The Ex-Undercover Cop Exposing the UK’s Police Corruption

There was an occasion where things didn’t go according to plan and we took a detour and a gun was produced. And I was threatened and told I was suspected of being a undercover detective I choose to say, “Of course I am. That’s exactly who I am. Exactly, you’re absolutely right.” That’s you fucked. There was a kind of pause there was a kind of moment in the car where you, you know you think it will go either way and then there was laughter and then we went and had a drink. And I remember having a drink and I went off to the loo and I was I vomited for about 3 or 4 minutes As an undercover officer, the important thing, before deployment is to build up your legend, your identity creating a character, a profile, that will stand some scrutiny. So it depends on what you are being employed to do. If you’re about to buy the drugs, you’d have to be very convincing, as a drug buyer. If you are buying firearms, you have to be comfortable, breaking down weapons and look believable that you understood exactly what type of firearms you were buying. You are creating a fictitious character, so there’s always a danger in fear of discovery. You are constantly in fear of being exposed. Of being seen as not who you say you are As an undercover officer, one of the things you would do, religiously, was to dry clean yourself. By that I would mean, take every precaution you could to make sure that you weren’t being followed. This was a place that I used. Particularly, if I wanted to abandon a vehicle that I might be using. To really, dry clean myself and make sure that I hadn’t been compromised. In that life, within that role, I worked on many cases and in a wide variety of guises Some of these may only involve a few days work, a few hours, a telephone call. Sometimes it might be long-term deployment. In one case, about two and a half years. Somewhere like this, on a ferry, would be a good opportunity to actually meet with your “cover-man” You “cover-man” were often referred to as your uncle Sometimes you could become so involved in a job that you might not see clearly, that you might not make the right decision but, hopefully, your “cover-man” your uncle, could see it might just be a step too far, that the risk might be too great that you had been in-situ for too long, that you can not see it clearly anymore. And maybe it was time to take a step back. If it was a drugs operation, it’s about keeping a clear head and never using, I think for any undercover officer that’s the path to take But here’s the simple truth, if somebody put a gun to your head or in your mouth and said, “I tell you what, you and I can have this line now and if we do that then, I’m sure we’re gonna get on very well. And I’m not gonna have any questions about you being who you are.” If you’re placed in that situation, what do you do? Cause the law would say, “Well, of course we don’t encourage undercover officers to take drugs.” But, no management would take the view that you should have just flat-out refused And then sort of, becoming addicted or having a dependency, you know, on drugs. You can understand how that could easily happen. I can remember an officer, who’s something of a mentor in terms of undercover policing told me, if I could at all avoid working on either a paedophile case or a corruption case, to avoid it. Because of the damage it was likely to do to you And I didn’t listen. In terms or working on a paedophile case, the story, as I understood it was that I was kind of, of a similar kind of persuasion There was supposed to be a level of understanding, that we both knew what each others, sort of, proclivities were It was surreal, extremely difficult, you know-knowing what crimes this individual had committed. And I wasn’t a father then, I am now, but even then it was very difficult to be in the company of this, this man. There were moments, again, looking back, where I think he was testing, you know Two hours, I still remember that case now, you know This world can eventually fuck you up. And one of the last cases I worked on was police corruption. I was called to the Yard, Scotland Yard to a meeting with the man who ran the undercover unit at that time. And I was asked to infiltrate a group of senior officers suspected of corruption. During that long, difficult, infiltration, I was subject to allegations and that proved to be groundless and the allegations were withdrawn but that had severely compromised the corruption inquiry. It was very difficult to know what was happening because nobody from the MET contacted me to de-brief me. There was good reason to believe that the reason I’d been suspended was a softening up process to coerce me into spying on other suspended officers. So, it was a very complicated double-bluff That corruption inquiry, there was clearly substance to it and it probably started from a good place but it itself became corrupted. And that was the first job where I felt really, kind of, isolated and not connected to the organisation. It really was a poison chalice I certainly suffered a mental, sort of, deterioration during that time. You could see there were elements of, of “God’s work” within the management. “God’s work” is the manipulation of facts, and truth to fit the agenda. And so, if pressure is put on senior managers to do the right thing on behalf of the organisation, they will do that. I thought, back then, that undercover policing was a pure form of policing It would not be subject to whatever agenda was being discussed in the high office within Scotland Yard. Coming to a place like this, to a football stadium, here you were in the company of thousands, anonymous. And you could relax, this was somewhere that I wanted to come and just be myself and to lose myself in the crowd. If I was pressed, was it worth all the pain and the suffering. You know, I spent time in a psychiatric unit, twice. How I reconciled it, that at every point, at every junction, had I not stopped and turned left or right, navigated my way through it, I would not be the person I am today. I can see a positive in it. I understand who I am and what I do now. So, it’s a good thing, you know. You, kind of, look back.

Stephen Childs


  1. Has this guy never heard of a 3rd world Country , How do you think societies become that way in the 1st place

  2. The fucking background made it impossible to understand the dialogue!
    Don't ever use background "music" when it's vital to understand what is being said!
    "Now fuck off & clean your room"!

  3. If I was the Police I would arrest Vice for stopping making quality content like this

  4. Yea he might’ve been “cleaning” himself by walking thru that tunnel, but it’s also an Ideal spot to commit robbery/murder, getting caught in that tunnel alone.

  5. I’m hugely disappointed with the whole corrupt police force. Thrust haven’t got anyone’s interest at there heart. Only there own. Gone are the days of good old fashioned Bobby’s that cared

  6. i was part off operation Gemini involving drugs guns and other stuff of the sort it was in a cop shop Cricklewood London and i had respect for the cop leading the sting even doe i was the one he arrested i did not hate him but i was not happy either he toke down 150 of us just him we called him tj which to my surprise i later found out his name was pc terry or something like that but no matter what i all ways had respect for him he could of burned me far worse but i think he saw i was not all bad when i ordered one of the young bucks to return war medals he had stolen from someones house and had i not done that while being recorded i would have got longer because the judge told me that there most be honer amongst thieves and laughed well they said 11 years i said no they said 5 i said no they said 2 year's 8 months i said fine you see they only had a 37 percent chance of conviction so i was told 10 but here's were it gets funny on account of my pleading guilty i only had to serve a 3rd of 10 but because of good character and family ties i got two 8 it was a little more complicated than that but you get the picture well what im trying to say is that you can find good men on both sides justice is a point of view let me give you example (police man takes some criminal to jail )nice head line right ( boy grows up with no father is murdered by rival gang) you see what i mean and i know its not simply fixed and they can't just let them go but we are still father's brother's son's only a portion of thieves steal for greed but the most out of desperation just some food for thought and thank you for reading

  7. Goodness – i have a few questions i would like to ask you – im not joking or fishing for stories or any of that type of crap. I need advice but i dont know where to turn. When you said 'Gods Hand' – that is what i could be upgainst if i went forward. Please contact me via gmail.

  8. ‘We’re coming after you’: Priti Patel unveils £20m county lines crackdown
    Home secretary announces extra funding and recruitment to tackle ‘evil’ drug gangs

    The government is to spend £20m on tackling county lines drug networks, including recruiting more specialist caseworkers to deal with victims groomed into gangs, the home secretary has announced.
    County lines involves gangs in cities such as London, Birmingham and Liverpool using children as young as 11 to deal mostly heroin and crack cocaine over a network of dedicated mobile phones.
    In her speech to the Conservative party conference in Manchester on Tuesday, Priti Patel said the extra cash would stop gangs “terrorising our towns and villages and exploiting our children”.



    Data Protection Act 2018
    Equality Act 2010
    Human Rights Act 1998
    European Convention of Human Rights
    Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Torturing/terrorising/oppressing is worst than being slaughtered/killed.

    "Oppression is the cruel act of unjustly afflicting any kind of burden on someone – mental, emotional, or physical.
    It is a form of abusive behavior that results in a variety of impacts based on the burden and the integrity of the moral, social, and psychological structures of the victim.
    Oppression is by all measures a condemned bad behavior and a violation of the laws of justice in the Quran.
    Justice, mercy, and compassion are three of God's attributes. God teaches us throughout Quran how to adopt these three attributes to our behavior so we do not turn into oppressors. Because of God's mercy, compassion, and justice, He doesn't oppress us by burdening us beyond our means. He knows exactly the extent of our limits. His expectations are always within our capacity. This sets a divine example for us. We are supposed to learn from this divine wisdom and practice justice, compassion, and mercy with each other and band against cruelty and oppression.
    Based on the emotional and general stability of the oppressed, the persistence of hurting someone might cause a minor distress to fluctuate to a deep sense of disappointment, sadness, and pain, severe struggle, and mental disorientation. In some cases, this can progress to the point of losing focus, logic, and the ability to make decisions. In others, we give up our freedom, change our stands, and get forced in a certain direction or another due to helplessness, brain-wash, or fear of those in power. Therefore, oppression is a violation of freedom which is God's given right to all humans. It is a gross injustice to the soul of the oppressor and the well-being of the oppressed."

  9. Not much of a crowd to loose yourself in at leyton orient…that was a match day …

  10. Are we looking for more village idiots? Already? Ahhh yeah, Winter – never bloody late is it. Nice turnout though, increasing exponentially…., unlike intelligent wit.

  11. I had come to believe that incredibly brave men with a moral compass no longer existed. Major respect for this guy.

  12. My best friend who is dead now walked into a mates house where a undercover cop was smoking smack, he was soon dealt with

  13. … Bruh dis sum bandit's : I did DRUGS … Idid DrugS … I aslo DiDrUghs anD wasso gutatit iT gotmemor DruHgS …

  14. its ultimately stupid that this pig cant see his own (his words not mine) in situ prejudice. their anxiety is real. they are impostors. a thug is comfortable with being an impostor: hes only wating for the money drop and escape. all else is well.

  15. I didn't know Sean Bean was an undercover officer before he made it big in the movies.

  16. I was sexually abused from ages 7 to 10, I went to court and he was proven guilty. Seems good right ? He went to jail for 3 years.


  17. Where’s he walking through in the first few minutes? It seems like a secret tunnel

  18. Police lie not all but the majority do the whole legal system is corrupt in the uk its sad to say but until they remove the points make prises system it will continue

  19. “The manipulation of facts/truth to fit the agenda…” I hear that… Just turn on the “news”.

  20. Real undercover cops never come onto youtube. Unless they're up for a suicide mission.

  21. I got huge respect for cops having to work on nonce cases especially when they have to deal with the top brass being nonces or loosing evidence or knowing that at the elite level kids were being so badly let down by these basterds letting off people like Edward Heath or Saville. I couldnt do their job coz I would seriously want to kill those nonces I fuckin hate them

  22. I got huge respect for cops having to work on nonce cases especially when they have to deal with the top brass being nonces or loosing evidence or knowing that at the elite level kids were being so badly let down by these basterds letting off people like Edward Heath or Saville. I couldnt do their job coz I would seriously want to kill those nonces I fuckin hate them

  23. I got huge respect for cops having to work on nonce cases especially when they have to deal with the top brass being nonces or loosing evidence or knowing that at the elite level kids were being so badly let down by these basterds letting off people like Edward Heath or Saville. I couldnt do their job coz I would seriously want to kill those nonces I fuckin hate them

  24. Beware fake news media. Truth and lies either learn to read between the lines or you are just a subscriber to that which has no relevance to anything its words suggest.Always has been the case. The UK government are the biggest liars.

    Government both intricately and accurately as of politically and historically speaking the whole concept of has and only ever will be the biggest crock of toxic diahroic shit at the end of the rainbow followed by shileilli beating and lovely lucky irish pint of steaming piss to go with it along the way.

  25. That’s because I have always said they are the criminals and gangsters

  26. The UK is the source of all coruption world wide. They're history tells it all. Imperial conquerors. Genecide and land theft. Suppression of culture and people.

    Literally the root of all evil.

    The Central Bank of England has hijacked all major Governments and Military's. Including it's most useful puppet, the USA.

  27. every where around the is corrupt…year 2020 all of them will be expose…watch them go behind bars for good…without them the world will be in better place.

  28. I learned a bit about undercover doing a private investigators course when I was in my 20's. It was very hard still is to be exposed to the people in that manner, to interact with them on that level. To open your mind to how they think and to have to stay focused on their activities. To always be thinking about the bad guy ad the harm they are doing and never about the good guys and the rest of society, you become detached from the morally right and for security reasons or purpose of the law you are involved with the bad people more than you are the good. I read the bible often but reading the bible only helped for the moments you are reading it, Instead of going to the stadium I would go to the shopping malls or sit in a hospital chapel, A private investigator has a bit of a challenge, he or she is own their own, you are more of a vigilante than a law enforcement, its for security reasons you are investigating as an agent on behalf of a victim or someone being persecuted. You have to be an outsider to the management of law enforcement, and you have to be completely solo a lot of times about your own security,. Also you don't know if justice is going to be served .

  29. Imagine going for a drink with him would either be really interesting or he would just stare blankly into space the whole time.

  30. I ve got a great deal of respect for this guy who has risk his life to keep corruption at bay.

  31. I do believe corrupt cops, kill cops like in movies like Street Kings and all similar.

  32. This man has seen some shit ! Respect! I normally don't like cops, but he's not a typical cop. He shuts down the cops I don't like….the crooked ones.

  33. the police have blockers which stop undercover officers getting high while taking any type of drug ive literally seen a undercover officer smoke crack so he dont blow his cover why isnt this guy taking the blockers whilst sniffing with them

  34. Reading the comments below you people make me laugh this guy is a bullshitter why would he show his face it dont work like that he's been watching to many movies talking about people putting guns in his face fuck off if he was a American then maybe but not some British bobby undercover liar what a joke

  35. The world is owned and ruled by Obscenely Corrupt Rich and Powerful Persons (OCRAPP's). You want to change this? See RUCing.com and read the book.

  36. Fake fake fake. Hipster version of CNN. Understand UK police corruption in 9 minutes.

  37. If you wanna be a real gangster with a nice suit and everything…join the police force

  38. Why doesnt he come as anonymously? What if former criminer who was exposed by him find he is decieved by this man and try to find and harm?

  39. I was expecting more info on the corruption as you did place it in the title…

  40. Doesn’t really tell us much about The other undercovers and what the majority get up to on and off shift


  42. watch shaun attwoods ex police interviews jon wedger , maggie oliver and sonia poulton

  43. Too short but meeting in a tunnel wouldn't be hard to shoot him if it was a set up he can only run in a straight line mot hard to aim at him

  44. He would be a great method actor versus a character actor. Method actors use the same techniques undercover officers/agents use to adopt the psycho-emotional profile needed to portray a character. Character actors are more superficial and don't live and breathe the experience like method actors. Daniel Day Lewis for example stayed in character constantly while filming "Lincoln", even signing his text messages as "Abe" (Abraham). Heath Ledger locked himself in his apartment for months to prepare himself as the Joker, which turned out tragically. Method acting is dangerous, but rewarding…if one has the mind for it.

  45. the best vice episodes…are the shortest, perhaps do less shitty shows about non-relevant shit and focus on real news with 30+min episodes?

  46. Working on a peodophile case and having to act like that shit floats your boat must be horrible! I can front it out for a lot of things but I’m pretty sure that I would have to react in that situation

  47. He thinks back on when he was used as a pawn by his superiors in order to fulfill their agendas

  48. sounds rough. i can fully imagine one gets into it young and thinks "oh, this is right–i'm saving the world"…and as the years go by, it slowly chips away at your understanding of everything, and ultimately your sanity. isn't that just life all over?

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