The 2011 USA-Japan Women’s World Cup final had a wild finish that needs a deep rewind

– It’s July 17th, 2011. We’re in Frankfurt, Germany for the final of the Women’s World Cup. The United States leads Japan two to one in the 117th minute. If they stop this last
ditch Japanese corner kick they could take home their
third World Cup trophy. But before this play unfolds we need to remember how we got here. How a fresh face helped
the Americans pull ahead after a frustrating first half. How Japan pounced on mistakes to take this to extra time and how these teams got
here in the first place. One narrowly avoiding collapse, the other still reeling
from national tragedy. Before Japan takes this
corner we need to rewind. (soft music) The US and Japan have two of the best women’s soccer teams on earth. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see them in the final together but they’ve each had a funky World Cup. The US is FIFA’s top ranked team but they nearly missed
this tournament entirely. The Americans were clear favorites to win the CONCACAF
qualifying tournament in 2010 but in the semi-final they
suffered a historic upset, falling to a Mexican side that
had never beaten them before. Because they whiffed
on that automatic berth the US was thrust into a two
game playoff against Italy, which mercifully they won. Thus the favorites to win this
World Cup were also the 16th and final team to qualify for it and things didn’t get simpler from there. The US failed to win their group, falling to second in Group C because of a 2-1 loss to Sweden, and they were moments away from losing to Brazil
in the knockout stage before Abby Wambach’s soaring header in stoppage time of extra time. The latest goal in cup history sent that quarter-final match to penalty kicks and an eventual US victory. So the Americans took a
rocky road to get here but it’s nothing compared
to the real life terror from which this Japanese
team is still reeling. Just four months ago a massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. The disaster killed over 15,000 people, destroyed innumerable buildings and triggered nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant. While a mourning nation
picked up the pieces the national soccer teams
training facility, J-Village, was converted into a base for workers sorting through the Fukushima damage. One of the player on this
Japanese team, Aya Sameshima, played for a club team
owned by the power company and actually worked at the plant. Since the disaster she’s
joined the Boston Breakers becoming the teammate of a bunch of the current American players. The national squad considered skipping the World Cup but ultimately
stayed in determined to inspire their beleaguered home
country with their play. And even after finishing
second in their group like the US did they’ve done exactly that. The Japanese conceded an early goal to Sweden in the semi-final but Nahomi Kawasumi tied it. Homare Sawa scored a header for the lead and then Kawasumi buried a long range shot to make Japan the second ever Asian side to reach a World Cup final. Hoping to outdo China’s
loss to the US in 1999. And their coach won’t let them forget what they’re playing for. Before Japan’s quarter-final match verse the host nation, Germany, Norio Sasaki presented his
players with a slideshow of the destruction back home. It was a stirring reminder and players like Aya
Miyama site the photos as a direct inspiration
for the refined, relentless passing attack that carried
Japan to this final. But the odds are against
them in this match up. They’ve never beaten the United States, suffering defeats as
recently as a shut out in a friendly two months ago and that underdog status
was evident immediately. It took only seconds for Lauren Cheney to find an opportunity. Though she, perhaps,
chose wrong in shooting instead of passing off to Wambach. That began a torrent of American offense that weirdly produced nothing. Cheney very nearly scored
a couple minutes later off a feed from Megan Rapinoe, then Wambach and Carli Lloyd both sailed shots just a bit high and the goal frame took a beating. First, off one of several
blown chances by Rapinoe, then by a brutally unlucky Wambach missile that struck the cross bar. The United States took 12
shots in the first half but only one was on goal. With a half-time score of nil-nil, Japan had to feel fortunate
and the US like they left a substantial lead on the pitch. – [Announcer] Half-time here. Fascinating stuff, a
story of missed chances. – Obviously the score has
changed since half-time and if you look closely
at the 11 Americans out there right now you’ll
see a couple new faces. One of them has made all the difference. 22 year old Alex Morgan is the youngest player on the US roster but she already flashed
her scoring ability with a goal against
France in the semi-final. So, with an ankle injury hobbling Cheney Morgan came out for the second half and in the 69th minute finally found the back of the net, off an unbelievable
long ball from Rapinoe. That should’ve been the winner but 12 minutes later a missed cue right in front of the net
gifted Japan’s Aya Miyama the opportunity to ruin
Hope Solo’s clean sheet and send the match to extra time, which meant the youngster had to come to the rescue again. Serving a perfect driven cross to Wambach’s deadly forehead. That gave us the score
we’re staring at right now. Morgan is the second ever substitute to score in a World Cup final. She’s the player to record
a goal and assist in a final and she’s gonna today’s hero if the US just snuffs out this corner. So lets talk about this
corner, what can we expect? Japan isn’t really a set piece team, in part because they have
the shortest average height of any team in the tournament. But at least defending corners today they’ve done an outstanding job. Stifling the nearly six foot tall Wambach. And they’ve got weapons,
Miyama and Hamore Sawa. Miyama, who scored Japan’s one goal today, is taking the corner and she’s threaded some gorgeous passes through
the American defense, including this threatening one
for Sawa in the 112th minute and despite her failure to
break through so far today Sawa is a huge threat. She scored a hat-trick during
group play against Mexico and she had that go-ahead goal against Sweden in the semi-final. A fifth goal would win
her the tournament’s Golden Boot award over
Brazilian legend, Marta. And while they’re trying
like hell to stop her these Americans love
and respect Hamore Sawa. Several know her
personally from her stints with a few different US clubs. Wambach is a former teammate of Sawa’s and she’s not the only
one professing admiration for the star and leader of
this impressive Japanese side. So Sawa is the scorer to contain and if we rewind just a bit we’ll see the US has extra reasons to worry if they let Japan tie this thing and send it to PKs. For one thing the Americans
have already won a game on PKs and you can be certain Japan scouted their decision making in that context. More recent concerns include
the fact that Rapinoe, one of their usual kick takers, was subbed out in the 114th minute. And the last worry sprung
up just moments ago, on the chance that led to this corner, Solo, the keeper, already
coping with shoulder and hamstring injuries
appeared to hurt herself again. So the US is extra desperate
to snuff out this attempt. Doing so would all but wrap up their third World Cup victory. A victory spearheaded by
their youngest rising star. And it would be an especially sweet one given how close this team
came to getting knocked out and how close they came to not
even making the tournament. Their greatest foe right
now is the formidable Sawa, the obvious target for this corner who could continue a
brilliant World Cup run and this game with a goal here. If she and Japan can snatch this victory they will make history. It’ll be their first win over the US, the first World Cup for
whole continent of Asia and a hard fought tribute
to their country people picking up the pieces
of a terrible disaster. This corner means everything
so let’s see what happens. Welcome to a moment in history. – [Announcer] Corner kick
for the USA to survive here. Miyama, Sawa does it! Oh, Japan have done it again. Hamore Sawa. The darling of Japan. – [Seth] Japan did indeed go on to win the World Cup in penalty kicks but if you wanna see
an episode of Rewinder where something good happens to the US here’s the 99 World Cup, and here’s some more episodes and here’s me eating a carrot.

Stephen Childs


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