The Actual State of Our Union | January 31, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

– Welcome to “Full Frontal.” I am Samantha Bee. Last night in his State
of the Union address, Donald Trump took a break from
screaming about immigrants to scream slightly more politely
at lawmakers about immigrants. My administration has met
extensively with both Democrats and Republicans to craft
a bipartisan approach to immigration reform. Checks out. These look like
people who’ve been hanging out with Trump lately. And these look
like people who are going to cut out early for a
screening of “Black Panther.” [CHEERING] It’s not surprising that
Trump got nonstop stink faces from the left side of the room. His speech contained very little
of the promised bipartisanship. We were also promised that
Trump would mention dreamers, and he did, sort of. My duty and the sacred duty
of every elected official in this chamber is
to defend Americans, to protect their safety, their
families, their communities, and their right to
the American dream, because Americans
are dreamers, too. Oh my god, what a beautiful,
proud, thoughtful way to say that you will
only help white people. [LAUGHTER] And Trump’s big speech was
a chance for this shy little flower of a president to
finally get out there and pat himself on the back a bit. We eliminated an especially
cruel tax that fell mostly on Americans making less
than $50,000 a year, forcing them to pay
tremendous penalties simply because they couldn’t
afford government ordered health plans. We repealed the core of
the disastrous Opamacare. Oh, that’s a relief. I thought they were
cutting Obamacare. No, you can definitely
cut Opamacare, the federally mandated all
opossum health care plan. [LAUGHTER] My opossum doctor only ever
prescribes playing dead. It is awful. [LAUGHTER] Rumor had it this would
be an optimistic glass is half full-type
speech, and it was, assuming that glass is
half full of cyanide, and I get to drink it.
[LAUGHTER] Because our president used the
State of the Union to roll out his hot 2018 line of
chilling policy proposals. It’s time to begin
moving toward a merit based immigration system. Pass legislation to help ensure
American foreign assistance dollars always serve
American interests. Rebuild our nuclear arsenal,
making it so strong and so powerful that it will deter
any acts of aggression by any other nation
or anyone else. OK, how about this? I’ll pay Stormy Daniels $130,000
to say the president has a big dick and isn’t
afraid of sharks, so he doesn’t blow up the world. [LAUGHTER] Of course, the true
goal of the evening was to make Republicans
stand up and cheer while getting incendiary footage
of their opponents refusing to stand when Trump says
our amazing veterans should, I don’t
know, get to build houses out of immigrant bones? Got you. You didn’t clap for veterans. So you know what? Forget all that. Let’s talk about the actual
state of Trump’s America, as of January 2018. This time last year, we were
taking cold comfort in the idea that checks and balances
would keep Trump in line. Even this guy believed it. The President of
the United States, he cannot do anything
that he wants to do, because we have a Supreme
Court and a Congress that serve as checks and balances. Shows how much you know,
man who opened a dusty trunk, found the cursed mustache
of a racist sheriff, put it on, and was turned
into a Trump supporter. [LAUGHTER] So where did all that checky
balancey stuff go wrong? House of Representatives, you
guys going to figure this out? It is our job to
conduct oversight on behalf of the American people
in case any powers were abused and civil liberties were
abused by the executive branch. Yeah. By the executive branch, you’re
talking about Trump, right? There may have been
malfeasance at the FBI by certain individuals. So it is our job in conducting
transparent oversight of the– of the executive branch to
get to the bottom of it. Guh. If there were any
justice in this world, Paul Ryan’s chin would
be as weak as his morals. [LAUGHTER] So why instead of focusing on
the investigation of Trump’s shady Russia dealings is
the House investigating the investigators? It’s all about the
so-called Nunes memo. House Republicans
voting tonight to release a partisan secret
memo alleging FBI abuse of surveillance powers
against the advice of the Justice Department. Proud top teeth owner Devin
Nunes is the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. [LAUGHTER] He wrote a classified memo
claiming bias in the FBI that reportedly is so
misleading that even Trump’s own Justice Department
is begging not to release it. You remember Devin Nunes as the
guy who already had to recuse himself from this
very investigation for lying to protect
the White House, so we should
definitely trust him. And Nunes hasn’t even
seen all the intelligence he based the memo on. So this so-called memo of Nunes’
is more like a fun little fan fiction he wrote
in his spare time, and that’s not even the
good kind of fiction, like the kind I write
in my spare time. [LAUGHTER] But House Republicans
voted to release it anyway because the internet. All I’ll say is that those who
have seen it do seem outraged, are outraged, and are saying
hashtag– it’s trending– release the memo. Within the last
half hour, there have been over 20,000
tweets on Twitter with the hashtag ReleaseTheMemo. It shows that the
American public is demanding more transparency. OK, well the week before, the
top hashtag was SandwichABand, so don’t get too cocky. [LAUGHTER] Plus in this case, the American
public may have had some help from Russian bots and trolls. Wow, the Russian interference
investigation has itself been interfered by Russians. It’s like a
turducken of treason. [LAUGHTER] Tastes bitter, like the
ashes of our democracy. You know, it’s disturbing
to watch Republicans openly try to shut down
this investigation, but should we even be surprised? Last night when Trump roared
an actual fascist slogan, they gave him a
standing ovation. America first. [APPLAUSE] You know what? I’m going to take the
advice of my possum doctor and play dead for
the next three years. Catch you in 2021. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING]

Stephen Childs


  1. This "comedy" is not even remotely funny. The only reason you are able to keep going is because if they fire you …you will claim sexism. But make no mistake…this is not funny….nor is it even good political commentary. These are just propaganda hacks


  3. I have a question! How many hacks does it take to keep all pro Trump comment's off of this video?

  4. Your show still exists? I thought you died of pettiness after the Daily Show chose the black guy over you.

  5. If Trump gets most of his information from Fox News, how long did it take Putin to infiltrate Fox News?

  6. I Wonder if Samantha actually watched the speech in its entirety and came up with any ideas herself or just lets the writers pop it up on the teleprompter for her to smugfap with on screen 🙂

  7. I watch TBS shows until your show comes on. I try to watch it but your topics almost likely start with bashingPresident Trump.  You're entertainer.  Stay away from politics!!  All I can see you as a middle-aged unhappy woman.  Oh….. which by the way…. I am an immigrant, none-white, and a women.  HA!!

  8. The Samantha Bee show: where integrity yields to comedy, and truth yields to lies. Trump lies about A LOT. So does Samantha Bee.

    Any rational person with a scintilla of integrity and honesty has to conclude that regardless of whether or not Trump should be credited for economic successes, the successes aren't "white". – When Trump said, "Americans are dreamers too," he was referring to (OH MY GOD) American citizens. Wow. No undercurrent of racism. — Oh, and he mentioned the dreamers. 1.8 million of them on a path to citizenship.

    Does ANYONE deny that many Democrats shame and ridicule conservative/Republican and even libertarian minorities? Can ANYONE deny that many Democrats shamed and ridiculed the American family that lost their child due to illegal violence?

    I'm sick of the racist, hateful liberal strategy of commenting on illegal immigration as a hatred towards all immigration. When Trump talks about MS-13, he is only talking about MS-13. When he talks about the dreamers on a path to citizenship, Democrats don't care. And when he praises the Hispanic border patrol agent, why don't Democrats just assume he's racist too?

    Indisputable facts:
    1) Supporting a border wall or heightened security (aside from the fiscal feasibility) IS NOT INHERENTLY RACIST!
    2) A call to American patriotism is just that. It's NOT A DOG WHISTLE FOR RACISTS.
    3) Racists exist. MOST AREN'T, and chalking everything up to racism is ultimately laughable.
    4) Millions of centrists and libertarians are starting to see the Democrat base as people who solely engage in group identity politics and nothing else.

    I didn't vote for Trump in 2016. People like Samantha Bee, spewing drivel and selling it as comedy for her low-information fans is what will push me to vote for Trump, as scary as he is, which leads to indisputable fact 5:

    – Trump's rise was a product of the radical, insane, race-bating left who supposed support for diversity is seen as a sham when compared to their disdain for diversity of ideas.

  9. Wow. As much as I hate Trump and the Republicans, I can never not notice that this lady never misses an opportunity to attack bald men, or men with "weak chins," or overweight guys… despite how outraged she's gotten over the years if a man were to mock a woman for anything she can't help. Hmmm… it's almost as if this "feminist ideals" thing is just an act for her.

  10. Why are the Black people going to go watch Black Panther? Sounds like a insensitive racist joke.

  11. Found all the brainwashed people. I bet 90% of you didn't watch the whole state of the union. You just get your news from "comedians" like Samantha bee, and Trevor Noah, who for the life of me I don't understand how people think they are funny. I urge you to do some reasearch. Yes Trump says a lot of dumb things but are you seriously going to hate on things like black unemployment the lowest it has ever been, and the stock market setting new records constantly. I urge any of you to watch at least some of the SOTU just to see how Democrats refused to stand for anything good just because of there hatred for Trump. If things are going good for the Country acknowledge them and show that you support it. We all complained about how we need to get out of debt with past Presidents it seemed like each one just racked up more.

  12. Reminder Samantha Bee has spent years fighting against the racial integration of her kids' public school.

  13. A scion of an old political dynasty is exactly the kind of candidate Democrats need in 2020, it worked for Hillary and it will represent hope and change instead of the….oh wait, NOOOOO!

  14. samantha bee helps to perpetuate that demonic damocratis plot to destroy the only bastion of Freedom standing against a new world order takeover. the new world order is the old world order before people fled to America. America is Freedom; the new world order is tyranny and those sheltered souls who never lived anywhere else in the world can't appreciate Freedom and in no way can understand tyranny.

  15. How is Samantha BEEvil relevant? Another "celebrity" crybaby. Check your "celebrity" privilege. Why don't you go and live at a minimum wage lifestyle for a year and see why Trump is all our President.

  16. Oh, PLEASE do – lay down – play dead – shut up your pie hole – and fade off into oblivion

  17. This is the real state of the unionhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aC6tXZ3d-uo

  18. Pence and I think Kushner move their heads at the exact same time 0:13. I kept watching it. It's really weird.

  19. 1:15 Trump said he was going to help & protect Americans, not solely white people you idiot.

  20. "20k tweets with the hashtag…"
    Fox really are incompetent, Twitter is a worldwide platform and infested by bots so this number is completely meaningless.

  21. Trump said American got to be sold first ,  then Justice system second , then KGB run the FBI department . Hurray !!!! we got the $$$$$$ but we wonder can $$$$ buy FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY ??????

  22. So now 20,000 tweets represent "the American paople"? I was one of them … but I'm still German. Having a twitter account doesn't make anyone a US citizen, does it?

  23. Is it me or he is trying to move like Reagan ? Now that I think of it, he is trying to speak like Reagan !

  24. Trump is in thrall to the military industrial complex, our biggest user of oil. It's in their interest to keep us afraid but we could close half our military bases and be just as safe. Trump's big increase in defense spending has not gone un-repaid. Now the Pentagon is backpedaling on their 2014 statement that Climate Change is a dangerous threat. Mustn't anger their cash cow! So they're exaggerating a tiny threat and minimizing a serious one.

  25. Trump: "Americans are dreamers too"

    Sam Bee: "You'll only help white people"

    Huh, I didn't know all Americans were white. Also, how is "America First" a fascist slogan? That slogan was used by Woodrow Wilson. I didn't know he was a Fascist.

    Liberals like Sam Bee turn a lot of rational people off when they talk like this.

  26. This woman is so negative and biased that it’s difficult to listen to her.

  27. Professor Chumsky has a different view of the American dream. It's a video on youtube "Requiem for the American dream"

  28. Just noticed that studio camera wobbles slightly, almost imperceptibly. Do I get anything for this?

  29. Dont forget Trump proclaiming those who didnt cheer for him at the SOTU are effectively committing treason, you know, that thing they shoot you for.

  30. #ReleasetheMemo #ReleasetheMemo #ReleasetheMemo #ReleasetheMemo #ReleasetheMemo #ReleasetheMemo #ReleasetheMemo #ReleasetheMemo #ReleasetheMemo #ReleasetheMemo I ham not ey russian BOT

  31. If any of you ever worked for a large corporate entity for a decent amount of time you may recognize our government as the same people in the corporate HQ. Sure you can give feedback. Sure we have HR and tons of ways to improve your time working here. But we aren't gonna acknowledge it at all until it becomes a problem for us. Sorry, loser worker bee. That's basically our country at the moment.

  32. The fact that Samantha thinks America first is fascist should tell you all you need to know about her intelligence lol.

  33. Trump called the Democrats traitors for not applauding him. Article 3 section 3 of the US Constitution says "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort". Only that. Not in refusing to applaud a President who gives aid and comfort to Russia that has been waging cyberwar on US democracy.

  34. your arguing skills are as good as cathy newman's
    which is even more embarrassing considering who you're arguing against


  36. Somehow Trumps words act as a lobotomy to his supporters. Blindly following in his haze with little understanding of the serious outcomes for thier families.

  37. Trump seems like a great president with the TV on mute. That guy really, needs to learn how to read.

  38. Did she seriously just turn this into a race issue? Seems like the only racist stuff I continue to hear is from the Democrats in the left. When Trump said Americans are dreamers too he wasn't just talking about white people, HE WAS TALKING ABOUT ALL AMERICANS!
    This woman is exactly why there are so many blondes being dumb jokes

  39. Never really been a fan of Sam B. She is kind of frumpy looking and no better than a 5.

  40. So Trump wants America to beef their nuclear arsenal but no1 else in the world should???

  41. Why is Donald Duck worried about strength when he has a bigger workable button against a small faulty button, but he is afraid of Russia

  42. Jfk shot, his brother to, lincoln also. Can we plz have this one all right? 3-0 to you, let’s us get one you are still a head with 200%. Come on!

  43. Take a break from Resisting with Donnie's_Gang a 55 page story pour encourager les autres.

  44. Pence and Ryan looked visibly very uncomfortable listening and looking at him from the back. They are trying to match with his waves length and unpredictable frequency. When you view the previous video of how OBAMA address the state of union, Biden and John did not have that discomfort.

  45. Yeah, I'm sure it's the democrats who were rude to DT during his SOTU address… We remember how courteous republicans were towards Obama during his first SOTU…

  46. What part of Americans don't you understand. He never said specificly white people. Are you saying that colored people can't be Americans? I'm not saying I agree with trump. But get your facts straight hearing fake news noatter who it's about is annoying.

  47. He sounds like a fourth grader reading in front of the class lol

  48. Trump: Americans are dreamers too.
    Samantha: What a way to say that you will only help white people.
    Me: Last time I checked, 35% of Americans were nonwhite.

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