The Black Sheep Agency Manifesto

Caring is hard. It means that sometimes you’re angry. That you struggle. That you’re disappointed when that chance
wasn’t taken and there’s not another one. Caring also means you have to do something,
and doing something is the most vibrant of opportunities. It’s the opportunity to put something of
yourself into the world, into the work that’s building The Future, the work that makes all
The Difference—or the start of a difference, which is all we really need. To make The Difference, we work our asses
off. We fail, sometimes not even forward. There’s never enough time, or money, or
people to accomplish the things that need doing—and that part, it never changes. So we figure it out. We work with conviction. We believe in what we do. We believe in you and what you’re doing. But when it comes to doing, the change isn’t
always big: It’s about breaking it down into tiny, manageable steps and feeling the
momentum when a plan starts to work. It’s finding the people who care enough
to begin when dreams are distant and convincing everyone else to join in. It’s one day at a time, one foot in front
of the other, walking with a burning feeling in your bones that grows with progress. It’s the life of an activist. We know it well; we’ve been living it for
ten years. Steps build. People notice. Victories spark. Then a break comes. And the candle burning at both ends becomes a firework that illuminates it all: how far you’ve come, those you’ve brought with
you and The Future you’ve built with your bare hands, your bloodsweatandtears. We know why you’re here. We’re here for the same reasons. To join and improve. To find ways to burn just a little bit brighter. To search for the kindling that ignites The
Difference, which is all we really need. For now.

Stephen Childs

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