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  2. can you please make a video about the seven year war or the russian revolution

  3. “So to sell more merch, I’m gonna do a face reveal of me wearing it. You ready”
    *shows random ass face that isn’t his*
    Me: I’m disappointed on so many levels

  4. At 6:15 I did a spit take. I was taking a sip of my tea and the video said, "which he called comecon," and tea went all over my tablet screen. Damn, that's funny.

    And, yes, it was the correct way to drink tea… with ice and sugar.

  5. I just now realized that the communist emblems are a hammer and PICKLE…love this channel

  6. I dont really like the new drawings i like the old ww2 style drawings of unique characters

  7. Most of the video says it’s not true, because Stalin did not approve of the attack on South Korea, and especially did not want this as the author said, and to be honest as a person from the CIS I can say that the USSR completely sucks because the country was closed, you don’t read they can plant that book, said something bad about the party to plant, etc.

  8. eisenhower didnt apear in his meeting with indonesian president soekarno till 10.30 am
    Wich enrage soekarno and yelled him and the protocoller

  9. 5:40, roses are red, violets are blue, I’m messed up? Gulag for you!

  10. I was about to cringe when he segue'd into the sponsor, but then, I'm actually a (satisfied) customer of NordVPN so I'm okay with it, lol.

  11. Joined the revolution

    This enraged Stalin's father, who punished him severely

  12. I feel like ww1 ww2 and the cold war are like a book series so like ww1 was the first book that some people liked but had more lore and then ww2 came out and did not have much lore but people still love it then the cold war that bad sequel that tried to be were all the lore adds up to but the book stinks so it failed and then the series stopped

  13. 6:35 there is a guy on top of a building committing suicide because he couldn’t handle the crapitalism.

  14. Stalin: my father used to punish me severely

    Hitler: am i a joke to you

  15. Don’t know why you put Winston Churchill on the thumbnail seen as he’s British and technically wasn’t in the Cold War

  16. bring back the truman doctrine, arrest communists in the US, try them for treason, string up bernie sanders and his gan

  17. I cn't believe we went from Eisenhower and JFK to now allowing communists to run for president without fear. Make Commies Scared Again 2020

  18. Me at night: Russia won a war against Charles XII, Napoleon, and Hitler cause of the winter, but somehow lost to Finland cause of the winter.


  20. Oversimplified used photoshop instead of his actual face

    This enraged nobody and nobody punished him severely

  21. You are an American and English fan and that sucks you show them like good country’s

  22. I went to Beijing with my family and we went to this place that had the dead body of Mao Zedong and he looked like he got a nice orange tan 🍊🍊

  23. 0:27
    General: Soldier, I need you to bring me this man.
    Soldier: Got him, sir.
    General: VI Lenin! Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov! You have no frame of reference, Soldier! You're like a child who wonders in the middle of a movie and wants to know…

  24. Good video except for the Mexican wall crack.
    The USA has a right to sovereignty just like any other nation.

  25. Collection of myths, well that did not say that Stalin ate children

  26. *Baby Boomers Hating Because They Don't Know What Humor And Simplification Means*

  27. 6:53 did you name the guy Ivan because Ivan the Terrible cuz he's terrible for going in to capitalist area

  28. Kennedy: But we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in

    Trump: Ahem……..Did you say somethin'

  29. All these comments: that enraged his father, who punished him severely

    this comment enraged his father who punished me severely

  30. Could you imagine being those tank crewmen for the USA in that standoff! Yes the M48 was superior in firepower and armament then the Russian T-55 so you would give the edge to the Americans in the equal numbered initial fight (if it broke out). But those guys and West Berlin would definitely fall before any US/NATO forces could push their way to Berlin from the West Germany border.

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