrant women are not oppressed they actually support the Muslim culture

  33. Fuck feminism, and the right and the left. Damn we need a new system in sweden!!!

  34. 8:39 im sorry that Germany gave birth to that anti facist facist tumor. They are one of the worst political movements on this Planet.

  35. The reason for this seemingly paradoxical stance is that they're Marxists disguised as feminists. And now feminism has become little but a vehicle to push Marxist ideology. They disguise themselves as for the advancement of women, convincing them they are a victim class of a male patriarchy. To the extent the Marxist and feminist causes are aligned, it's impossible to distinguish between the two, but once the two causes diverge, it's Marxism that takes precedence. This is one of key ways Marxists have successfully infiltrated Western cultures. They hijack causes, such as women's rights, and cloak themselves in what appears to be a virtuous endeavor. So in this example, the mass importation of a surf class guarantees the Marxist/Leftist their winning elections and serves to weaken the overall society, creating fertile grounds for an increased dependence on government which is EXACTLY what the Marxist seeks. In the US, Marxists have used the same playbook for "Black Lives Matter" , "Me too" and "Gay/Trans Rights" movements. In each of these examples, there starts a cause and sometimes (not always) the original cause can have some degree of merit. The leftists are then drawn like magnets to the effort and take over, doing the bidding for the Marxist cause. They do this because they cannot come out of the gate transparent on their causes because the populace wouldn't have it, so they disguise themselves in these causes and they repeat the mantras in a hundred different forms across a multitude of media, brainwashing the public to their cause. Their followers get a (false) sense of purpose, and a narcissistic shot in the arm for their egos, gained though the applause and adulation of their peers. Ultimately, this will lead to civil wars (as we're already seeing in France) throughout the Western Nations. This is why I'm so grateful to have our 2nd Amendment in US. The ultimate check in balance.

  36. 赤ちゃんは ほとんど 3ヶ月から 道徳的な思考ができる認知力が 始まるといいます。

  37. Remember that paradise where if you get yourself blown up you get all those virgins? Yeah… That's Sweden…. (That was the funniest thing I heard in weeks!)

  38. … Given Sweden's Viking bloodlines, I'm waiting for the inevitable backlash of all those Swedish Meatballs once they get back into gear.

  39. Superb vid, hopefully the Sweden Democrats get elected in your nation and fix all this shit that the "feminist government" created.

  40. i live in Norway and im just looking at sweeden thinking
    holy shit what if some domino effect happens and Norway gets infected with this shitty ass feminism

  41. The Sweden I don't why but it's the no1 of German soldiers. Sweden took many refugees without having place and categories of jobs for them. I'm from Greece. In Greece many refugees don't want to go at school because to find a job here it's difficult and for us. All the refugees wants to move Sweden, German, Austria, in the rich countries of Europe. The question is one? Why Europe? Saudi Arabi, Egypt, isn't Muslim? I'm anarchist from Athens and we have a lot of troubles because of them in our area. They attacked to young girls or trying to rape. They sells drugs. We needed to change and we change the situation here…. We fight for our area and now they knows very well can't stay here anymore. They wants to show our power and I will do it!! Don't worry Sweden stand up! Without bullishit and politics labels, like a SD or any part. Stand up as a union talk to forgings who lives there with you to help you. The problem came from you people of sweden because you are weak and coward you aren't working class and don't care about anything. You don't care for your lives or your jobs. Thought something in the future you will be the refugees in your country and will move to other countries because of them.

  42. Swedish women should immigrate to the US…especially Michigan. We have a severe shortage of good looking women here…

  43. i like how here in america he would be consindered a liberal but in sweden he is consindered a fascist

  44. Man it truely sounds like Sweden is a real true to life shit hole. Enjoy

  45. Feminist in scandinavia are like spoild Kids that didnt get ther " slik" and this goes to show that women make desitions Base on their emotions

  46. Aren't making jokes on our KZ now bitches.
    Slowly Raising right hand
    Our Austrian Painter could solve this problem in one month !
    I honestly rather want a Nazi regime than a single Arabian Migrant .

  47. I will never go to Sweden it's just too dangerous. Sweden has become a 3rd world country.

  48. Women are their own worst enemies. Women are more likely to get rapped in Sweden than in Mexico!

  49. I'm a dane and this shit makes my blood boil – I wanna go on a rapist hunt and crack some fucking skulls.

  50. Don’t kill babies from conception to birth! I am pro women’s choice to not have sex to avoid pregnancy, otherwise you live with the responsibility of raising your baby….you will find such great joy!

  51. Vad fan ska vi göra? Vad fan har hänt med våra Rättsystem?
    Femenistiska regeringen är ett hot mot Sverige

  52. It's the Swedish politicians that bear all the blame along with the idiotic sacks of meat that are they're voters. Real swedes like myself are being held hostage by a lunatistic fraction of the entire population. Personally I vote for a "coup d'état" in Sweden ASAP!

  53. Yes, women hate other women! Everyone knows that.

    And women are too emotional to be in office.

  54. Forgive me but i have special phone that i bring out and if any migrant asks me for tee phone i bring out my phone which is not a phone but a box cutter and then i cut their throats, this is every time i leave my home. Lets hope noone asks me to hand them my phone OK cause it will be very bloody. PS i will not hesitate for one second

  55. I feel bad for muslim women. Why didn’t Europe only allow refugee women only? Or at least the majority instead of the men.

  56. This is the future of ALL of Europe, thanks to the EU, who keeps defending the human rights of those sick fks and so those the countries, governments… Edit: I knew it was bad in Sweden, but did not know it has been going on for so many years, but im not surprised, when looking at out own Danish government, cause I always knew it was gonna happen.. and seeing this, just confirms the Danish governmnt is closer to the Swedish problems that i thought…

  57. This is what happens when women get the right to wote and power! The holy Bible was right

  58. Makes you want to move to Czechia; their view on gun ownership is quite like (most of) America's.

  59. I'm fascinated with Germany, I want to live in Germany, and I starting to feel sorry for Sweden. Really! 🙁

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