The Corrupt Reverie

If you are reading this, I am dead. Or missing, probably both. As usual, I got myself in one heck of a mess. Name’s Wolfe, Stanley Wolfe. Private Eye, best there ever was. Best a small Christian college could afford
at least. It’s a cold, dark November night. One of those evenings where one might think they would be fine with a light jacket or even a sweater. But the night deceptively chills you to the
bone. Fitting. I should explain how I got myself into this
position in the first place. Like most tragedies it starts with a dame,
and a crime both of which were way out of my league. It was about money. It’s always about money. Flex. Someone was stealing flex from poor unsuspecting students. I called the most recent victim in for an
interview. Willow Westland. Freshman in the Teacher-Ed program. And man do they need their coffee. She’s pretty popular, rumor has it she has
friends in high places. You wanted to see me? You wish… Heard you were going through some trouble
though. Yes, it’s just horrible, isn’t it? How ever will I get my soy caramel macchiatos? Yeah. Tough life. So, what do you know? wouldn’t you like to know. I would. How do I know I can trust you? I could say the same thing about you. Hmm. Well… I’m not one to gossip, But a little bird
did tell me It was Kevin. Which one? Asian Kevin. Which one!? The OG Asian Kevin. Oh… Stanley (VO): I knew the one. He was into all sorts of bad business. Things were starting to get interesting. What do YOU want? I think you know why I’m here. I followed all your… “rules.” You really want me to believe that you don’t
know what’s going on? I may know a thing or two, but I can’t give
it to you for free. Then to clear your name. I want more reach, but I’m not caught up in
all this flex crap. I shouldn’t have to remind you. Plus, this is not a negotiation. Tell me what you know. All I know is that he has a seat
at the high table, he has a code name: Uhh, digest Deer Cheese? I-I don’t know what it is. It’s time for you to leave. Stanley. This guy, he’s bad for your business. And if you keep going. It’ll be good business… For the Morgue. “Stop investigating now. Before you wake up 6 feet under. -Dergists What does that mean… *Ugh* *Coughing* *Intense Jazz* I need a Dirty
Polar Bear. Stat. I- I don’t think you need a Dirty Polar Bear. I think you need to try our new Canadian Roast. Canadian Roast? They got polar bears in Canada? I think it’s what you NEED tonight. Huh, Not bad. Made in Winnipeg? Thanks anyways toots. It had been a long night with nothing to show
for it. Reunion, bruised heads and bruised egos. I was going nowhere. Maybe some fresh air would clear my head. That’s when I got a text from willow. Seemed urgent. First, I had to attend to my affairs, whenever
there’s funny-money involved you know the Big Cheese is not far behind. Stanley (V.O.): Dergists, Winnipeg. It’s right there. Dergests, Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Dergests. Winnipeg, Dergests, Winnipeg. There’s gotta be a connection. I can’t see it. It’s staring me in the face. Dergists, Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Dergists, Dergists,
Winnipeg. Agh, it’s on the tip of my tongue. Hey there. I know. I know you know, that’s why he’s here. Don’t be afraid. Why would you do this President Wiggins? Why!? Really, this is what the President is all
about. We want entrepreneurial hands. How big is this racket, how deep does it go? Were going to start here with about 40 students. And once we got ’em all they won’t know what
hit ’em. There’s no way, you’re not powerful enough
for this yet. Oh, I’m going to tell you something. I’ve had the opportunity to go China and mee– No, Stanley, Don’t believe her, its a trap. *Sigh* I know toots. It’s over, join us already. *Talking over each other* Wake. Don’t do it. Up. *Talking over each other* *distorted Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. *offscreen Wake up. Wake up. The President is ready to see you now.

Stephen Childs

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  1. 2:20 would have been a great time to cut to a close-up of the gun in his hand, then a cut to Stanley to get his reaction. I think that would have told us a lot about the character and how he reacts to this kind of pressure. You also could have done a lot more things, like the close-up cut I just mentioned, that reference detective noire film tropes.

    …on the otherhand, it's a 24 hour film fest. Overall, you did great, Stephen!

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