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  1. I so want the USA to do this…. then after the whole rotten lot of them have been thrown away Trump can set term limits…

  2. Activism NOT journalism. CNN has zero credibility with me. Mixing both truth with fiction. Drink up couch potatoes, drink the witches brew. They need your eyes and your ears, be careful to not regurgitate it with others, less someone believes you too.

  3. Does that include the staff of CNN .just wondering bcuz they lie in conjunction with Putin. The staff of CNN has absolutely got to be on Russia's payroll .Right. of course I am.CNN sucks. The other question I have is why does all the anchors on CNN have foreign accents of course fredo accent is NYC but might as well be Russian.

  4. So Russia's sham democracy officially comes to an end and true dictatorship begins. Great! If the Senate lets Trump off the hook, the US may soon follow Russia's example.

  5. Why now during the same time of Articles for impeaching Trump going to the senate. Once again why now??? Distraction ????

  6. President Putin knows the troubles of office. President Putin has know a life that has been lived only in the service of his country. The Russian Constitution needs changes for the future of the Russian people. This isn't a power grab and it won't make Putin a king. I support this decision knowing it won't bring Russian citizen's any harm nor me a notorious reputation with Russia in the future. 🇷🇺👍

  7. Gangrats to the People of Russia, you now have a Dictatorship Gov. One step foward two Steps back? You failed to learn from your past and so you shall be served which you failed to fix…

  8. “BREAKING NEWS “ CNN and DEMS blames TRUMP for Russias GOVERNMENT Resigns!😁wait for it wait for it wait for it BREAKING NEWS CNN goes BANKRUPT and BLAMES BERNIE for not having enough AIR in his LUNGS to FULL-FILL HIS PROMISES to the VOTERS THAT Can’t THINK For there SELFS!!!

  9. Oh Trump saying strong and forceful. Oh Trump Russia is not listening no more!

  10. Medvedev: Government Resigns to Give Putin Room to Further Solidify Dictatorship.

  11. They got resigned! Freaking corrupt Russia. They create problems everywhere in the world, supporting farm right candidates in all democracies, using interference and misinformation a lot… When are gonna stop them??? 😡

  12. Yo.. Putin just made his Government officials resign in order for him to literally change the laws of their land.. and they just hacked into the Ukraine systems the other day.. what’s going on 👀

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  14. Russian State TV just announced, after a long and tedious career the entirety of the Russian Government are starting an artisan nesting cupcake bakery. Where the world can "Take a Piece of Russia and Putin your Mouth."

  15. They've got enough money for retirement so why not. Leaded the whole country to poverty

  16. Maybe they are making room for Trump, his family and Putin's Republican assets. They could put Jared in charge.

  17. Putin is now the official dictator of Russia… Ooof. The current government staying around to be a "keeper"? Sounds a lot like Julius Caesar.

  18. Was it because they weren’t getting anything done? Or they’re all going to go work at Netflix . Good way to trim the fat off the government budget.

  19. Is it just me or from around 2:50 it looks like she was licking her lips and getting wet each time she said Putin? .. (put – in .)

  20. What difference does it make. Putin is a dictator – Everyone knows that. There is no democracy in Russia. They try and put on a show that they have fair and equal elections. The world just laughs at this. Not sure why they even bother to with this charade.

  21. Ooooouccch! How much was that pay out for fake news..CNN? Stay safe Iceman

  22. Comedians: putin taking out his own government, priceless, saving American lives.
    Also, putin did nuke his own Motherland Russia.
    Russians love killing their "tsars."
    Stupid move, shorty.

  23. Putin is replacing them with the US GOP who have shown themselves to be more loyal to him than his own parliament.

  24. Russia moving his pieces slowly to make an opening and get the enemy into a fork

  25. Russian government working united towards reforms while in the States clowns are playing impeachment in the Washington sandbox.

  26. Changes in the Russian constitution have ripened. The Russian Constitution was written in the early 90s with the active role of the USA . Some provisions of the constitution ceased to suit the Russians. Well, for example, the supremacy of international law over national. This is an insult to any sovereign state. Then Putin suggested creating a “defense against a fool” in the new constitution – to reduce the role of the president’s personality. The history of Russia showed earlier examples of the excessive influence of the personality of a leader on the adoption of fateful decisions. For example, Gorbachev naively or specifically ruined the USSR or the role of Stalin. To reduce the role of the president’s personality in the fate of the country, it is now proposed to shift power to a greater extent on parliament. That is, the president will not be able to make stupid decisions. Some Decisions of the President will now be approved by Parliament. So-called "protection from the fool" is created.

  27. No kidding they resinged. I watched on tv. It was more interesting and more important than what you covered. And at least Russia knows to not publicise their inner struggles until its planned and does not effect their citizens or warefighters. Were as CNN you have cause me issues by careless reporting opinion and coverage. So please get a grip on your actual purpose of REPORTING, NOT THEORIZING news. I have actually been in dangerous situations because of your imaginative (to be nice) tv shows. I remember when you talked about a "Black hole or a worm hole" being responsible for the disappearance of the Malaysian Air flight. On international TV. You should have rechecked everything RIGHT THEN.

  28. This is a move for Putin to stay in power… Trump will be congratulating him tomorrow…

  29. Putin is the smartest leaders and I know he is planning the next move that will school the world




  31. America's Government should do the same get those old racist people out of there.

  32. This obviously is no shock, but more dangerous that dotard treats him as an ally. Another reason for a fair trail in Senate.

  33. The American government can't resign, they go down with the sinking ship and are trying to get 5 more years by any means necessary which is actually is an extra bonus year added to a presidential term if they get their way.

  34. Well, President Agent Orange has been working towards doing this same thing since day #1. Are we really surprised by this?

  35. Emperor palputin:The government shall be reorganized in to the Russian empire

  36. всему этому продолжающемуся последние 20 лет в стенах Кремля блядству удивляются исключительно дремучие лохи и клинические идиоты !!!))))) собственно, какая разница – подал или отправлен в отставку этот пассивный педераст Медведев, если лично от него в Российской Федерации абсолютно ничего не зависело – он всего лшь слизывал с хуя Путина гавно из жопы Кадырова и ему подобных путинских холуёв – и ВСЁ!!! в России правит Путин – а как его должность(а правильнее будет сказать – не должность, а титул!) будет называться – никакого значения НЕ ИМЕЕТ!!! президент ли, царь ли, король ли, председатель госсовета(типа Мао Дзедуна!!!), Бог, Сущий, Яхве, Аллах – ПОХУЮ!!!))))) Россия – это 20 лет как путинская вотчина – и хочет Путин в рот ебать Россию – будет ебать, и все будут радоваться(иначе скормит голодным медведям!), а хочет миловать – будет миловать(но чаще всё-таки будет, скорее всего, ЕБАТЬ В РОТ!!!))))

  37. Признать единый день голосования 8 сентября 2019 недействительным, а выборы в президенты Российской Федерации 2019 года фиктивным. Нынешнее правительство Российской Федерации в том числе всех члены данного правительства за исключением Дмитрия Анатольевича Медведева и Сергея Викторовича Лаврова (их кандидатуры могут быть обсуждены, рассмотрены и утверждены) должны быть в срочном порядке распущены до конца января 2020 года в связи с недействительным единым днем голосования 8 сентября 2019 года и фиктивными президентскими выборами в 2019 году. Все члены нынешнего правительства Российской Федерации (в том числе их официальные и неофициальные дети, жены (любовницы, сожительницы, рабыни и т.д.) и родственники в любой форме (официально доказанные и недоказанные) и единомышленники под любым лозунгом, поддерживающие нынешнее правительство, особенно Владимир Владимирович Путин, но за исключением Дмитрия Анатольевича Медведева и Сергея Викторовича Лаврова должны быть распущены до конца января 2020 года. Все перечисленные выше категории людей (нынешние члены правительства Российской Федерации, их дети, родственники и единомышленники в любой форме) не имеют право занимать какие-либо государственные и негосударственные должности до конца их жизни на территории любого государства мира. До конца января 2020 года нынешний президент Российской Федерации Владимир Владимирович Путин должен пойти в вынужденную отставку в связи с фиктивными выборами в президенты в 2019 году, до 21 марта 2020 должны быть внесены все новые изменения в конституцию Российской Федерации в «духе настоящей демократии», 21 марта 2020 должен быть проведен новый единый день голосования в Российской Федерации (проведены президентские выборы в Российской Федерации честные, прозрачные, открытые и «в духе настоящей демократии»), в котором не могут участвовать все члены нынешнего правительства Российской Федерации и иные вышеперечисленные ранее лица/граждане, а также выбран официально новый глава государства Российской Федерации (новый президент Российской Федерации) 21 марта 2020 года.

  38. No surprise the evils of communists country’s he wants to stay in power until he die the Russia people’s should no that’s that’s the evils PUTIN . Like evils China’s XI to .

  39. Is the Russian government the least democratic stage ever . Reminds me of the Democrats in the United States .: Undemocratic :

  40. Good bye Russian Federation, hello New Soviet Union.

    Raising up of a new iron curtain to follow. Freedom of speech, (as if they even had any in that country), is now effectively gone. Even their own state run media will be silenced after this. I expect a slowly at first establishment of a total media black out in the coming weeks. By late March I expect there will be a new totalitarian government in place. By the end of April the first major crackdown sweeps of the country will have been completed with Vladimir Putin effectively ending democracy in Russia permanently.

    I suspect Trump will attempt to follow suit with his own dismantling of the United States Constitution with the help of the Republicans in the Senate. I give it less than a week before we suddenly get news of a total shake up in Washington. The House of Representatives is likely to get shut down while the Senate gets a sudden expansion of authority. The consolidation of power will come with the assassination of two of the remaining Democratic Chief Justices of the Supreme Court which will allow for a sudden behind closed doors ruling by the Republican justices to grant expanded powers to the Senate and President. By February 10th, the United States of America will be a full fledged dictatorship under Trump and Mitch McConnell. Mike Pence will be made Vice Chamberlain and reduced to little more than a sniveling spokesman for the new regime. All other members of the government who don't comply with the new authority will simply be shot. My guess is by late April of this year we will be in a second civil war.

    What a world we're living in huh?

  41. To recognize the single voting day of September 8, 2019 as invalid, and the presidential election of the Russian Federation in 2019 as fictitious. The current entire government of the Russian Federation including all members of this government except for Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev and Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov (their candidatures can be discussed, considered and approved/confirmed) must be urgently resigned before the end of January 2020 due to an invalid single voting day taken place on the 8th of September, 2019 and the fictitious presidential elections in 2019. All members of the current government of the Russian Federation (including their official and unofficial children, wives (mistresses, cohabitants, slaves, etc.) and relatives in any forms (officially proven and unproven) and like-minded people under any slogan supporting the current government of the Russian Federation, particularly Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and except for Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev and Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov which should be resigned till the end of this January 2020. All people categories mentioned above (as the current members of the government of the Russian Federation, their children, relatives and like-minded people in any forms) are not entitled to hold any government or non-government positions until the end of their lives in any country (ies) in the world. The current President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin must resign till the end of this January 2020 due to the fictitious presidential elections taken place in 2019 in the Russian Federation, all new amendments to the constitution of the Russian Federation must be made in the “spirit of true democracy values” till the 21st of March, 2020 and the new elections must be held on the March 21st, 2020 as well as the another voting day must take place on the 21st of January, 2020 in the Russian Federation (the presidential elections in the Russian Federation are expected to be fair, transparent, open and must be “in the spirit of true democracy values”) in which all members of the current government of the Russian Federation and other persons / citizens mentioned above are not able to participate in any forms (are not eligible to participate in any forms) and the new selected head of state of the Russian Federation (the new president of the Russian Federation) must be elected on the March 21st, 2020.

  42. He sure knew something was going on a secret plane against him from US and WEST maybe so hes KGB instinct kicked in

  43. The guy resigns straight away gets a promotion as deputy of the national Security Council just russia things

  44. Imagine Trump Resigning in kind! And perhaps Trump will move to Russia, he loves that country there so very much!

    TRUMP 2020!

  46. Bad news for the Yankees. Their agents in the Russian government remained out of work.

  47. This all seems Putin's political game, he is planning something big to gain more power, and do whatever he wants.

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