The Best Investments To Make In Your Travel Agency Business

It can be hard to know what to spend
money on in your travel agency business, which investments are a waste of money
and which ones are essential to your success. In this video, I’m going to share
with you three of the best investments that you can make into your travel
agency business investment. Number one travel agent education. In order to
deliver the best service possible and to be confident in the services you provide
as a travel agency business, you need to invest in your travel agent education.
Investment number two, marketing education. So many travel agents start
with branding but beautiful branding it is worthless if you don’t have the three
marketing basics which are your niche and ideal client avatar your core
marketing message and your marketing and sales funnel and these are just the
basics that you need before you even think about your branding. There are of
course many more elements that go into a successful marketing strategy and you
need to know what those are and exactly how to apply them to your travel agency
business. You can’t outsource all of your
marketing. You can of course hire a graphic designer or copywriter or
website programmer to help you but you need to know and understand marketing
and you need to be the driver of all of your marketing investment. Number three,
systems processes and automations your time is the one non-renewable resource
you have and how you spend your time will make or break your business a smart
business decision is to invest time energy and money into automating as much
as possible in your business and your life set up systems and processes that
support you that keep you organized and that help you deliver an impeccable
customer experience that keep you on track to hitting your
goals. Pay attention to everything that you do throughout the day and think can
this be automated or systematized a big hint here most things can either be
automated or systematized in some cases it just requires taking the time to set
up a simple process in other cases it may require investing in a piece of
software or technology if a software program or tool or resource cost you
$100 a month but it saves you 2 hours a week which is an average of eight point
six six hours a month. It’s obviously well worth it a hundred
dollars divided by eight point six six hours is eleven dollars and 55 cents per
hour your time as a trial agent is worth more than eleven dollars and 55 cents
per hour one big mistake that I see a lot of travel agents make is that they
don’t properly value their time they spend time on things that could be
outsourced for 10 or $12 an hour sometimes even laughs I’ve seen travel
agents spend ten hours a week or more on things that they could have outsourced
for less than five dollars an hour which means they’re valuing their time for
less than five dollars an hour so to recap the three best investments that
you can make in your travel agency business are number one your travel
agent skills your education as a travel agent number two your marketing skills
your marketing education and number three automation and systematization. Now
I’d love to hear from you what area of your travel agency business do you need
to start making more investments in is it your skills as a travel agent or your
marketing skills or your automation and systematization please share in the
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a bad delivery

Stephen Childs


  1. Do u mean by Travel Agent Education is training of Sabre red software.. if so, please help me to get this education.. I want to be a travel agent


    THANKS ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘

  3. Very informative. I already have a Philippine travel agency. But i want to broaden my market. Im doing my travel and tours here in USA but my only market is only FILIPINOS. Do you have agencies that you can recommend for international tours.

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