The feeling you get coming back from holiday – Fresh

Hi guys Ellie Oh my god! Hello! How was your holiday? It was so good I feel so positive and relaxed It was amazing it’s amazing what a holiday can do for your mental health, right? It really is. It’s super weird, but I’m like really pumped about everything I’m excited to get back into my routine. It’s so crazy feeling so like positive come at me life ELLIE!! and there it is Where have you been? on holiday like I told you oh did you come and tell me? yes I did Oh did you? Well I did You definitely didn’t I did… Well you didn’t Did you? Oh, do you sorry do you have evidence of coming to tell me that? No… Like did you did you get a film crew or something to film you as you’re talking to me about that? No, No you didn’t did you so there’s no evidence of it? Anyway, we’ll talk about that later about you’re just leaving up and going without any kind of any giving notice or anything we’ll talk about that later but for now stocking shelves Obviously cleaning the bathroom cleaning the toilet. My desk is gotten real dusty without you cleaning it And did the guys tell you that you’re working late tonight, you’re working till midnight doing the stocktake Yeah Bzzzz Bzz F**K F**king move get me the f**k out of here. I hate my life. I hate this f**king store F**K Back to work. Hmm No, oh no its actually a genuine question did you actually film that? Cause I could be wrong? Alan classic professional I could be wrong

Stephen Childs


  1. Almost not giving a thumbs up since Rowan was such a mean boss…. felt it was real… Just kidding, of course you get a thumbs up!!! Great Acting!

  2. That’s ok she won’t have to work long to build up an obscenely large sum of money because I doubt Rowan fixed her salary.

    Also Ellie’s Back!

  3. Rowan! Are we going to see you in avatar 2!
    Didnt see you get killed in the the first one! Demand a bigger part in the sequel! I would love to see your glorious actingskills on the big screen! 😊😊😊😊

  4. Is it just me or has Allie put on some weight and her boobs have gotten bigger, like much much bigger?

  5. I wonder if Rowan gets yelled at or threatened in real life for being so mean. I mean, he looks so convincing.

  6. If she's not feel free to delete my comment, but is she pregnant? she looks a little chubbier and she has that glow my fiance had when she was. I apologize sincerely if not. Lol

  7. I got a viva la dirt league sketch for rise of kingdoms advertisment before watching this video. Two for the price of one 🙂

  8. Ellie is back!!!! 😀

    Honestly, i've expected Rowan to have totally forgotten about her and be like: "you're a girl" ^^

  9. At the rate Ellie gets paid, Rowans only hurting himself by making her stay at work.

  10. If that White shirt doesnt come back soon i dont know what will happen. Smh #WhiteshirtReturn lol

  11. THAT is exactly the situation with my chef … i can go motivated as hell to work and in the moment she comes in … its over.

  12. I’m often in a worse mood returning to work after a “holiday” – the cold hard reality of going back to work never excites me.

  13. Ellie, I know your pain. 2 weeks holidays, 10 minutes back in the office and I start using fcuk like a comma… 🙄

  14. He did this for us since she just left the cast for some bit. But now she's back!!! Lol go Rowan he just missed her like we all did

  15. Yea that exactly what happened to me every time I have a week off. I even got proof. They get mad if I called out for being sick, vacation and doctor/emergency. I work at the medical field and I shows up to work early and hardly get any days off. Christmas is coming and thanksgiving too so I’m looking forward to that and can’t wait for my boss reaction

  16. Hard to keep the humor going when you go THAT far into 'suspension of disbelief'. Might as well have decapitated disbelief, lol.

  17. VLDL :- 1.5 M subs and doesn't reply to many comments

    WhatIF :-2.60M subs,reply to most comments

    P.S I am a fan of vldl since the beginning

  18. yeah, I'll clean your desk, with the toilet brush right after I shit onto the desk

  19. i like that youre getting advertising roles now, its so good seeing you come up haha

  20. Can somebody please I don't understand but somebody please tell me how is this funny? Or was this a drama?

  21. Hard to imagine that in the Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule ) one person could be the 80%, then you see Rowen at "work".

  22. The second she started saying how positive she felt, I was like…"oh no… Rowan."

  23. Still don’t like rowan… can’t wait for the day all stuff returns on him


  24. I worked at a place that had 3 managers. One of them, not the head of the store fortunately, was a real dick to put it nicely. Anytime someone quit, the reason they put down was always him. He'd been screwing with my schedule and hours really bad, so I went and found a better job and gave my two weeks notice to the head, as well as the other manager that was in at that time, which of course wasn't the jerk.
    It wasn't a secret I was leaving, everyone kept asking me about it and was really shocked at how much my salary would be compared to the ones they were getting, even department supervisors. There was a lot of talk about it. Basically everyone knew, or so I thought.
    So on my last day, the jerk had me come in for closing, which wasn't a big deal since it was my last day there. He was so bad at scheduling he'd often have people on the closing shift, and then have them on opening shift the next morning. Well, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was just an incompetent scheduler, but I don't really know.
    We've closed, and are about to leave, and he decides to give us all our revised schedules. (He was always changing them, often late and when people weren't even there, wouldn't inform them, and then yell at them for not showing up for their "scheduled" shift. There 's more about that, but that's a different rant/story.)
    Of course he had me opening the next morning. Naturally I was surprised by this and informed him, "No I'm not".
    He looked up from his clipboard, "Yes you are."
    I'm trying to figure out why he was being so obtuse and said, "No, I am not…"
    Finally he asked, "Why?".
    "This is my last day, tomorrow I start at my new job. Everybody has been talking about it for two weeks." I answer.
    "No you aren't, you didn't tell me you were quiting." He snorts back.
    "I told (the head manager of the store) two weeks ago, and he's the one who hired me to start with. I also told (the other manager). You weren't in that day."
    "I handle this stuff and you didn't tell me."
    "I've seen the others handle the final paperwork and exit interviews, nobody said I had to tell you, and I have no idea why the head didn't tell you, maybe you should ask him, but I'm not going to be here tomorrow."
    He then took me back to the office, had me sign some more papers, the same ones the head had me sign, and that was it. He said almost nothing at all to me during that time.

    To give you an idea of what that jerk was like, if you saw two employees whispering, obviously complaining about something, you could just ask his name, and yes, it was always something about what he'd done to screw somebody over. Eventually he got transferred to the head office, and we had an office party over it, the day AFTER he boarded the plane.
    The head office couldn't stand him and sent him back about a month later, and you could see the moral plummet the day he walked back in our door.

    On the off chance anyone here is inspired by this little story/anecdote, go for it. I hold no claim to it, it's just a matter of facts and opinions, as best as I can remember them.
    Though if you do make something, please post a link so I can see/read it for giggles. I'm sure something similar has happened to more than one business after all. 🙂

  25. Rowan grows more and more to be evil overlord. He soon start sacrificing his own employees for Cthulhu or something .

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