The 10 Best Places To Find a Job in The USA

With the unemployment rate at a record 18-year
low, there’s no time like the present to polish up your resume and cover letter and
start applying for jobs. But, in some cases, getting hired for a job
might largely depend on where you’re located. Here are the 10 best places to find a job
in 2019: 10. Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City’s housing market is among
the strongest in the country. And many large companies and corporations
are moving their business and headquarters to Salt Lake City, and that brings with it
tons of jobs. There are roughly 30,000 job openings currently
listing in Utah this year. According to Glassdoor, that number keeps
rising. Work is easy to find, and unemployment is
at a very low 2.9%. 9. Washington, D.C. Washington D.C. is also rich in opportunities at this moment. While opportunities in the nation’s capital
had been limited for some time, they have really opened up recently. The federal government and the public school
system are the city’s biggest employers and offer some of its highest salaries. While jobs are plentiful in this place, salaries
are on the lower side, especially for those in the public sector, but it does rank highly
for job security and promotions. 8. Seattle. Seattle is where it’s at for those in the
tech industry. Nearly 7% of all jobs in the Emerald City
are in tech, and companies such as Amazon, Boeing, and Microsoft are doing much of the
hiring. More than half of the people here hold a bachelor’s
degree or higher. While one is not especially likely to advance
in her or his job in Seattle, salaries are among the highest in the nation. If you’re thinking of moving to Seattle
to grow your company with skilled, competent workers, Seattle is fertile ground. 7. Indianapolis. Indianapolis is one of the most affordable
big cities in the country, and it’s flush with extraordinary neighborhoods. With a business-friendly climate, Indianapolis
is a great place to grow your career or explore a new professional path. In recent years the city has also emerged
as a surprising tech hub, with many budding startups and tech companies choosing Indianapolis
for their home base. The outlook for healthcare and social services
has seen the most positive increase in the last decade, with jobs growing by more than
a third. Other strong industries in the city include
advanced manufacturing, finance and insurance, and information technology. 6. Minneapolis. If you’re in the personal care industry
but prefer snow to sun, you may want to migrate to Minneapolis. Minneapolis and its twin city (St. Paul) serve
as the base of operations for multiple international companies. Though medical device production is the main
driver behind the economy in Minneapolis, this city also “offers opportunities in a
wide variety of industries including insurance, finance, education, graphic design, and high-tech”. Moreover, Minneapolis is number one on the
list of bike-friendly cities in America, with 10,000 cyclists using the bike lanes each
day. 5. Pittsburgh. More than 20 years ago, Pittsburgh lost its
younger population to other metro areas due to a poor job market. Now, they are returning, thanks to affordable
housing and job growth. The economic focus has shifted to technology,
healthcare, medicine, art or media, and education. Approximately 10% of the workforce is employed
by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and affiliates, making it the largest employer
in the city. If you’re thinking of moving to Pittsburgh
without a job, there are several great resources when job hunting in Pittsburgh. With job openings are about 92,000, an unemployment
rate of 4.6%, we imagine there is a lot of smiley face emojis circling around this town. 4. Birmingham Birmingham is a metropolitan area born from
the iron and steel industry. But it has recently gained traction as a health-care
hub, 8.6% of citizens have jobs in the health-care practitioners and technical sector. The city ranks at the top for adjusted salary,
likely due to the city’s affordable housing prices and low cost of living. Workers in Birmingham rate companies relatively
highly, and face slightly more competition for jobs, potentially making it easier for
employers to find talent here. 3. Boston. Job seekers in Boston face low unemployment
and low competition for jobs, and the companies in the city are fairly well. As the country’s center of higher education,
those in that field are well employed in Boston. Nearly half of all young adults in Boston
hold at least a bachelor’s degree, and 6.4% of its workforce is in education, training,
and library-related fields. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s
Hospital, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital are some of the city’s most prolific employers. Average annual salaries are well above the
national average at more than $64,000. 2. San Francisco. The job market in California’s Bay Area
is currently at an all-time high, with an unemployment rate of 3.3% and an average salary
rate of more than $70,000. Job competition is low, as is the unemployment
rate, and people rate companies there highly. However, the high cost of living in the Bay
Area leads to a lower ranking for the adjusted salary. Those big money makers are doing well in San
Fran’s tourist, health care, education, and biotech industries. 1. San Jose. San Jose is the U.S.’s top destination for
job seekers. The unemployment rate in San Jose is only
at 3.3%, and the average annual salary is almost $80,000. It has the lowest competition for jobs. Techies flock to San Jose-based companies
such as Apple, Facebook, Cisco, and Google. Some local companies are now hiring remote
workers or opening satellite offices in other cities, because of the expense of living in
Silicon Valley. Major employers such as the County of Santa
Clara and Stanford University can also share some responsibility for San Jose’s status
as the best city for job seekers in the entire The United States of America. Thanks for watching the video, and see you next time.

Stephen Childs


  1. Thanks to president Trump, the unemployment rate is the lowest ever.
    You didn't mention Austin, Texas.

  2. Do best cities to live in Canada

  3. Average salary of San Francisco $70,000 that’s below poverty level in SF 😂😂

  4. Thanks to President Trump the country is doing much better! We don't want Socialism and thats what Demon Crap Rats are aka Democrats!

  5. Fake news. I am sure this site comes out of California because they always put California at the top in any favorable poll.

    Last week a legitimate report came out that said people were leaving LA and especially San Francisco at the fastest pace in America.

    Michigan and Minnesota are actually the top cities that are hiring in America and here’s the legitimate data below..




  6. Stay away and stay alive. More dangerous country than a lot I have been to

  7. Birmingham Alabama and Indianapolis Indiana no way Birmingham is top 10 for crime, also where is NYC, Dallas Texas and Austin Texas and maybe even Denver Colorado

  8. Boston has it’s issues. Plan on paying a lot for parking and transportation. It’s also expensive to live in or near Boston. Taxes also take up a piece. Even though there are jobs posted, don’t expect a quick hire.

  9. I love America for it's crazy city names like 'Salt Lake City' etc. 'Windy City' being a personal favourite

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  16. Boston is not an easy place to get a job..Why Don't you tell the public about factory jobs your talking about mostly hospitals and colleges jobs

  17. I live in Houston, here is very hard to find a job, unless someone reck you in. I see thousands of young fit man looking and begging for jobs every day is sad.

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